Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

2CO Launches Their Affiliate Beta

About damn time! I’ve been waiting for solid alternatives to Clickbank and Paypal. As most of you know I own membership sites thru both Paydotcom and Clickbank so I am readily pumped about another affiliate processor.

Here is more specific info about new affiliate program…

For Suppliers: Why 2CO’s program is different
With most affiliate programs, you have to pay a portion of the commission to the program, or a monthly listing fee, which leaves less money for the actual affiliate. 2CO never charges more for an affiliate transaction or for enrolling your products.
Also, 2CO takes care of managing the payment to all of your affiliates. You never have to worry about keeping track of how much you owe anyone.

For Affiliates: Why 2CO’s program is different
With most affiliate programs, you just receive banner ads to add to your website, cluttering it up & making it look unprofessional, even unsafe. And when your customers click on these ads, you have no way of controlling whether they arrive at a page of useful information related to your site, or a random confusing 3rd party page.
With 2CO’s affiliate program, you receive actual product information (even images, when available) to add to your website. Your site can be a targeted set of tightly related products, and look very professional, and because you are handing off directly to 2CO, its also extremely secure and never confusing to the end customer.

There’s an ongoing discussion going on here if anyone is interested.

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