Monday, November 5th, 2007

Utilizing Yahoo Buzz To Gage Trends And Methods To Dominate Them

Yahoo BuzzBefore I even think about entering a market I try to gage as much demand as I can for the product or offer I am promoting. This really only applies to Pay Per Click promotions as I usually just go balls out on keywords I like when generating sites or blogs. When I am paying for my traffic though, this is a different story. I am very strict and disciplined to gage the demand of what I will be promoting. I got burned so many times last year it almost makes me sick to look at the money I just threw away for not engaging in market analysis.

Lately, the forums have been erupting with paid advertisements such as polls on landing pages that sent the surfer to a CPA offer after they voted. I do not know why all the talk is just now going on, as this has been going on for over a year that I know of. I only know this because I was doing it.

If your not familiar with the method, it’s basically watching all the news sites and trying to anticipate a hot story that will likely explode in large amounts of search volume. Take the Michael Vick incident and Paris Hilton going to jail as examples. People were making polls on their landing pages asking surfers if they thought Vick was guilty or if Paris was going to jail. Yes, you can make some money at this but you had be very smart and try to get in there at least a week before the story actually breaks. If you get there when the story breaks, then it really defeats the purpose. If Paris went to jail and your advertising a landing page with a poll asking if she WILL go to jail or not, it kind of kicks you in the tail right? Capitalizing on the buildup and beating everyone to the punch is where it’s at.


Now that everyone is talking about it, there are tons of marketers watching these news sites and the competition can get fierce. Normally, I only utilize Google and if I take the time to build a second landing page then I will utilize MSN Adcenter as well. Now you may be asking why would I build two landing pages? This is quite simple, with Google I cannot keyword stuff. They will spot it and shut me down however, if your familiar with SEO and the MSN Bot then you should know that hidden DIV’s with lots of keywords or even making the keywords hidden by making them the same color as your page background will be EXTREMELY helpful so that Adcenter does not make your keywords inactive. Have you ever logged into Adcenter and have had hundreds or even thousands of keywords put to inactive overnight? Well, if this happens to you, take what I just wrote and apply it to MSN and come back and thank me.

So now that everyone is talking about this and there are tons of marketers watching the news sites, celebrity blogs and blogosphere for stories they think may break out, the competition gets fierce. The sad thing is that it’s not the smart marketers you have to worry about, it’s the inexperienced ones. You know the type of PPC marketers that jack the hell out of their CPC just to achieve high placement in the paid results? Yes, these are the ones that make it tougher on everyone.

So what’s the solution?

While I do not actually have a solution for actually capitalizing on these stories that tend to explode the search results, I do have alternative methods to supplement them. I know I leave a ton of money on the table NOT trying my hand with these marketers (most of which you can probably outsmart) but I just save myself the heartache and let the sheeple tear at each other.

Enter Yahoo Buzz…

Yahoo Buzz is an absolute goldmine. No, I do not mean the type of goldmine that we can go make a program for and blackhat the piss out of. I am talking about utilizing the Yahoo Buzz Network to gage demand on what’s popular, and what’s moving up and down in the search world. If you want a perfect example of how to make money with Yahoo Buzz just surf over there and look in the Overall Category. Now about half way down you will see “Dog The Bounty Hunter”. I hope your familiar with him as he’s the infamous Bounty Hunter from Hawaii that has his own show. At least he did. Just recently a tape recorded phone call was posted on the Internet where Dog was saying racial slurs. A&E pulled the show and it’s becoming a huge story. As you can see this has already happened, but it’s on an uphill climb of +108.

Is there a market?

You bet your ass there is. Start gaging the market now. At Yahoo Buzz we see that the searches are on a dramatic uphill climb even after this recording is released. So we get our tools. I apologize right now to the advertisers that are trying to capitalize on this, as I am going to reveal my personal strategy that will most likely cost you in the search engines. Consider this a heartache for the already advertisers but a gift to the readers of this blog. If you ever wanted a strategy that capitalizes on this type of marketing strategy, I am going to give you one that will COMPLETELY destroy everyone in your path and stash your pockets with fat cash.

Get a drink…This is simple, but it will be step by step.

Gaging The Market

We have the buzz. We have an uphill trend in searches, so let’s go to our little nasty keyword tool and I see this:

dog the bounty hunter 80802
dog the bounty hunter arrested 4960
dog the bounty hunter picture 2353
dog the bounty hunter news 1676
bounty dog hunter park south 1206
dog the bounty hunter costume 858
leland chapman dog the bounty hunter 808
arrested bounty dog hunter post 780
arrest bounty dog hunter 672
bounty dog hunter update 648
dog bounty hunter mexico 644
dog chapman bounty hunter 591
bounty daughter die dog hunter 541
bounty daughter dog hunter 492
dog the bounty hunter theme song 490
dog the bounty hunters wife 427
dog the bounty hunter pic 386
dog the bounty hunter t shirt 376
dog the bounty hunters child 373
bounty dog domain hunter 373
dog the bounty hunter bio 358
dog the bounty hunter beth 355
dog bounty hunter dvd 328
dog bounty hunter leland 321
bounty daughter death dog hunter 316
dog the bounty hunter ringtone 297
bounty dog episode hunter park south 295
dog the bounty hunter biography 294

I think it’s safe to assume their are a few searches being done for this :) AND we have an uphill trend. This story is still going and will continue to go until we find out what is actually going to happen. A&E pulled the show until they could conduct an investigation. A quick look at Google I see 3 ads. TMZ is obviously going to be #1 as they were hot on the story and I imagine their ad spend is considerably larger than ours. What are the other two results? Yep, poll results asking if Dog is a Racist.

