Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

Vote For The Win, The Next Internet Millionaire Is A Pile Of Shit

You have seriously got to be kidding me. Sorry if I appear slow, I try to stay away from bullshit like this as much as I possibly can. It’s things like these that make my life truly a lot easier because I know in my heart that their are complete newbs and most likely *morons* who actually watch this and most likely aspire to be one like one of these people.

The Next Internet Millionaire…

I have nothing against Joel Comm, as a matter of fact I really don’t know who he is other than the creator of show I see everyone talking about taking up priceless real estate in forums I visit everyday to interact, help and learn from other people trying to make a buck online. So why would this even bother me?



Because first off, for most of the people that have taken an interest in the show (shame on you), they probably have held on all season to see who wins. What makes me want to puke even more, is there are people who probably look up to these contestants and what they have accomplished………………………………..or trying to.

Here’s what they and The Next Internet Millionaire have managed to accomplish.

They have accomplished putting up a syndicated Internet Marketing Reality TV show online for you to view free. Cool right? No, it doesn’t make you cool and neither does watching it. If anything, it probably makes you stupider and most likely you spent valuable time watching it and not working on your business. Good job, you have just fell into Internet Marketing trap #1. You should be proud, treat yourself to a drink, like a whole bottle and later on, you can top it off with maybe some sleeping pills. Your going to need all this by the time I point out what a pile of trash this has become.

Today I get an email that tells me that you can vote for the winner. Charles and Jamie are the two people up for winning (if you care). Here’s the kicker…Want to know how to vote? Fucking, you get the opportunity to by their product. Yes, in case this show has brainwashed you into thinking it’s great for the world, please reread: To vote, buy one of their products, or buy them both. I like “buy them both” which would making the voting a little f#cked up, don’t you think?

What a joke…

Ok now, if buying their product was not enough to determine a winner, let’s take a look at their products. No, they don’t get a link and neither does the stupid show. Google it.

Charles has a product called “Viral Video Forever”. He is in a video on his salespage. His salespage is normally like what you see when one of these ebook sellers want to sell something. They have a bunch of different colored fonts, large text, small text, huge text, what the f#ck ever text.  He’s got claims that video marketing firms pay him to make videos for them, yet there is no proof. Nope, not one shed of proof on the page. There also a ton of testimonials from people claiming he is god. No proof? That is the first thing you should be looking for. Your taught not to, because hardly anyone does and if they do it’s most likely just an edited screenshot.

Quote from Joel…

Charles has compiled the world’s first truly effective viral video course

Yea, he also goes on to tell you that you are probably foolish if you don’t buy from one of these masters who decided to show zero proof about what he does. Awesome, I am totally pumped to buy. I started questioning Joel Comm, even though the guy could easily buy me out (I imagine) he doesn’t seem very smart. If he is smart, then he’s definitely a liar.

You want viral video leverage? It’s as easy as copying a Youtube video, watermarking your website link into it, then grabbing a pirated copy of mass video upload software and blasting it out to 30 video sharing sites. Trust me, you will have a viral video. Want some icing on the cake? Get a pirated free copy of Tubeinator or some other Youtube commenter and go play. Viral Video is done, traffic is coming to the site, your making money, and you didn’t even have to buy something that some hotshot was pimping.

Alright moving along…

Jamie’s product is called “From Cubicle Slave to Internet Millionaire”. I can’t possibly explain the salespage as I got about a third of the way thru it, and found myself running downstairs to take a crap. My time was better spent dropping kiddies off at the pool than finishing the page. I did however notice this:

I learned exactly what it took to become an Internet Millionaire

Fo Shizzle?

Then why the f#ck didn’t you show a little Ca-Ching on your page? Have you and Charles been spending too much time together “behind the scenes”? Did you both decide to to just lie to everyone?

I knew it was shit the moment I saw the first headline where she is already talking about the bonuses involved. You got to be kidding me. She hasn’t even buttered you up yet, but she needs you to know the product is so worthless that she is going to pile tons of bonuses on it just so you won’t get a refund.

I will give her props though, she managed to put important text into a yellow background. Anyone that has read “Buy my stupid ebook” knows how important that yellow background on the text is.

If anyone cares, Joel’s testimonial really sucked nuts on that one.

Whole page full of bonuses and testimonials. Zero Proof. That’s what you get.

Anyway, I just felt like getting this out there. It was truly a disgusting night and I can’t wait till people start ordering this shit and posting their comments. It will be uninteresting to say the least.

Lesson learned.

Almost everything out there is free and easily accessible. Guru’s suck, they lie, it’s nothing new. I can tell you that it’s a lot more fun being a wolf than it is a sheeple. You get the opportunity of having a large enough brain to comprehend the sheer stupidity people fall for online.


This post is probably going to offend a lot of people. I will ask that you forward all hate mail directed at me personally to my email. I like hate mail, it’s so much more interesting than the “How do I make money” emails. You may however pour your heart and soul into what you think of the show and the shit surrounding it. I love listening to guineas, newbs and sheeple who think they know something and will try to support this. Please by all means, state your opinion but be aware the regulars of this blog can be very blunt and if I were you, I definitely would not put a link to my site. Other than that….thoughts?

