Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

What Led Me To Believe I Could Work Online Fulltime

November 2006 is a month I will never forget. That month signified a tremendous change in my life. That change was quiting my jobs and working solely online. I had been working part time for almost two priors to that, but it wasn’t until then that I decided that working online was going to be my next career.

What factors played roles in this?

Quite simply, I developed a skill that I could write at astonishing rates. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone from the RJ Forum or BHW when I get on a roll. Simply put, most people piss and moan when it’s time to do a little article writing for promotion or whatever. In the very few minutes that they whine, I can complete an article. I was lucky to develop this skill from companies such as Associated Content, MPAM, SSWUG, and Freelance sites. At first I was horrible. After about a month though, it was not uncommon to pump out at least a dozen articles in a couple of hours. Some sites paid me more, but the most I made in one month was about $2500 writing articles and I never once worked more than a couple of hours every night. I couldn’t, I was holding down two jobs at any one time, and I was also into auto content generation. I developed the skill fast, and I never once grumbled while writing.

Writing can be quite a hard thing. If your always getting stuck on the next cool blackhat tactic or you feel you need to check your stats every hour, check your emails, then yes it can be quite boring and irritating. That’s the discipline though, if you can’t sit your ass down and make yourself do it, (at incredible rates) then I don’t see how it could ever pay off for you. What do I mean by incredible rates? You need to get in a mind set of rewriting from previous content. Article writing is not hard, matter of fact, it’s one of the simplest things you can do. Whether you want to or not is up to you, but I am here to tell you that it was the number 1 reason I knew I could work online.

I knew that with what income I was pulling from the sites I had online, and the fact that I was destroying MySpace :), I knew everything would be fine. Another reason is that I was getting paid for writing, what my fulltime job paid as a salary. So yes, in a sense that made things easier.

Shortly after coming online fulltime I was able to hook up a few people. I start participating in forums and networking with a few people who had varying skills. I cannot stress how important it is to develop relationships online. More importantly, on a business level, develop relationships with people who have different skills than you.


This is one where you may find me a little repulsive, or my style of writing on what comes next may offend you a little bit and maybe even make you like me less. But I am going to say it, and after I do, I want you to take and apply it to yourself.


Plain and Simple. You don’t take shit from nobody. You don’t listen to people who say it can’t be done. You do listen to people who have done it. You stop wasting your time on worthless forum threads and start reading from people you know and respect and talk like they might have a f#cking clue. You must develop a sense of judgement. I don’t care what anyone has ever told you. You stop listening to people who ain’t doing it, and you start paying attention to people who are. It doesn’t matter that Johnny posts nicely, is a super nice guy. The dude still works a 9-5, and only contributes when someone else is sharing quality information. Now, Johnny just made $50 last night and he’s posting his success thread. You had better go read it before anyone else so that you can copy his success. Woops, sounds like a great idea and you been working on it for 5 days now non stop. You look in your account and see you made a smooth $15. Wow, congratulations to you, you just been duped and look like a total f#ckin idiot.

Sound harsh? Absolutely, but has this happened to you? Or does this sort of thing happen to you a lot? I bet if you would have looked close, that tactic was explained about a year ago, and Super Smooth Johnny, being the braniac he is dug up, cuz he’s like you, and he lives in the past. I bet Johnny worked for a month for that $50. Awesome.

Just stop doing that for god’s sake. Now, I wasn’t ever that sharp, but I can tell you one thing is for sure. I watch the forums that I frequent like a hawk, and there is probably 85% of those people that either do this shit, or they are searching for it. It’s pathetic and ridiculous and it’s a moral shooter when you finally get off your can and try it out.

Work ethic:

I can’t wait to get the feedback on this one. If your not familiar with my history, let me enlighten you on some of the cool jobs I have done in my life. From age 13-18 I hauled hay (for a living). No I didn’t haul hay so I could have the coolest pair of nike’s in school, or the hippest car. I hauled hay so I had a f#cking pair of shoes, and transportation for me and my sisters to go back and forth to school. Oh, does this sound a little different than your life? Did your parents buy your school clothes in junior high and high school? If they did, then you and I are in two totally different worlds.

