Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Digital Disgrace

I imagine that this post will bring some hate down on me, then again when I go to ranting about the people that are posting this type of shit, I seriously question their ability to navigate the web thru a –B.R.O.W.S.E.R.

Now I am not calling anyone stupid, no I would never say that out loud and in this case I don’t have to. I am cruising forums today trying to engage in whatever conversations I can find. Talk is pretty scarce usually on Saturday and Sundays. Most people unlike me have lives outside of work, so I tend to get bored and start snooping in other forums from which I normally don’t associate in heavily.

Enter DigitalPoint

I have lurked there for god knows how long. Over a month ago I engaged in a thread or two, but honestly since then, I have yet to find a thread where someone was asking for help or where a good conversation was sitting. No, it is very apparent when you login and look at the “New Posts” that there ain’t nothing but a bunch of newbs peddling for a dumbass Digg or Stumble.


It’s totally turned into the Ebay of StumbleUpon and Digg Exchanges. I know they have a large section for Buy, Sell, and Trade but dammit that is just one section. Isn’t this one of the largest discussion forums online? The only thing I see being discussed is how much wang someone will fit in their mouth to reach one more Digg. Shit, I would go bust that party in an instant but it seems that the Mods over there are sucking as much pee pee as it’s members. You can’t even sneeze wrong and they will ban you without an explanation.

Anyway, it’s “I don’t give a shit Saturday” and I don’t so there yea you have it. For a measly virtual deepthroat, you can go to DP (HAHAHA) and get as many Diggs and Stumbles and even buy some stupid shit you don’t need. Don’t worry about trying to help other people out over there, it’s not necessary, actually that option isn’t even available anymore.

Man, I wish I sold those scammy ass ebooks. I could walk right in there and make a freakin killin. Sad thing is, I kind of feel sorry for all those hardworking (maybe one day webmasters and marketers), as they spend so much time wasting with bullshit that is going to carry no significant value in furthering their online business. But that’s theirs and none of mine.

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2 Responses

October 28, 2007

HAHAHA That screenshot made my laughs

November 1, 2008

Haha i needed that!