Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Blip Tv Rated #1 Video Sharing Site According To PC World

PC WorldI caught an interesting article this morning offline in the October 07 issue of PC World. PC World did an extensive case study over what they felt were the top 10 Video Sharing Sites on the web which featured Performance, Quality, Features, and Specifications as their main determining points in their video sharing site ranking system. For all of you video marketers, this may be of interest to you.

Blip TV

BlipTv¬†destroyed everyone. Blip’s Performance was actually quite astonishing. With features such as length limits of 100MB/None for certain types of accounts, User storage is unlimited, A Superior Revenue sharing model and they convert files to flash 8, unlike YouTube unless I am unaware still only converts to Flash 7.

In the performance department of Blip, the Video and Audio quality was rated Superior, ease of uploading videos rated at Very Good, Embedded player design rated very good, and the sharing options rated in at Superior.

PC World when on to quote:

Video Quality: gets the nod here because it permits users to stream and download the original, high-quality file. Stage6’s DivX (which came in second) also got high marks. Besides streaming and downloading high quality videos Blip also let’s you make videos that are ideal for iPods’ and cellphone playback available.

The thing that surprised me was that Youtube¬†came in at #7. Youtube is a little behind because it still uses the lower-quality Flash 7 format, (which relies on the older Sorensen Spark Codec). With this in mind Youtube’s video and audio quality were knocked down as fair/very good. PC World must not be aware of the director accounts as they rated the upload limit as 100MB/10min. With a director’s account the upload is permitted as unlimited. Revenue sharing also took a hit as Youtube only allows selected users at the time of the article.

Here’s How The PC World Video Sharing Sites Rankings Went:

  1. BlipTV
  2. DivX Stage6
  3. BrightCove
  4. Revver
  5. Veoh
  6. Microsoft Soapbox/MSN Video
  7. Youtube
  8. Vimeo
  9. Jumpcut
  10. MySpaceTV

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