When I turned 16 I got a night job after school. I hauled hay in the summers and every night after school, I drove 25 miles in my car that hay hauling bought and I work in a grocery store called “Country Mart” located in Iola, Kansas. I worked from 4:15 pm to 12:00 am Mon-Fri. On Saturday and Sunday, I woke up at 6:00 am and got to work at 7:00 am. Work was long and boring, not really physically demanding but I had no life. I might have had 3-4 weekends in 2 years that I didn’t work 12 hours a day. Not your typical high schooler.

Moving along after I graduated I work at a place called Gates Rubber Company which sucked. I worked 8 hours an evening and this was after JUCO classes everyday. Fast forward to a year later and I am an electrical installer on telecommunications shelters for Andrew Corporation. If your not familiar with them, no worries, they did about 14 billion in sales with over 60% of it coming from our facility in Burlington Kansas. As a gift for 14 billion in company sales, we got a coffee mug. I will be damned, but mine got stolen before I clocked out of work. Shitty.

I then went on to working in a Wal Mart Distribution Center. Ever shop at Wal Mart? It’s nice isn’t it, especially now since they only build SuperCenters. You walk in and a cool breeze hits your face. You walk around and everyone is so friendly, and they just have some of the cheapest and most affordable products on the planet. You can buy everything there, including your groceries.

Ok, let me f#ckin break up this nice thought for one minute if I may. Do you know where all that freight comes from? It comes from a¬†GIGORMOUS warehouse. The average temperature in the winter hovers around 90 degrees in the orderfilling modules. The modules are 3 stories high, and you add 10 degrees per story. When you get on the third level and your carrying freight to the conveyor, it’s 110 degrees and there is f#ckin snow on the ground in January. It’s one of the most physically demanding jobs on the planet, and to this day I still get bouts of tendinitis in my elbows and my knees ache when it drops below 50 degrees outside.

While in my stay there I suffered a broken hand, 2 broken fingers, numerous cuts, I knocked myself out twice hitting my head on the overhead racks, I pinched a nerve in my left arm, right calf and I suffered a sciatic nerve tear. Like, I said, it’s a shithole of a job and I did it for 5 years. Not only did I do it, but you can walk into the Distribution Center in Ottawa Kansas and look at the freight records. Look at the orderfilling case count, and receiving case unloaded in days, weeks, month and years. My name covers all of them. I wasn’t good at my job, I was the best, and still am almost after a year of not working there.

So that my little rant is over, let me tie why I wrote that. I wrote it, because we work on a f#cking computer. Plain and simple, how hard is this job. If you can think of ways to NOT write that next article, or setup and track that next landing page, then my friend, your seriously in the wrong place.

This is also in part with the I don’t take shit attitude. You got to train yourself that your going to make this happen. There are going to be costs and consequences. Especially if working from home is a dream of yours, then when you were writing that little dream down in your notepad that one late night, you must have contemplating the consequences right? While some may not ever suffer any, I did. I wanted to get to where I am at on the fastest route possible. Figure your route, remember what you have already done, and factor the consequences of what it’s going to take to get to where you want, and your going to have a damn good idea of what it’s going to take from within yourself to get there.

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October 31, 2007

Great article man

October 31, 2007
Nick Flame

Man, this is the best blog post i have ever read in my life.

October 31, 2007

word, i feel that!

When we met and you told me these stories, I thought at first to myself, that these types of stories were merely made up on most of the lameo sales pages out there, but you are a walking book man.

You have great work ethic and you have results in your efforts because of this.

Rock on!

October 31, 2007

Great post Ruck. You always tell it like it is. I mean it’s so true, we’re sitting down at a desk working online, sure beats some of the bullsh*t I’ve done in the past. I still haven’t left the day job yet, but I am damn close.


October 31, 2007

“out of the park man!”… this is what you said to me one time a while back. that meant so much to me coming from you and now i come in here to check on your new post and i see this one an I have to admit you hit that shit out of the park man! you always seem to put things back into perspective. you always seem to sa the right things to get me to check myself and see just how fucked up i have gotten things. This post means more to me then u or anyone else can ever know.

