Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Outsourcing Too Soon Can Be A Costly Mistake

Yea, I said it. From the guy who absolutely hates doing the little things himself and hires it out 90% of the time, I want to tell you why outsourcing too soon in your Internet Marketing Career can be a costly mistake.

First off their are so many variables to consider. It’s not as easy as it was a year ago. The Internet has sustained large growth and more importantly the amount of people coming online wanting to work from home and reading all that bullshit about how they can get rich overnight has seriously corrupted their minds. Please if we can get rich overnight then there would not be haters, bashers and skeptics. While after some education and fine tuning your business you can turn nights into what some would consider riches, it’s impossible to just come online and make the dollars fall down your computer screen like some shitty christmas like myspace layout. It just doesn’t happen, so face the reality.

So without the blabbling, point #1 is try to use your head a little.

Another point is the amount of people that will just completely screw you over. Oh yea, it’s damn near a phenomenon on the amount of people that will screw you over at places such as Elance and Scriptlance. What’s even worse is this shit is starting to spill over into forums now. Take the Warrior Forum for instance, not a month passes by that a rant thread pops up about someone screwing someone else over. You have to get personal with your writers, programmers, whatever.

I have been screwed myself by article writers and once by a programmer. While it only cost me a little bit money one time, sometimes people don’t realize that when you promise to write someone who has monthly multi thousand dollar businesses online they don’t expect to get screwed over on some measly articles. I can tell you as someone who does run these businesses and does rely on a lot on outsourced content writing, nothing burns my ass more than when I find out someone could not complete a project they promised for top pay because “they went out this past weekend and are hungover”?

First off (a bit of rant), my history has been told that I used to drink. I am not ashamed of it (actually I am) but dealing with life’s problems that can arise, drinking seemed like an easy way out. I can assure you that I held down my 3 jobs, held a household and still worked online thru this time. This wasn’t weekend drinking either, we are talking binge:) Being hungover is the dumbest excuse on the planet, but rest assured it has been used on me.

Another point is that if your not at that level yet then don’t do it. If you cannot write good content yourself then how in the world are you going to set any standards for your writers? That’s just common sense.

When you do get to that point it is best to get with someone thru email and phone. Phone is the best but the point is to get in close with this person. They are going to supply you with work and rely on you to pay them, then it’s just a small favor that they keep close contact. Either other way and your on your own. Just keep it mind.

{Note} This post was sparked by an article writer who just screwed me over about 2 hours ago.

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4 Responses

October 24, 2007

New article writer?
I’d withhold 50% of payment till I’m happy.

If it’s a big job, use an escrow service.

If any other situation, flame them hard on your blog and in the forums…

October 24, 2007

see man, thats what happens when u got too many suckas in your mix. hit me up man, i will be ur #1 goto guy…

October 24, 2007

oh yea…

trust is #1 on my list and i already gave u my number before. hit me up man.

November 30, 2008

I agree with you. This is what i found. I will give your post to my friend