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November 13, 2007

Bam! U just got ur ass handed to you the Ruck way… (someone may need some vaseline). hehe, good stuff man, I did watch a episode of this show like a few weeks back, i ran into it as i was paroosing the blogs i read. i really didnt think anything of it because it just looked like another reality gimmick again.

I agree though, what a scam if u have to buy someones product to be able to vote for who is the next millionaire. good lookin out man.


November 13, 2007

Joel Comm is a scam and so does Michael Cheney. They promote Adsense crap and promise the world to noobs. I hate to see how these people take advantage of other people’s stupidity. And yes, add also Mike Filsaime, Russell Brunson, Ewen Chia, Chris McNeeney, Andrew Fox, etc. Almost all money-making gurus suck big time! F*ck them all. Bastards.

November 13, 2007

The Next Internet Millionaire is a f*cking joke. Charles Trippy my ass, I don’t even finish listening his “sales page”, let alone clicking order button. So you know how suck he is. F*ck.

November 13, 2007

Every now and again I see something about this on the Warrior Forum, but I’ve not looked into it myself. I don’t watch tv so I’m disinclined to watch similar rubbish online.

I also get weary of the whole branding of personality thing too. When I see all this excitement around the new video that so-and-so put on his site today I’m unlikely to give a rat’s ass about it. Let someone else wander into the thinly-veiled sales cross hairs.

Good post,

November 13, 2007


My sentiments exactly Marc :)

November 14, 2007

Ruck I realy enjoyed this post. You cut them a new one and called it (the show, their info-products) for what it is (garbagio) with style. I initially liked the idea (of an IM reality show) until I saw the 1st minute of episode 1.

November 14, 2007

That’s funny that you wrote about this. I’m working on a post right now with the Top 10 reasons why I hate this show (to be displayed on Friday). lol

November 14, 2007

That’s what I love about this blog. You go to “the Shoe” site or “Chow” and it’s nothing but BS and hype … more bragging about their blogs than real blogging … popularity contests, you name it. Never any meat. How did they get so popular? This blog cuts through the BS and gets to the point. Thanks Ruck …

November 15, 2007

Whether you intend it or not, your posts are always filled with (cynical) humor and I’m usually laughing all the way through…

November 15, 2007

Great post man. That whole thing was a fuckin’ joke and anyone who wasted their time watching it deserves to be suckered into paying $40+ for a “VOTE.”

Someone kill the “gurus” already

November 16, 2007

Very funny Ruck. You seem to have your BS detector fully charged.

You;re right about Joel. Let me give you a little background. Joel used to be known as Mr Adsense.
Since this took a dive, he needed to establish a new image, so what better than a 1st ever internet tv show that can drawn in many sheeple.

He moves from his boyhoos home in OK to colorado and sets up shop with a few others that all move to make CO their new home and voila there you have it.

He used to be one of those guys that promoted everything in sight whether it was good or not. I don’t see him promoting as much anymore.

On the other hand, he was the creator of Yahoo Games and is a good family man.


November 16, 2007

Hey thanks for the background TC, I did manage to see that he sold that games site to Yahoo which is pretty cool I guess.

I keep hearing that he was a guru on the Adsense subject so I am going to look. I for one, never really got into the Adsense game heavily so Him and Cheney (I think) are the guys but don’t much about them.

I am just sad to see that voting came down to buying a product. Pathetic.

November 18, 2007

LOL! Just throwin’ it out there, ain’tcha?

Right on the money, as usual Ruck. I was one of the unfortunate ones to get an e-mail from JC when he started this debacle. I unsubscribed on the spot.

The whole “audition” was crap, too. “Make a YouTube video to CONvince people to visit my website and vote for you and you could win a chance to JV with me!” Wow…that’s…whatever.

Fortunately, I think the Age of the Guru is almost at an end. IM’s taking on more of a communal, hacker-esque quality. I like it, but it does mean more chaos.

Crap like Comm’s putting out isn’t going to get you anywhere.

November 18, 2007

“the age of the gure is almost at an end”,

I like that, I like that alot. I agree completely with your view on IM’s movement shifting towards a different level. With everyone blogging, people stepping up in the forums, one could only hope that the age of being hyped until your broke will soon be over.

November 19, 2007
Jason Y

Frickin awesome post!

Joel Comm is on cover of Revenue magazine this month and they give him a whole spread about this bullcrap. The guy looks like a carnival sideshow huckster!

No proof. huh. Figures.

November 20, 2007

As I understand it, the way the winner makes their money is by selling an e-book and generating loads of hype about how they made millions, and the TV show is meerly a marketing ploy to get people to buy the book, become affiliates, or buy Joel’s countless Adsense books – I didn’t see the show, or what – but from reading around it was pretty obvious what the show/winner was all about.

December 5, 2007

Thanks for the new list domination newsletter. I would love to see an ebook created by you doing step by step traffic generation. I also think you could make a killing if you did a camtasia video teaching some basics.

I know I would buy it. Thanks for the info.