Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

New Look Coming And Some Thoughts

Ok, I realize I haven’t posted in awhile here and for that I apologize. I have seriously debated the whole J O B idea and it finally came to my fiance’s decision.  November marks the first FULL year that I have been a FULLTIME Internet Marketer. While I got almost another 2 years in front of that, I still feel like almost 3 years isn’t nearly long enough to give this a true go.

Upon the declination of the offer I discovered exactly what I was going to be writing about. BTW — For some reason some people thought that this was a corporate job offer or something like that. First, most of you know I live in a town of 700 people so a Corporation around here is at least an hour’s drive away and that is something that will NEVER happen. Second, I was really secretive about the offer and information because I was really skeptical. I have made it a point to be as blunt as possible with everything I have done online and with the blackhat marketing reputation, I thought for sure these people would question that and take back the offer. I don’t know why I thought that, but I did.  I let it go until this morning when I asked about it. They really did not care, they basically wanted me to write and be part of their network and what I have done didn’t seem to bother them. Cool, I like people who are not judgemental.

That is over now though, and I accomplished what I initially sought out to do. I was able to figure out what I was going to be writing and documenting and these niches never really did occur to me. I mean, I knew about them but in the way I was going to (attack) them was something I had not thought about doing. Oh, I am doing it now, and the word is that there is some pissed off people. Oh well.

Anyway this blog will be changing. I don’t know how some people will take it, but the look and mostly everything about it will change. It’s not going to be anything fancy either. It’s just going to be a place where I come and lay down what I know, what I am testing and what I am successful with. One thing I should mention is that it’s going to get a bit more aggressive. There are a lot of things that are pissing me off lately, and it’s going to get said.

With that said I love everyone that visits, and I can tell you now that you help me as much as I help anyone else (if I even do). I love the participation and that’s what the blog is going to evolve into. I could not possible manage a forum at this juncture in my life right now. I post a lot in other forums and am in the process of getting my publishing company set up, so I feel if I made a forum and had to shut it down, it would be a huge waste for everyone. I just don’t want to take the chance of doing that to people.

Anyway, the header and template is scheduled for a change and it won’t be anything fancy. Just consider this a place to kick your feet up after a hard day and see what’s happening.



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September 18, 2007

:) So, from what I gather, you had your chat with them… realized what their ideas were, declined it (which I think was most likely a wise choice on your part,even though I dont know any specifics) and it has given you some new ideas which you plan on running with. :P EXCELLENT , as it should be.

I don’t want to come off as a stalker or anything of that sort, hehe, but I been following you round the interwebs as I try to figure out all this stuff. I like the fact you don’t B/S around. I, for one will follow intently.

As bad as i am at making money though I have excellent forum skills. I have been a mod/admin on 4 sites with over 50k members for a long time and sadly that dosen’t pay any bills. If you wanted some help with a forum I’d be glad to help with all the mundane tasks.

Any way good luck now that ya made a decision. So no I’m off to be Yoko to your John Lennon :P , it’s been a long night ….sorry :)

September 18, 2007

better be able to kick my feet up and learn some new tactics dammit!!!! >:O

just kidding, good for you ruck, lets see what you have tucked up your long white sleeves!! (See photo above)

September 18, 2007
Louis Skolnick

Teach me the ways of the force.

September 18, 2007

ruck’s blog kicks ass

feel free to tear apart any weiners that screw around, you’re a hard worker and an ingenius marketer bro

September 18, 2007

Honestly, Ruck, imo forums are a waste of time. Sure, they might work for a while and you will probably make some connections (a la RJ), but ultimately, it will die. Blogs don’t die; they evolve.

As for the “networking,” that’s what blog comments are for, right?

Anxiously awaiting “the change.” ;)

September 18, 2007
Nick Flame

Hey buddy, glad to see you back.

I was even started to think that your new job has taken you away from online business.

As far as the blog change is involved i do not know if this is the time to turn it into a forum. I think we can share some ideas even through blog comments for the moment.

