Thursday, November 1st, 2007

German Network Administrator Holds Google Ransom, His Demands Are A Job

GoogleI saw this on my morning rounds. To give credit I first saw this on one of the popular blogs that I love to visit CashQuests. I started digging a little deeper because I always like to have more than one source but this story is bananas.

The man’s name is Sebastian Klein, a German Network Administrator who apparently has enough of the Big Daddy. So far he has registered 10 Google related domain names. He is demanding a job in exchange for these names.

And he won’t settle for just any job. He would “favour an employment as an internal auditor for security IT” and must be allowed to travel to Cologne to visit his daughter every weekend.

Here are some word’s from the horses mouth himself:

“I would like to perform a lot and also be paid well,” Klein demands in the letter, which is riddled with broken English.

“However, quite clearly I am ready to put back with the money if for it the work is great fun.”

If it wanted to, Google could probably force Klein to hand over the domains by filing a dispute with the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

I just thought this was kind of amusing. Desperate yes, but quite amusing. Full Story Here.

A Snapshot of this wannabe Google Employee:

Google Held Ransom

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3 Responses

November 6, 2007

Man this guys got some brass balls. I want a job at Google to working for the wholly shit dept. I would be an asset as well cause I can smell shit from a mile away. Whew!! Nice story though and all the power to him.

November 1, 2008

Lol, what someone would do for a job.

November 30, 2008

Working at Google? Sure they have the best workplace but they’ve got an even better law advisor team. Silly of him if you ask me.