Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Make Money Blogs Get Re-Ranked And A Little Pissed…Maybe?

I was cruising around my favorite blogs today reading up on the peeps to see if I could find just one post that wasn’t talking about PageRank. This shit over the last few days has really got me on the edge of maybe wanting to overdose a little on my meds. Seriously, if I see another PageRank post, I just may go into a deep, long sleep. As many people that there are out there claiming to make money, it sure does strike me odd that a shitload of them are talking about PageRank. I guess using it to squeeze some dollars is somewhat of a business model, I don’t know because I have NEVER once sold a link on ANY of my sites. Oh, I optimize for Search Engines and have been in some heated debates about PR before, but over the last few days watching the big boys get nuked has never made me laugh so hard.

Anyway, that’s another can of worms…back to the topic.

I’m cruising along my favorites such as Jon’s SEO Blog, Eli’s BlueHatSEO and then Stuart’s PPC and Affiliate Marketing Blog when I came across this post by Stuart. At first I was relieved I finally found something being written about other than PageRank, but as soon as I saw this:

Looking further down the list past 30 you’ll actually find more useful tips about Making Money Online, why? Younger blogs have to give away much more useful information to attract new readers, whereas larger & much more established blogs can get away with writing paid reviews & such but still keep the readership due to their authority status.

PS — (Sorry, for the dupe here Stuart)

To the untrained eye that may seem like a normal paragraph. NAYYYYYYY!    That paragraph right there contains words that are like gasoline to fire. If you don’t understand WTF I am talking about, it’s very obvious over in the comment section of that post.

Everyone is so damn touchy, feely these days and Stuart tackled alot of what people have been thinking for a long time but have not really said out loud. Well, it’s out there now. The even better part of this is that while the paragraph is highly debatable and you can tell from some of the comments it struck a few nerves, most of the responses were weak. It reminds me of the bully in school. He wants your lunch money everyday at 10 minutes till lunch. Even though you talk shit all the way to the cafeteria, you still give the dollars up each and every day. On the way back to class, you still continue to curse that SOB but you’ll give the tomorrow too:)

Now, I had mixed feelings on the subject and I responded to Stuart. While it may look like he took it as criticism, I assure you and even replied back that it was not. I don’t think the post was complete. I think the post was just enough to drive some of these bloggers over there and comment. If it’s linkbait then whatever ya know. Stu can do whatever he likes, I just thought that such a minuscule topic would not ignite a few fires like it did. I guess I am the first to post a reply, as I don’t see anyone on the list that will. I am not even their but I am a part of damn near every one of those blogs readership, so it’s kind of sad to see that so many put so much into their image and not into their feelings.

Maybe I am just being crazy or too hypocritical. Maybe that’s what the blogosphere needs. Do I care what people think of me? No, of course not. What people think of me is irrevelant. I’m a marketer, sometimes blackhat, sometimes REALLY blackhat so I have been called everything in the world from spammer, scammer, phisher, hacker. You name it and it’s been said. Do I try to hide this? No of course not, because what people think of me, is not going to slow me down.

Shit, I was told that I was nothing, would be nothing and would never become nothing. 2 Years later and I am making a full time income from the Internet. You can’t hate, a hater. You can’t undistinguish someone who tells it like it is. The more you try, the harder they work.

That’s the thing about Stuart. I don’t believe he did that to have a go at some of the bloggers (or all of them) on that list. He did it by doing his own testing. What’s the point of being defensive about it? All publicity good or bad, still boils down to publicity. So take at it what you will, but I thought it was a damn good post and also to Stu for having the ballzonies to put it out there because in all honesty some of those authorities write like they have their heads up their ass.

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12 Responses

October 28, 2007

Write on Dude,

I have noticed that alot of Bloggers are tripping on the whole pagerank thing here lately as well.

Stuwart’s post -“Younger blogs have to give away much more useful information to attract new readers”

And this in my mind is what is more important in “keeping” a successfull blog or site.

(I.E… Your Blog Ruck)

This also helps in “word of mouth”.
No body really wants to brag and tell there friends about a site or blog that they paid $150 smack-a-roos too for a eBook.

“Hey best bud, check it out, I just blew 150 bucks , on this book” – Nah just dont see it happening, unless it turns out that it really produces results, that highly out weigh the cost of the book.

Where in my expierence with your blog on the other hand…

I dont know how many people I have sent here when they ask the dubious question – “How on earth to you expect to make money after you get out of the army, if you say you dont want to work for anyone?” or of course – “How can you make money online?”

Greazster says – “Da powa of da mouf is very mighty!”
(HA take that however you want ;)

Later Dude,
Keep Writting

October 30, 2007

At the end of the day, if you’re a blogger, you gotta see if you’re writing to get pagerank and some crappy adsense or ad income or if you’re in this for something bigger.

It’s like being in the mail order business and complainng about the price of glue… what the heck…..

February 8, 2009

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March 5, 2009

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March 7, 2009

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March 11, 2009

Yeah, this IS annoying. I agree with you 5000 %

May 20, 2009

I just have to post about this, but this jogged my memory of the just released news with the CEO of Craigslist wanting for an apology from the AG of South Carolina. Always something different with Craigslist and things in the news.

June 22, 2009

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July 9, 2009

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July 12, 2009

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July 21, 2009

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