Friday, October 19th, 2007

Damn Forum Mongrels


Yea first things first. I know I haven’t posted in like a month, but ya know we all need some time to ourselves. Well, after much debate I am still going to post here. Much like my attention span, it could be erratic from time to time, but I love you all and I am always up for shooting the shit with ya so I’m hanging:)

OK now, let’s bitch about forum mongrels. Here’s the kicker. Last month and the month before we were just dealing with out right, in your face scammers who had no regard for the forum member’s or themselves. Now over the course of the last few days, I sit back in this enormously lonely office and watch a new breed of forum dipshits emerge. Yea, I respect people so don’t give the moral pep talk. If you know anything about me, you know I like to jerk around. (Pun Intended). Anyway, I sit back and watch as LONG TIME forum member’s do something completely unexplainable. They SCREW UP!

I don’t know why I am even blogging this but you can see over at the Warrior Forum that this chick is being crucified to the high heavens. Of course she was saying she was a lawyer and using this to persuade people and even offer them legal advice. Now, I don’t claim to be a genius at how people type but the evidence is irrefutable that if you take a trip over to the RJ Forum or BlackhatWorld, I snuffed out some dipshits in my time.

The worst part is that Alison G as she went by, was a regular poster that built an online persona around herself. I for one find this hilarious that people were even taking her advice to begin with. Some people may fear or be paranoid about giving their real names out online and that’s ok I guess, but for god’s sake if you don’t know their name why the f#ck would you ever buy from them?

Furthermore and a little ADD moment here…This can be said about make money ebooks. No I won’t carry the crusade here, most of you know how I feel about it already. If you don’t then  I’ll save you the time right now and although this make you feel like an idiot, it’s for your own good.

Why in the world are you buying this shit from someone you don’t even know? Is because you don’t know any better? How can you not. I am ruling out that your new. If your new then mistakes are gonna happen most of the time but it’s people that been online for years longer than even me who buy into this bullshit.

Back to the point. It doesn’t matter how long someone has been online or how long they been a forum member, this shit is still going on today and according to the places I frequent, it’s on the rise.

As for the people that don’t stand up and call these people out, stop being such a pussy. Don’t be scared of getting ridiculed. Shit, I got some of the nastiest hate mail of my life over a year ago when I proceeded to thrash Rob Benwell on his boring and bullshit blogging tactics. What does everyone think of him now? Come to think about it, I don’t really hear much except how stupid and outdated his bullshit blogging courses are. Trust me, stand up and join the fight. If your going to sit around and allow people to get scammed your no better than the people that are actually doing it.

Anyway, it really feels good to bitch again. Gonna be a great weekend!

All the do gooders out there–>Feel free to send that hate mail and remember that I get your IP address with all your heartfelt messages. Your IP or email is really all I need to know to post your artwork here, so feel free to fire away.


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October 19, 2007


You are SO right about Benwell’s blogging ebook. Total crap.

Good to have you back, man!

October 19, 2007

Haha, i love it! :-D

This blog post just made my day :)
ok, i’m going to go jerk around.


October 19, 2007

Yes his course is crap, but if you only knew how much dinero the SOB raked in.

October 19, 2007

’bout time you posted again! Glad to see you back.

And I agree that Alison G was not someone with whom I would be inclined to do any business, judging from her incoherent posts and ludicrous positions about some issues.

While I avoided her, I wasn’t inclined to “call her out” because I considered my opinion to be no more than my opinion. Without something more solid than a gut feeling, I’m going to just watch until the individual reveals enough to get caught.

That said, I’m always glad when others are watching, are able to see beyond the surface and say so. I just didn’t have anything concrete, apart from her unprofessional, ridiculous behavior. Personally I wouldn’t have gone near her business-wise with a 30 foot barge pole.

As for calling out others for crap products, I always appreciate if someone sees through it and “calls it out” before I or others can see it.

Thanks again for the post!

October 21, 2007

Glad to hear you’re going to keep posting. Your blog is on my list of blogs to read. Always a good read.

October 21, 2007

Haha I knew you still read Warriorforum.

October 22, 2007

Good to see you back Ruck! :)

October 22, 2007

good to see your back from your break. let s do this man

March 22, 2008

Hello everybody, my name is Damion, and I’m glad to join your conmunity,
and wish to assit as far as possible.

November 1, 2008

Great to see you back ruck!