Saturday, October 20th, 2007

I Dont Give A Shit Saturdays


I don’t know why but I feel a new category needs to be added. I am introducing the “I Dont Give A Shit Saturday” as a new category where only on Saturday will I scan thru emails from the previous week and try to answer some questions that I really don’t give a shit about but will try to justify by serving an answer. Here are 5 questions I got earlier this week.

 Ruck, do you think the Wicked Fire Forum is a good place to learn or is it just a bunch of assholes.

Both. I have posted very few there as their views and take on things are pretty much the same way I communicate openly in forums. While I don’t resort to straight up bashing I do take questions that have been asked over and over to a very pissed off extreme. Use the search function for god’s sakes and understand the rules. Wicked Fire is no different, you shouldn’t be posting anyway until you get comfortable with the lingo being used and how members associate with one another. There are some over there that go completely off the wall, but who cares really. Read, learn your shit, and you won’t have time to sit around waiting to reply just for some sort of instant gratification.

Where’s a good place to start learning how to make money online

OMG, I will answer this once more on this blog and once more only. Your at a good spot right now. I make my living from working online and every now and then I sprinkle some stuff to get you started either pulling in some fast bucks, or setting yourself up with some longterm projects. If you want a list of forums I suggest:

RJ Forum, Warrior Forum, Wicked Fire, Digital Point, Clickbank Success, Wealthy Affiliate, Blackhatworld, SSWT.

No I won’t recommend you a dumbshit ebook. The blogs in my blogroll are ones I read as if they were a bible.

How much money do you make online?

First off, thank you for sending me a question that contained 7 words that in no way will be of any help to you as you build your business. If you must know, it’s a large amount. A million NO, maybe next year though :) That’s the goal. I will show you one site in my next post that has pulled a considerable amount and takes maybe 20 minutes to maintain :)

Have you started your diet program and how much weight have you lost?

What the f#ck kind of question is this? If you can’t go on living without knowing this then you should know that yes, I am eating balanced meals, I’ve cut back on some things and I am working out regularly. I’m down to 210 :)

What’s your favorite thing about working online fulltime?

The fact that I am not going to lose my family again because of all the problems working 3 jobs caused. Whether it was being gone all the time, not enough to pay bills, or whatever. If I want to take a break, the lady and kids are just 12 stairs away:)…Oh, I sure like the money too:)

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October 21, 2007

Ruck, how can I make money onli… Oops, sorry. I found your blog a few days ago, and I already read all your posts. Looking forward for more. Thanks for your tips. Your blog rules!!

November 1, 2008

Haha, great post! love the blog