Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Achieving The Dream Or Taking It

I know when I first started online I was only narrowly focused on making big money and living my days out in happiness and financial independence. Oddly enough when your making good or money (or at least its this way for me) there are some things that do not seem so important as other things. Take paid advertising and affiliate marketing for example. I stopped this awhile ago as I got into lead generation pretty heavily. I stopped building lists and selling front end/backend products from my autoresponder altogether. Why? I really do not know, but I can tell you that my level of interest in doing that was just not there.

Is there some cause for this? Absolutely! I was watching at times 35-40 campaings a day on Google. While I could let MSN and Yahoo run, it seems that Google had to change their tampons at least 2-3 times a day. I would find inactive keywords, jacked bids and just overall dumb shit like that. It is a retarded problem to have especially when you have spent two years studying paid advertising, SEO and PPC techniques. On top of that your researching keywords/phrases and engaging in social encounters to get a feel of the market. While I was making money and often REALLY good money, it was just something that caught up to me and I got tired of it.

So moving along I turned to lead generation. This is probably something I will yet again stop doing. I got a cool email the other day but it was sort of a “job offer”. This is something I said I would never do but when “A big boy” comes knocking at you with an offer to blog for them on a subject you have knowledge in, this is really hard to turn down. I just don’t like the idea of being a part of this group. I am sort of a loner and prefer to work by myself, but something is telling me that going to work for them would be a great experience and also maybe get me away from some of the things I have not really enjoyed doing over the last year.

So do I achieve the dream or do I take it?

Do I go and blog and keep working by myself and in the end achieve what I always wanted or do I go do it for someone else and get a QUICK jump on taking it and branding myself? I have not really thought about this. While engaging in blackhat SEO and “other things”, I have never really wanted to brand myself, but now the opportunity is just an email away from turning my head away from all my “so called blackhat ways” and start becoming someone that offers a little more value on the web than an individual skilled in taking over Google Search Results and exploiting loopholes in sites and systems.

The question remains. Do I stay and keep doing what I have been, or do I take the opportunity and try something completely new that involves a group of people smarter than me in journalism, but definitely not so sharp on the marketing side. While I do not claim to be some badass journalist, I feel that I can write pretty well, but most importantly I am a fast learner. Do I take the skills I possess now and try to merge them with the skills they want to teach me, or do I just keep waking up every morning doing the same routines?

I think I know the answer, but defintely some heavy thought going into it tonight.

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September 11, 2007

I would think that the potential of larger exposure (if that floats your boat) would be a positive by joining a big boy.

The only thing I can think of as far as a negative, would be if they would restrict your writing style, and if they would impose other restrictions on you.

Plus, I would make sure that you have an opt-out clause in case it doesn’t work out, and that you can go to/write anywhere you desire.

But what the hell do I know, I’m just getting started with IM, and am looking for all the help I can get.

Your blog is cool and I really enjoy. Just keep us informed so that we can keep following you!


September 11, 2007
Nick Flame

From your post i see that you wanna take it, then hell, go and take it.
I think the fact that you started a blog already shows that you are not interested so much in making money anymore. A damn black hatter just focus all the time on making money and does not give a shit on sharing stuff with other people, branding or gaining reputation.
However, at one moment you really feel that you got bored of only making money, and this is where many of internet marketers leave their obscurity where they lived, and start building a brand around themselves. They need to be appreciated for what they do. You can not live for ever in black hat and secret money making techniques, unless your only purpose in life is making money and you are sort of maniac.

September 12, 2007

Corporations will fire your a$$ in a NY second. It’s a tough decision but I’d lean toward being your own boss.

I agree about Adwords. I started a campaign that had a 5 cent cpc and Great QS that went to $5/click and Poor QS within 48 hours!

September 12, 2007

Dang Nick,

You really hit it on the head there man. I mean truly it sums it up. When I first started all I wanted to do was replace my current income goals, after I did that for awhile I then came fulltime, but it just feels that now I have it built up, I should look at things down the road (sort of speak). Although blackhat is fun, it’s definitely going up on the shelf for awhile, so I can venture out in setting up some things that I feel will last a lot longer.

Thanks David and Nick for the insightful replies.

September 12, 2007

LOL ratman,

I know all about Corporations firing my ass. Read my bio :)…This is entity online which I have been given a choice to do some journalistic work. The thing is really is that it will require quite a bit of my time.

Piss on Adwords and that Q/S. I have optimized for 2 years with them and it gets more ridiculous everyday. I really hope the Australians beat their ass in that court case.

September 12, 2007

It cant hurt to try it out right? I’m sure you could still “maintain” your current ventures while venturing off to find something new. At worst I think you would gain some knowledge and some insight.
I wish I could say I had that problem …lol… sadly I’m rubbing pennies together trying to make a quarter :) I think you should do it , but step cautiously and dont forget what got you where you are :)

September 12, 2007
Chris Hunter

“I really hope the Australians beat their ass in that court case.”

Huh? What’s that about? I haven’t heard about this problem.

September 12, 2007

You can follow it here…


Make sure to read the prerelease coverage as well. :)

September 12, 2007

You are a young man. The internet will be waiting here for you with all of it’s exploitable loopholes. Go and learn what you can, then take it to the next level. You are going to succeed either way.
Good Luck dude!

September 12, 2007

wow, is this the end of the outlawz? has the ruckster moved on? say it aint so… well my friend, like Nick has already stated, you are already at the crossroads and you are seriously entertaining the idea. You have already conquered the seo, ppc, bh stuff and now its time for something new. I think that this can only broaden your platform man. All the stuff youve done up to this point will still be here if u need it down the road. I mean, things may change a little but it wont change that much. BUT, if some big dog is bringing u in to a whole new arena, I think you should go for it.
Before you go though, make sure you leave me the keys to the kingdom so i can maintain and grow it for you till you come back…
Go For It Man… it can only make you better!

September 12, 2007

I always refer to the Eminem song. I have been here before when I started my first business at 21. I had to decide to quit the safe easy paycheck for something that was an unknown.

Go with your heart man. Nobody can really give you advise. You need to dig deep.

I’m still milking my day job at almost 75K a year with full benefits and doing web design and IM on the side.

Just make sure there is NOT a non-compete or anything to hinder you if you decide later it is not for you.

Good luck bro.

ps. I have not rode a bicycle in 5 years but after 5 years I am sure I can hop back on that bitch and ride out. You will not loose your IM skills or knowledge.


“Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment Would you capture it or just let it slip?”

September 12, 2007
Mr O

I have been reading ur blog for a month or so now and think it is the best one I have come across as of yet.

Maybe if u go back into that “corporate monkey” world, then u should consider doing it on a consultant/contrac t basis.

We all know how the corporate world does not give a crap about people anyhow. But, if u can get an arrangement in which u work “with them” and not “for them”, u have more leverage over the situation.

I left the corporate world over 6 years ago and went on my own as a consultant, and have not looked back. Becoming a part of someone else’s system was not the way I planned to live my life, I do not think we were created on this earth to be told home much we are worth anyhow.

Best of wishes.

September 14, 2007

I wouldn’t mind accepting an irresitable offer. But in the end for sure it’s just me,myself and I

November 1, 2008

Go for it!. i would most deff.