I have noticed the blogrush widget on your blog. I am sorry to say that at the moment the system is so vulnerable that it can be easily gamed. I guess you know this too. If you put it in the hopes of gaining traffic and visitors, then it is useless. If you want your blog to get famous, then you better write a good article (or choose one from the previous posts) and digg it, post it to digital point, stumble it or let other digg it till it reaches the first page. I guess that more than half of the so called Internet marketers who will come from digg will bookmark and remember your blog due to its quality.
Seeing the huge crowd hungry for making money online and the knowledge you have and share, i would say that it is just a matter of time till you will have comparable traffic with problogger or shoemoney, especially if you are good at showing some screenshots. :D
Unfortunately, in this way and with this traffic any trick you will expose will become useless in a quarter of hour, lol.

You said you are an active member of a number of forums, can you tell us which are those?
Just curious.

September 18, 2007

I knew you’d come around. lol. bring on the new changes. let’s rock and roll!

September 18, 2007

Thanks Everyone….T R U L Y

Hey Nick,

Actively talking in RJ and Warrior. Used to post a lot in Self Starters Weekly Tips but mainly a lurker. Just got back to Blackhat world, so getting situated there. A lurker in the CB success forum and just recently joined up at Wicked Fire after a lot of lurking.

A member of Forumdotcom.com, Syndk8, and a Moderator over at Spacehogs. Just recently joined Digital Point as well. I’m a member of a bunch of others, but the lack of participation would probably not warrant or consider me being a member.

Umm the blog widget? Honestly man, I was sitting here playing some Halo2 on Xbox live that night man. My oldest son was having fits and was just kicking it in the upstairs office with me. I cruised over to Reese’s blog and saw people waiting around. After a few games I refreshed and saw he was offering a copy of Traffic Secrets 2. I was curious as I am going to get it free anyway, why not legit right? :)

You can go tell from the comments that it looked like I was in the top 10 as 2 of the comments were irrevelant to the contest and one of them was Frank Kern himself. So basically, I put the widget up to win, and I didn’t. In all honesty, I have not even thought about it since.

I don’t want to dog it because the idea is sound and what he is trying to accomplish is pretty cool, but from a traffic standpoint, I could really take a shit on this with horrible rants, as I feel it’s not going to make a significant impact. Besides, it looks like shit on my pasty blog, so either it had better blend in later or it’s going to the curb :)

September 18, 2007
Louis Skolnick

Ruck fuckin shit up one mo time fo ya mu-fuckas. Ya’ll can’t fuck wit dis shit righ hea. Biatch!!

September 18, 2007

good stuff my friend. u know im always watchin man. you got alot of stuff to share and im always gonna be here to pick it all up and try to use it… sometimes i do too much, but oh well.

September 18, 2007


I’m glad that you’ve come to a decision that you feel is best for you and your family. And of course, for my own selfish reasons I’m glad you’ve decided to keep up the blog.

You’ve helped me a lot already.
Thank you,

September 19, 2007
Mr O

Great decision. Drive sucks; I’m in LA, and although an hour’s drive is nothing (just to go 20 miles takes an hour or more), you have already created something solid.

Besides, dreams are made and accomplished on your own; not under some ‘corporate structure’ with set guidelines and rules to contain your abilities.

Looking forward to seeing the new design.

September 19, 2007

Corporate sucks!!!!!! My resume includes several corporations where I made a very decent salary but got sick of it. I now work in a small family owned business wich is ok but I took a pay cut several years ago when I came here. Also, since I moved south of the city years ago when we bought our house I now commute 100 miles a day for work.

Am I eager to work for myself from home fulltime? Uhhhh duh! I’ll get there someday.

I look forward to your changes arriving soon here.

September 20, 2007

Vote for Ruckstar!

But seriously, you and your blog kick ass. Change it as you wish, and those of us that know how much you truley kick ass will stick with you, and the smart newbies will follow.

Keep at it, Ruck.
Aside from few that try to Flame you, those that know your true colors support you all the way.

Give us the knowledge except and test our add libbs and tell us where to get the tools we need and WE WILL conqure.
(but not always be able to spell correctly lol)

Johnathan aka Greazy

September 21, 2007

All the best to you Ruck, I look forward to your new format. Keep up the great work!

November 1, 2008

Great post!