Thursday, September 6th, 2007

General Categories Or Niche Specific Blogs

I got this question in a forum this evening. People sometimes stretch their niche blogs so wide that they don’t know where it begins and ends. A little example would be something like this.

Instead of having a blog on a topic with 10-20 categories, try to dig a little a deeper. The deeper you dig, the easier it is to get ranked for the keywords. What I try to do is take a domain and for this example I will use DVD Players as my example.

So we would have –> (probably someone’s domain :) )

Then we would setup folders and yes I say folder. I am not a big subdomain type of guy. We could argue all day on the aspects of folders and subdomain in terms of SEO but if your using WordPress difference then WTF is the point? Anyway…. would be our “mama” site. This is the site that needs updated the most actually. While all your niche specific blogs will need constant updating, generally speaking those would be like review type blogs. In essence, I have found that getting product reviews in mass quantities is a lot easier for writers than having someone working on your mama blog. You can actually just work on the mama blog and have the niche specific blog reviews outsourced, and this will cut yor time tremendously, it’s almost AUTOMATIC :)

Ok now and then we have folders like this:    

Don’t even know if those are DVD brands, I just use an Xbox 360 :) Anyway, the point is to keep these blogs topic related. You don’t really want a blog where you have reviewing every single category of DVD players because it’s quite possible to get overwhelmed. Besides if your outsourcing the reviews, then you can have a writer work on one blog a piece. It gets much easier when you get into it yourself, I promise.

Now you could have a reviews blog setup with a ton of categories, but it’s quite possible your going to lose your buying prospects due to the overwhelming amount of information. Keep it really freaking simple as I like to say. Besides on your mama blog is where your notifying your readers that review updates are available in your niche specific blogs. Interlinking is always a good thing, no matter what kind of bullshit you hear from people saying interlinking on your domain is bad. They are blogs and that is what they do….they link.

But look at the possibilities here now. This is how we setup for TARGETED readers, prospects and ultimately buyers. You are able to funnel them into their passions. If they are passionate about Sony DVD Players and that’s all they want, then they are not going to want to sort thru a bunch of bullshit about Orion DVD Players. It’s as simple as that. Use your funnel and you can build mailing lists, send them to niche specific affiliate links, whatever it is you want to accomplish. But, keep it simple and split up into specifics and I bet you get much better results.

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September 6, 2007

Thanks for the tip Ruckster! You are da man!

Are you suggesting to put a WordPress blog in each of those folders? and link them up like a mininet of blogs?

September 7, 2007

Hey Ruck,
What you’re talking about is creating a portal blog with subsections in it.

You can either set up separate blogs in the sub-directories, or do one huge blog with brand-optimized categories.

If you want to build an authority site, you can further break it down by model specifics.

Buyers especially will be on the net googling “cheap sony dvd player es-29472J” (i made that model up), so you wanna catch that phrase specific traffic and push them into a / or shopzilla aff prog (skip amazon!)

September 7, 2007

so your saying to build a blog like, then have subdirectories (folders) under it listing the various models and then whe nthey google for whichever model they want, then they would be sent to our page and ultimately sent over to our page or whatever we use?
Now for the keywords, each folder or subdirectory would be optimised with whatever the model is right?
just clearing it up in my head

September 7, 2007

This sounds like a good idea. Can you do this with any product aside from DVD players?? Also, Does it matter if the product has long term potential?? And, Can you use it to branch off into products related to it, ex. like burners and media??

September 7, 2007

You can do this with any niche, and yea if you were writing about dvd players then branching other blogs or categories into burners and media would not be too far fetched, but this is where I would actually have another blog setup for this.

September 8, 2007

Hey Ruck this is a little off topic as I do not know how else to contact you but did you here about how Spammer23 got banned from Blackhatworld as a moderator? The owner of the site ” Dave” was talking about how much he is a crook and stole other peoples money with no remose. They even gave his ebook “Torrent Profits” away for free.

September 8, 2007

Oh Yea,

I saw at Wicked Fire and over at Syndk8 that them peeps had a real solid go at him as well. I tried warning people when I got there.

September 8, 2007

Hey Ruck, Is there any ebooks worth buying or are they all garbage?

September 10, 2007

You could have several blogs running on the one domain or you could do categories with a “category visibility” plugin so that the specific reviews don’t get posted on the main index page, but still get the benefit of the “link bait” articles on your index page.

That way you only have the one blog installation on the one site.

March 1, 2008

In regards to WP, do you have to buy several domain names to do this? If so, could you send them to a blogger blog and accomplish the same thing?

November 30, 2008

Like always! awsome post!