Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Being In A Rush Can Cause Costly Mistakes

What a nightmare. I am disgusted that this happened. I was promoting an affiliate program located overseas and was promoting it in the country they accepted payments and their general browsing population from.

Or so I thought…

Before I call myself to much of an idiot, let’s put into note that I have yanked about $4500 profit from another branch of this company in another country already here in November. I started on the 6th and been averaging about $550-$565 a day with this branch. There is hardly any competition there, and I could hardly believe it when I say what I was going to promote. I got a handy piece of software not easily found on the net that allows me to pick out products quick. Take that and the Adwords Editor and I made about 600 ads with around 3,600 keywords in less than hour. Who gets this kind of power? I do because I hate screwing around with paid advertising and I don’t like writing ads one by one. At least not when I can write 600 good ads, upload them and my keywords in less than hour. If the ad does not perform well over a couple of days, I simply replace it within my editor and reupload. Simple as pie.

Another kickass thing I use is something called Affiliate Radar. Yes, I can download every campaign that I massively build in the Adwords Editor and I plug that csv file into Affiliate Radar and I can easily spit out the correct format for Yahoo and MSN search Engines.

Total Time for 1 campaign across these 3 search engines, 600 ads, and 3,600 keywords = less than 1 hour and 30 minutes. Eat your heart out.

So that’s what I did on the 6th. However on the 11th I decide that if I could make over $500 a day with this method and using this branch in another country affiliates have not really targetted yet, why couldn’t I branch out to another subsidiary and repeat the process? What was stopping me?


So I did it. I created another replica of the same products, ads and keywords for another campaign in another country. I uploaded everything in bulk to my Adwords account, downloaded my csv’s and reuploaded to Yahoo and MSN.

Guess what?

I just logged into my affiliate accounts today. Thousands of clicks.  0 sales.

I logged into my PPC accounts and ran reports for this campaign. I spent a little over $1100.

What did I do wrong? I got in a hurry because I was making an easy killing for one and a half hours of work. I made this money just from PPC ads sitting out there and getting clicked on with only product names in my headling and a few tricks I use to only get targetted clicks. What I did not do was set my GEO Targetting for this country in my Adwords, Publisher and Adcenter accounts. Instead of directing people overseas to this country, I was directing them to the US.

What a bummer.

Well everything is fixed smoothly and running now like it should but just wanted to share that when your making money online and your making easy money it’s really simple to overlook the little things that can cost you money in a hurry.

A definite newb mistake, but nobody is perfect. Don’t let it happen to you.

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5 Responses

November 15, 2007

awesome man! you are a freakin beast for realz. you need some help building wide and deep? lol, im available if u do man.

the light just went off in my head and im gonna head over here to this other spot and try something out.

congratulations on another banger man.

those are the kind of mistakes i would love to have right now.

November 15, 2007

Making mistakes is human.
The thing is not to repeat it.
Experience is the result of accumilating lots of failure under your belt.

I’ve done stuff like put the correct display URL in my adwords ads, then the wrong destination URL.

I won’t be repeating that in a jiffy.

I haven’t played with dayparting yet, but i would expect tons of people would mess up with 12am and 12pm…

Live and learn…and whatever doesn’t kill you…

November 15, 2007

Sounds like someone is jealous…

November 15, 2007


He’s gone. Probably one of them bitchy guru lovers that hasn’t made a cent but vows to defend their guru. He’s a smart one…

November 15, 2007

You are hilarious man! $1100 in adwords with no sales?

what the hell were you thinking???

just kidding..

thanks for showing how profitable adwords can be… planning to start a campaign today…


and don’t make such mistakes again… if you do, then do post, coz it realli is funny… hehe…