I just want to let you know that it has resonated within me. I had a incident tonight at my night job and I almost lost it but i had to bite my lip and suck it up. And for me to see this post tonight when i was evaluating mysaelf and what im doing right now, it is perfect timing. I thank you for always keeping it real.

Your blog really inspires me and im sure alot of other people. I hope to one day be able to repay you for everything and i wont take no shit from you either. I WILL REPAY YOU…


October 31, 2007

great freaking ironman internet marketer history…

October 31, 2007

I met Ruck on the BHW and I do believe that at such a young age he has the right ethics and personality to go far. I for one appreciate.

October 31, 2007

Excellent f*ckin post man. If anyone that reads that doesn’t get motivated to get off their ass today, then nothing will…

October 31, 2007

Wow! That’s a stellar post. Truly inspirational. What really impresses me is that not only were you able to pull yourself up from your bootstraps but you also gladly help others.

November 1, 2007

My fingers hurt from all this typing…

November 2, 2007

Ruck, you did it again. Just when I thought I couldn’t write another article you came out with this post. I needed this more than you will ever know.
Thanks for keeping my dream alive. Just because some of us had a shitty past does not mean it has to write our futures. You are living proof. You keep us all strong.

November 2, 2007

Loved reading this. I’ve always known that you have a work ethic that I respect. You hear so much whining from people trying to get into this about writing or about any of the tedious, repetitive tasks that help make you successful …

November 2, 2007

A receipe for an honest seeking success online! A sincere honesty within. Weldone for writing this master piece!” I really do appreciate it.

November 2, 2007

My sentiments exactly. I know when I tell people my life story they just stand there with their mouths open. But, it is not what happens in your life, it is what you do with it. Do you learn and grow? Do you deal with grief and find a way to get your life back (personal experience)

I think the Internet connects people and opens our lives to new experiences and new friends and for that I am very greatful

Great post Ruck!

November 5, 2007


so freakin’ true!!!

my roommate used to do the Walmart gig.

He was so good at it, they called him “the unloader”.

He also suffered a bad back after 3-4 years of doing that but he said the same thing….”hardest job on the planet” and Walmart hires a lot of convicts coz most of them will do whatever.

I digress…this post was very inspiring and I also try and keep away from forums coz of too many naysayers.

keep up the good work!

November 5, 2007

If someone like you with such poor grammar, poor spelling, and inability to express yourself in decent common sense language can succeed as a writer or anything else requiring brainpower, then I’m sure anyone can do it.
I was not impressed, but I can see that all your gutter-level, 6th grade education level fans are in awe of your “inspiring (but who cares) story”.
I can’t imagine how you ever sold a single article being so amateurish in your writing style.
Such is life. It gives me a lot of hope and encouragement, because I know I can write circles around you.
Thanks for the public display of stupidity.

November 5, 2007

I am afraid you are barking up the wrong tree here Rick. You should read the book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” You are mentioned in this book several times. I would suggest you buy this book, and go to Page 58. It talks about “crap magnets” Coming here and virtually crapping on Ruck does not make you a better person. It makes you a very bitter one. We are fans of Ruck as a person. He has inspired and helped not only me, but many other people too. The only person who has shown their stupidity is you, for coming to a website and posting such utter nonsense.

For the record, check out some of the successful entrepreneurs out there and see what the highest level of education they had. You will be surprised to see that many of them never even got through high school, never mind college or university.

So I would suggest, (seeing as you have a lot of time on your hands) that you go about what you are best at. (apparently writing circles around others) and leave Ruck to doing what he does best (most of which you will never know)

You only commented on this website as Ruck is a threat to you. So like I said, buy the book, and check out Page 86 as well. A whole chapter on Rich people admiring other rich and successful people whereas Poor people resent rich and successful people. I think you know which one you are

November 5, 2007

If pissing on Ruck makes you feel better about yourself, go right ahead.

The act shows us more about you than anything else.

Get a life.