Now I would just like to state that this is not something I am not doing. The story revolves of racial slurs surrounding Dog and I took a long hard look at myself before deciding that I did not want to get involved. So now you know why I am handing it to you on a platter. When I got in trouble with MySpace, it really opened my eyes as to what ethics and morals are acceptable to not only me but of other people. While I do not talk about what I did, I do realize it was wrong, therefore I look at things a little more closely now before doing them. This racial thing is just one that I did not feel comfortable in monetizing off of. I actually heard the recording and was disgusted.

The poll pages being advertised are exactly as I described. I saw one was offering:

Simply Click the YES or NO button.
In exchange for your vote, we’re offering a Free 16GB iPod Touch MP3 Player.

You must complete the form on the next page to qualify.

Yep, basic marketing going here that targets entertainment junkies, so an IPOD is ideal. BTW — Just take note of that page although I imagine the Quality Score is not so great. No outgoing links, hardly any content. Whatever though, I ain’t teaching how to make landing pages, I am telling how to promote them.

So now we have searches, an uphill climb in the buzz world, and best of all –> An ongoing story!!!

I see in Google there are 3 ads, Yahoo 3 Ads and like 5 ads on MSN.


This is the good stuff. I only notice on Google the 2 survey ads trying to monetize a lead offer. People, there is so much more than Google out there. Yes, you will get tons of volume from Google but I am here to tell you that when you have an ongoing story, a considerable amount of searches and an uphill trend like this, it’s so important to cash in on all the traffic you can.

Alright now, taking a look at (Canada) and (UK), I see that 0 ads. Yes, there are zero stinking ads there. What are these PPC Marketers thinking? I don’t claim to be a PPC expert, but right about now is the time where I say “piss on it” and swoop and just nuke everyone. Look at the ads in Google. There is one ad bolded throughout, which probably draws the eyes first. However out of those three ads, I do not see anything in the ad text to differentiate the two. What do I mean? Basically, using the keywords in the ad text will bold them and I guarantee if you accomplish this, your ad will get looked at more. Maybe not clicked on, but it will be looked at more.

So recap, what do we have so far?

  1. Lots of searches
  2. uphill trend
  3. ongoing story
  4. popular individual surrounded by controversy
  5. 5 ads in MSN and NONE promoting CPA
  6. 3 ads in Yahoo and NONE promoting CPA
  7. 3 ads in Google, 1 Large authority blog network (no incentive for surfer except info) and 2 survey ads that give surfers incentives in their ad texts to participate (user interaction is awesome) and the chance to win something.
  8. Google UK and Google Canada –> 0 Ads  —>This is just gravy

Oh, but our advertising doesn’t stop here. I have more gems I will reveal in just a bit :)

You can advertise on StumbleUpon for cheap. How do we know if this will do anything for us? If your familiar with Stumbleupon then you already know the entertainment category is heavily surfed and searched. Besides we have these types of keywords in the search engines – dog the bounty hunter news, dog the bounty hunter update and more. People on StumbleUpon are going to be searching for this information in the entertainment category. So it’s well worth having a look, and testing a campaign. This would be great if it’s your first time as well. Besides, if you play your cards right and have a bookmarking button on your page, and Stumblers like it, they will start stumbling you and Digging you. We all know how that turns out right? FREE TRAFFIC!

So there is plenty of room here obviously. Now let me tell you something that really caught my eye. I failed to mention this earlier because I wanted to group all this information at once. Look at these keywords right here:

dog the bounty hunter theme song 490
dog the bounty hunter t shirt 376
dog the bounty hunter bio 358
dog bounty hunter dvd 328
dog the bounty hunter ringtone 297
dog the bounty hunter biography 294
dog the bounty hunter on a e 294
dog the bounty hunter wallpaper 250
dog the bounty hunter shirt 246
dog the bounty hunter poster 177
dog bounty hunter video 176

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Yes, I damn well hope so. Their is an affiliate market forming here. We have an uphill trend going on as well, so we can almost bet that these numbers will likely be going up. I can almost guarantee you that if the show stays canceled then the most targeted of fans will be flocking to get Dog’s book, tshirts, posters, and his season DVD’s. So let’s take a look at what we can do:


By going to Amazon and typing in “Dog The Bounty Hunter” I retrieved 3 pages of products. Wowza…Perfect.

