Saturday, October 27th, 2007

5 Day Case Study With Copeac

Copeac CPA NetworkThis past Sunday night I was feeling down in the dumps. Matter of fact I posted about it, and that I was feeling better. Sadly, I think I posted too soon as I have been in and out of crappy feelings all week. Tonight finally feels different, as I feel even better than before. On Sunday though, I was not functioning properly. Fatigue, dizzy spells and not being able to focus really hindered my ability and even my want to work. That’s a cool thing about working online though, we can stop when we want:)

So Sunday night I am looking thru my Aweber account and I find a rather small list but one I have been building since the start of summer:


I have been able to acquire 1,775 double optin verified leads since the end of May. The niche is a rather competitive niche online and I have really slowed the promotion of it, but from the looks of it, it looks as if some organic or word of mouth may be coming into play here…Might have to check that out:)

Alright I have 1,775 list members and a new affiliate network Copeac. I think I have been with them a couple of months but since God does not give us the 40 hours I require to work in a day, we can say I been a bit behind lately. A lot of stuff to monetize and so little time to do it in. Sunday night, I was able to get around to it because I felt that I had to do something fast before I felt like logging off the computer again.

First off, I did something maybe a little bit out of the ordinary. I sent 2 emails not 1. LOL, I sent my list 2 email broadcasts back to back promoting 3 programs in each. I asked the list members to tell me what they thought and to give me any feedback on them. Nothing really suspicious but for obvious reasons I ALMOST ALWAYS ask for feedback on niches outside of Internet Marketing in my emails.

Well, I got the feedback, umm deleted it of course :(…but let’s look at what we did with 1,775 double optin leads.

Sent out late Sunday night and here’s Monday:


$271.20 is not too bad. I was able to generate 256 leads from a small list who have maybe receieved 2 emails from me since I started building the list. Now, let’s look at how the rest of the week panned out:

Copeac Weekly

Well, I got some clicks and was able to generate 587 leads. This kind of blows because I didn’t generate half of my list into monetization. Now some people would say that 50% is impossible and I will tell you right now, that outside of Internet Marketing that in itself is bullshit, because I have done it numerous times.

But for a new network, being sick and just hustling thru the whole process, I would say it’s not too shabby. The reason for utilizing other networks is because I have 2 membership sites with a business partner that utilize Azoogle, Maxbounty, ROI Rocket and Commission Junction and this just makes it so much easier to keep what I do on my own seperate from all of my other accounts.

So far Copeac seems alright, and I did notice that they have a ton of offers, but I am a skeptic so we will see when the time comes. I know them WickedFire members rave about Copeac and that was why I initially joined them. I guess if I have any problems I now have the network and the whole forum to ask questions with. So far so good though.

A little information on Copeac:

COPEAC is a cpa network that has many merchants and campaigns contained within it.

delivers consistently high payouts to their affiliates and if you refer friends or other webmasters / affiliates to COPEAC you will earn even more.

COPEAC offers lots of CPA programs, CPS programs and much more. If you earn over a certain amount a month you can also receive payments via Wire. Better still, if you earn $7,000 – $10,000 per week you can get paid weekly (that may sound like alot of money to some of you, but believe me, some people really do earn that sort of money with COPEAC). 

Copeac is a 2 tier network, they offer payments of Wire and Check and depending on your earnings they pay out Weekly/Monthly. I also noticed that minimum payout is $100. They use DirectTrack as their tracking software and they have over 500 CPA, CPL and CPS programs listed.

When I get paid, I will post the check.

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October 27, 2007

hey ruck interesting post on Emailing. I haven’t done much myself but I’m very interested in it as a whole.

As far as Copeac I’m sure you’ll be very happy working with them the team over there will make sure you get paid. And if you want custom landing pages and are doing decent volume they’ll create them for you. But more then anything they’ll make sure you get paid :)

October 27, 2007


I knew one of the WickedFire dudes would reassure me :),

Thanks man, looking forward to working with them a lot more as the fall comes in. I am always a big fan of the holidays so the next few months are typically where I make the bulk of my PPC income.

October 29, 2007

I just signed up with Copeac last week.

I am wondering why if so many networks have the same email / zip submits why it took you so long to monetize that list.

Well assuming that you are promoting an email / zip submit… I mean like every network has those same $1. $150 offers…some here and there are exclusive…

Congrats on the success!

October 29, 2007

The problem is I have about 50 lists. Some of them are solely from auto blogs targetted to niches and to tell you the truth, I really don’t start looking at a list until it hits 500 subscribers.

Some of the offers ran here like the Casey Soft lead I also run thru Hydramedia and ROI Rocket, but I can easily use many networks to negotiate higher payouts by spreading offers around more.

January 2, 2008

Ive been experimenting with list building, the problem im having is getting people to open thet email. The last email i sent i got about 9% open rate and %30 of them clicked the link in my email.
It was a small list to start with, but i was pretty disappointed with my results.
Ime gonna try the ebay classified ads, see if that works better

May 1, 2008

Very informative posts here. Thanks!

August 6, 2008

Yes, usefull information

Maybe some people will give up at the first action if nothing change to the income. But I guess time will tell the result


October 26, 2008

realize that this can cause one a lot of fatigue from working long boring hours.

November 1, 2008

I just signed up for Copeac last week.

December 13, 2008

I should sign up with Copeac. “(Note to self)”

August 12, 2009
Joel Warner - CPA Pro

COPEAC Rocks,i’ve been referred by a top affiliate, didn’t get a confirmation within 3-5 days, why? because they wanted to spend the time to call and talk to you. There customer Service was great and you get a Personal Call, even if you live in South America like I do. My Affiliate Manager gave me his contact info. and I can personally call him whenever. Most of all YOU GET PAID. For real…Check them out on Youtube too.

August 7, 2010

Very informative posts here. Thanks!..!!
I just signed up for Copeac last week…