November 5, 2007

Well said Andrew, if Rick was so successful he would not even HAVE the time to post a criticism here, so he is just bitter and jealous…not very good qualities.

Ruck, you know who your friends are. Hope you put that message in the recycle bin where it belongs

November 5, 2007

Oh no, the message stays. We love people who criticize, this is how we make more money.
When people piss and moan, others are working harder than ever.

Thanks for the criticism Rick :),

You made yourself look so smart by basing my writing abilities from a personal blog that I share my thoughts, daily life and every now and then tactics and methods.

By all means if you can write circles around me then you must be amazing as I have stated throughout this blog that I never was nor am a good writer. I am good enough to make a fulltime living online though. Please share what you have accomplished online so that others may share in the inspiration.

It’s comments like that make the workhorses richer everyday. The more you piss and moan, the more we count our money. As for the “who cares story” only people that are interested. If you weren’t, then you should have never opened your mouth. You just revealed what a true brain you are.

Thanks for stopping by…

November 5, 2007
Steve Howe

Rick – I am not sure what made you decide to come here and drop bombs on Ruck’s blog.

Just like MMMomma said who gives a F*&% if Ruck’s spelling and grammar are off…

#1 he puts valuable info online for other to get inspiration from…

#2 he is a very intelligent internet marketer.

#3 this is not an english paper, nor is it a fortune 500 company, who gives a rats ass – everyone who reads this blog is appreciative of the time Ruck takes out of his busy schedule to share his personal trade secrets to his internet marketing success.

#4 Let’s take a look at your blog. If you even have one…

#5 sure you may be able to write circles around Ruck, who the F*C% cares, Ruck, will outrank you in the SERP’s / destroy you in traffic and piss on your education with his bank account!

so next time you decide to be a complete A$$ and post crap on someones blog that you don’t even know…first think to yourself…will this make ME LOOK STUPID!?

So head back to whatever it is you do, bashing bloggers on grammar and spelling…jerking off to gay pr0n or whatever…

– Steve

November 6, 2007
Nick Flame

I think Rick is damned frustrated …i wanted to leave a harsh reply, but i do not have with whom to argue.
Perhaps he took the “Rick” username in the hope that he can some times reach the level of the real Ruck.

November 8, 2007

WOW! Ruck it is never dull around you. Cannot believe it even happens here. So many jealous people.


November 8, 2007


It takes more than writing skills to duplicate Ruck’s accomplishments. Given the speed with which Ruck can adapt to a given challenge, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ruck could write circles around you if he put his mind to it (he’s too busy making money though).

You fail to recognize Ruck’s brain power at what he does best because you probably don’t have it yourself.

An opinion from a gutter level fan of Ruck with a PhD in physics.

November 28, 2007

I needed to read this post. It’s tremendously motivating .And you’re a standout guy among many in this online marketing arena. My hat’s off to you man!

Your focusing on the LEAST important aspect of Ruck’s post, makes me hope that your response was the result of a really bad moment, day, etc.

December 20, 2007

Here’s another PhD who is learning from Ruck.

(Though it does bug me to see so many “your”s instead of “you’re”s! But I see them all over the web so… guess I will have to suffer (:o ) )

December 21, 2007

LOL….Ya know how it goes :)

December 21, 2007

One of the most inspirational posts I ever read on a blog. Ruck you remind me of Steve Pavlina albeit you have adopted a different strategy for online success. I never get the feeling that I should read all the posts of a blog. However, your blog deserves a complete reading. Thanks for being here to inspire us.

February 1, 2008
Mr brain

Stupid RICK, go to hell

November 30, 2008

@Mr brain: What’s wrong? lol

November 30, 2008

I used to think I would quit my job to become a fulltime blogger. Earning from MMO is double my salary lol

But after that I realized I can’t leave my job :)

December 31, 2009

That’s a really inspirational post, and you made yourself crystal clear Ruck! I’ve been reading your old posts and all, and you really offers great pieces of information in opposite of a bunch of blogs out there, it’s your personal blog but you are giving your readers tons of knowledge with your previous experiences. Keep up the great work I’m looking up to you! :D