Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy HalloweenYep, Happy Halloween to everyone from me to you! So what are you going to do tonight? For me, it’s the first year that I can take my youngest son out so he’s super stoked. With the release of SpiderMan3 yesterday both my sons of course had to be Spiderman. My oldest is more defiant and always wants to stand out from the rest (weird characteristic huh) so he chose to be a villian. (D) is going to be Venom and (A) is going to be Spidey.

On Tuesdays is when the new movies come out, so I have a promise with my sons that I always buy the new movies. BTW — I own over 3,000 DVD’s, it’s a ridiculous obsession. It doesn’t matter if I download them from the Net, I always buy them when I come out. October has been pretty cool though. I got a chance to watch Transformers and SpiderMan3 with the boys. Of course it’s been a struggle for them all year as to whether they wanted to be transformers or Spidermen for Halloween. At last they have decided.

This is my 2nd Halloween that I have celebrated. When I say celebrated, if you know a little about my history, I was never into Holidays. In fact this will only be my third Thanksgiving and Christmas that I have celebrated. Those holidays were costly in the past and I was usually working on the Eve’s of them as Wal MArt is incredibly busy right before and after these types of Holidays. So it’s quite refreshing to not have to worry about costs, and to actually know that I don’t have to rise up at 3 Am the next day to punch a time clock.

I live in a town of about 700 people. So covering the grounds Trick or Treating is usually only a couple hours feat. Or at least it was last year. I am hoping this year will be the same. I ate so much of my kids candy last year walking my oldest around that I nearly puked a couple of times. This year their will be no candy for me, due to the diet I am participating in. (Thank God).

Anyway I ranted about nothing here lol. So everyone have a safe Halloween!

Here’s the little guys:


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October 31, 2007

good stuff man. hehe, enjoy your night with the kids man. they are all that matters and im very happy for you that you no longer have to wake up so early to punch that damn clock. peace and happiness man.


October 31, 2007

I’m Elvira!=)

October 31, 2007


Gnarly. Now you have to post pics. Elvira is always a favorite among women around here. :)

November 30, 2008

In my country, Halloween is not fun. It’s boring :(, you must pay a lot of money in some pub, i don’t have enough money. That’s why i’m home and watch movie alone :(