Saturday, September 8th, 2007

When In Doubt – Be Mysterious!

Alright a lot of you already know that I live in a town with less than 700 people in it. It’s an extremely rural community in the Southeast part of Kansas. It has its up and downs, as I have considered moving away a lot over the last year. Having 2 sons and a third child on the way the though, me and (L) really do not want to have to go and stake out other places to live. There is always the idea that if we did move it could be a huge mistake for the children. I mean seriously, we have been here most of our lives so moving would actually be a tremendous change. I think with everything I have accomplished this past year and all that her and I have gone thru, staying put is the best option right now.

Anyway, living in a small town people always have their assumptions. For the most part I was a good kid in high school so a lot of that translates into people and keeps most of their judgements at bay. Which is good because after some of the things I am going to reveal to you here, your going to know exactly what it means by people “are always watching you”.

Alright here’s the first question I will go over.      Do you sell drugs online?

Yea sure I run all my needles, spoons and pipes thru my Multi Circuit T1 Line. LMAO…As stupid as that sounds if I had replied back with that statement, people would have went for it. Yes to us that is some of the dumbest crap to hear of, but to people not “net savvy” that’s as open minded as their brains allow them to get. So no I do not sell drugs, but sometimes I think about what it would be like, I hear it’s profitable :)

This next one is not a questions, this is just a general statement I get when I refuse to go somewhere or do something. I tend to be a workhorse, especially going into the fall. I can’t take cold weather (literally tendinitis, arthritis, broken bones), so I tend to stay in more. But people (mostly friends) get pissed when I don’t want to do something because I say “I have to work”. I do not know how to put it more plainly, this business is my passion. I have lived paycheck to paycheck with two kids before, and I will never go back, so I work and I work ALOT. To them having the finances to lead the life I do, seems like that I should and would do anything I want to. Most of the time I do, but seriously, I cannot go hang out with people and talk about things I love. Nobody is going to be interested in my network of blogs I just created or my new PPC campaign on Halo3 that is kicking ass. They just don’t get it, so turning them down is something I have to do sometimes.

Am I getting fat because I work from a computer?

Ok first off I would like to thank all my friends that respectfully asked that question. I’ll have to remember to throw eggs at your house on Halloween. Indeed, I am getting LARGER but I am working my tail off on an exercise and diet plan. My soda pop intake is a huge influence on my weight gain and I have cut that tremendously. Unfortunately living the life I love and doing work I actually like comes with putting on a few extra pounds. Who is bringing desert to the Christmas Party? :)

What Do You Do Exactly?

This is the one question that is so broad it irritates me when people ask it. I used to be a real big prick and start talking really fast to make them lose interest. I love it when their eyes start to flutter, and they start looking around. They are always looking to escape the very consequence that spawned from their ill thought social interaction. Now, I just give the mysterious role. It’s not uncommon for 10-15 questions a week when I go out and about of what it is that I do exactly. I just say to them “I work online” and “that’s all I can discuss right now”. This is hilarious because I get to watch human nature search for ways to have their eyes interrogate my with their prejudice. They always want to know more, and realizing that, you can truly have a lot of fun with people.

Well, What Exactly Is Google?

Basically right at the end of this question, if I am feeling froggy I either pether them with petty (often disguised) insults or I take off running like a llama after a hotcake. Seriously, if you do not know what Google is, then you really do not need to hear the mechanics of my online businesses.

This post is not a shot at people who ask me this. These are direct questions and conversations I face offline on a weekly basis. I never intend on being a prick but sometimes it is required. If people are asking dumb crap with negativity in mind already, chances are no matter what you say they will probably walk away with some of left in them. Anyway, I think it is kind of amusing because nobody around here has a clue to what marketing online is. I really do not think it is the marketing part that is hard to understand, I think it is all the steps beforehand of having your automated businesses up and running. In any case, I get a kick out of this crap a few times a week.

I won’t even go into the amount of people that doubted me when I first started online. That is a whole new can of worms right there. Things are different now though. People are not telling me I won’t ever make my living online or even saying I won’t make a cent online, now all they want to do is learn how to do it…………CLASSIC.

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September 8, 2007

your stuff always inspires me man. just reading what u come from helps me to keep pluggin away until i get to that point where this is all i will need to do to take care of my 4kids and mother-in-law.

good stuff. i also believe that you staying in that small town will actually help out ur kids in the long run.

September 8, 2007

Damn Ruck … this gotta be the best yet :) I agree with bigMO… if you and your wife are from the small town… stay and give the kids a hometown …plus you wont waste as much of the hard earned loot on real-estate and other expenses associated with urban settings. As for the kids if they want to move when they are older that would be understandable , but its much easier to be the big fish in the small pond as opposed to the ocean. Come to think of it, through the years , all the sharpest leaders(employers, teachers, coaches etc.) I’ve ever known were from small towns. It keeps ya honest and hard working. Nice Stuff

September 8, 2007


Case in point. I went down to Florida here in last March and visited Ryan, Steve (RJ Forum members) Greg a partner of mine and Joe Tierney.

While I was in Florida I was asking them guys about the prices of houses down there. I nearly crapped myself. Houses for 300K go for 75K to 100K tops here.

It don’t get much more comfortable than that. In other news, everyone that comments here, and the forums I participate in are 4th in fun compared to playing with the kids, late nights with the MS..and fishing

September 8, 2007

I’ve lived in the city my whole life and I want to get out. Did you do any fishing in Florida?? I was down there a few times and it is pretty damn good.

September 8, 2007
Nick Flame

If i am not too inopportune, can you tell us how much you were earning online when you decided to quit your daily job and dedicate to your online work?

Very inspiring post, thanks.

September 8, 2007


I hit my first 10K month in September of 2006. October was even better, and in November I was also blackhatting on the side, and did twice as much as the previous two months combined.

In less than 3 months I had already made more than I would have in a year working at my fulltime job. I did the numbers over and over in my head, and I was able to secure over a year’s earnings in those three months compared to working that fulltime job and my part time jobs.

I figured I had a year built up, so I took the lunge although due to “corporate infrastructure” I was going to lose my job anyway. But since November, there will be no more job at least for 3 years :)

September 9, 2007

Good post. And I also can concur (as I do live in South Florida) that housing prices are astronomical. The prices were going up over the last few years but now they have come to a halt and people aren’t buying as many houses right now. I’m 22 now, but when I move I probably wouldn’t leave Florida as I love the weather. I literally can not stand snow in the winter time. So I guess the housing prices make up for that some what.

September 10, 2007

Yo, the foreclosure market is poppin off down here in FL.

You can grab a pad like mine for like 75-125k now.

Eveything is for sale!

Move to Florida you will never be cold again. Then again you have to be stronger because you have to force yourself to work at times when it is beautiful out.

September 19, 2007


Awesome post! You are and have always been a huge inspiration to me. You’ve always been helpful to me without question so let me help you………………dude, don’t move to a big city. LOL I’m born and raised in Boston and I have been wanting to move to a nice quiet small town for years now.

My goal is to be able to fire my boss and work from home full time then we are selling the house and moving to S. Carolina. But, I suppose the grass is always greener right?

Keep up with the great blogging. I may not always comment but I am always reading. Whenever I need my daily recommended dose of Ruck, I head on over here. LOL

Stay cool,

November 30, 2008

Thanks ruck! awsome, this is why i work hard!