So just take a look, a couple of anchor text links on your page leading into Amazon for these products are a great way to funnel people into there. If your familiar with Amazon marketing, they now offer pretty good commissions on MP3 downloads, as well as in my experience the shoppers tend to buy more than one item.

Remember though if you advertise in the UK and Canada to properly link to the UK and Canadian Amazon stores. Failure to do so will result in no commissions so make sure you set up your pages accordingly.

Ok, I probably got you going with some great ideas on how to capitalize on these trends but let me point one more thing out as well. Ever heard of Clickriver? If not I would highly suggest visiting them. They allow you to advertise on Amazon. So now we just have increased our ad to over 44 million active shoppers. Do you realize the power in this? It’s not a CPM model either, you are only charged for the clicks. YES!

Imagine having your survey for a free ipod displayed with all the Dog The Bounty Hunter merchandise. Now we can have our ads funneling active shoppers that are on Amazon looking for the best deal available seeing our ads giving them the chance at a free ipod. Just use your imagination here!

Now, I will stop here. To do this you must act fast, and you must outsmart everyone else that is jumping on these trend trains. I tried my best as if I were going to enter this market to give a HUGE jumpstart on getting your ad for your landing page out in front of a TON of eyes at the cheapest amount possible. There is hardly any competition here, so this perfect for the taking. I have had campaigns go for over $500 in a 24 period, and I have had campaigns go for over $3000 in just a couple of weeks. Nothing huge, but using these types of techniques your return profit comes in at a large positive return and that’s the ultimate goal. When you get fast, it ain’t nothing to sit down and gage the demand and trends and start testing out 3 of them in a day. When you have on-going stories like this it is a lot easier. The stories that come out of nowhere and are gone in just a few days take much more monitoring and strategizing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this and will get some ideas from it. There are tons of more ways to do more in depth market and trend analysis but I used this example because it was just so easy to go after. Always do your research and track your CPC and EPC. If you hit on something that has popular products that you can affiliate with then this just adds some icing on the cake. It will allow you to try out new ads, link into the marketplace from your pages and ultimately provide surfers with more options on the topic at hand and you with more options of monetization.

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November 5, 2007
Nick Flame

Man, this post is as long as a paid make money online ebook.
I would not say that has the same quality as such an ebook, cause i do not want to offend you.
Thanks for the post, i knew you were preparing something good, seeing that you did not post for one-two days.

November 5, 2007


I was pretty busy over the weekend and I sat down with the boys to watch the Colts/Patriots game.

One thing to note. It may not have the same quality as an ebook, but I have not ran into an ebook that has made me thousands of dollars a month.

This has :)

It’s more of a speed tip. When going with these trends, you have to move at lightning, with more diverse and competitve niches I tend to spend days or even weeks analyzing them.

November 6, 2007


As always thanks for the great post. I have been doing this for a little while, but you went more in depth than I did and gave me some great ideas.

Thank you!


November 6, 2007

as usual… A++++++

November 6, 2007

quick question, about amazon uk and ca, we need to change up our id numbers for those countries?

November 6, 2007

Great post as usual. Another great tool for this is Google Trends.

November 6, 2007

Mo —

When you sign up to those countries it will automatically assign you an ID. You just have to remember when building pages for say like France to login into Amazon France and build the proper links.

Here is a link:

Horribly long I apologize. That has a list of countries. Umm, just remember advertising outside the US to use GEO and Language targetting. I had a $1200 screw up once for moving to fast.

Remember to translate your ads :) and a search for currency converter will give you a free site to type in country currency converted to USD so you can expect what the amount of commissions…

Gary V,

Yes your absolutely right, I love Google Trends. The more research you can pile in dependent upon your speed, the more data you can gage the market and demand.

Hopefully, I didn’t mislead anyone. I gave a really fast example of how to tackle an upcoming story. I know the Dog The Bounty Hunter is becoming huge so I provided a really quick way to give it a shot.

As always proper testing and tracking is important but after you do this awhile, you just get a knack for knowing what’s going to become a headliner.

Thanks for the comments everyone, I broke a finger this morning being a jackass! So, I don’t know if I will post this evening.

November 7, 2007

thanks man, your experiences and mistakes makes it easier for others to succeed without going thru the same mistakes. thanks for the heads up on that one.

March 4, 2008


Just a FYI for everyone. Yahoo has changed the Buzz website as follows:

The format we saw in the past is now at:

There are also the following websites

It gets confusing. The first website is for ranking. The remaining websites seem to be for content.


March 9, 2008

Another great post. Excellent stuff, Ruck. You got me addicted to reading all of the great information here!

July 30, 2009

Certainly an intense post. My big question is how does Yahoo!’s recent merger with Microsoft effect the average internet user? I am a bit weary of the big brother fact coming into play, especially with the scale of the deal. Hopefully international privacy regulation will keep the new entity somewhat honest.

August 10, 2009

Another great post. Excellent stuff, Ruck.