Friday, September 5th, 2008

I feel like giving away some money…

It’s my Birthday today… Actually tomorrow Sept 6th.

SO for some reason I feel like giving away some money.

You weekend readers are in for a treat.  Readership always drops off on the weekends because people are at home and not at work. So from now until my next post on Monday you can have a chance to win some cash.  Here is what you have to do…

1. Post here and tell us why you need the cash.  Are you a struggling affiliate that needs to pay the bills? Maybe you need to pay your child support because adsense isn’t shelling out the cash like the good old days. Tell us why.  Be creative.

2. Join the forum (click here) and post your forum name in your comment for #1.

Your post should start like this…

“Forum name: ————–

I need the cash because…”

I mean it… creativity will win.  I’m not looking for an honest answer… Just a fun one.

How much am I going to give? Probably around $100.  It could all goto one or it can goto several.

Happy commenting!

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33 Responses

September 5, 2008

Forum name: johnisfit

I need the cash because I’m arse scared of blowing my own money trying to figure out Adwords. I’d rather seed my experiment with your money.

Happy birthday!

September 5, 2008
Digital Point Noob!

Forum Name: DPNOOB

I really need some cash because I am tired of buying all of the latest shit on DP! Without money I wont be able to blow it on more crap products that are rehashed stuff from this blog! Give me some money so I can support the people who rip you off!

Happy B-Day you old fart

September 5, 2008

Forum Name: lordsir31

i need cash because i need to support my son’s career.. i think he is a potential boxer.. i want to send him to a boxing gym as young as 1-year old. i really believe in him. here’s his pic:

potiential boxer, isn’t he? :))

this serves as my gift.., happy bday!,,;p

September 6, 2008

I need the money so I can buy the ShamWOW

September 6, 2008

Forum Name: igwe4life

With your money I’ll be to join the league of those who have made $100 a day online:)

Happy B-Day

September 6, 2008

Forum Username : sunvic

I need the cash because I need to buy a all pass membership with Naught America. I am afraid that if I use my dad’s credit card I’d get caught. So I’d love the money loaded to my own pre-paid card which is now standing at zero balance. And Oh I forgot to mention about my Google buyout plans(In the final stages) ..

September 6, 2008

Forum Name: Kuririn

I need the cash because, … No I don’t need the cash.

I need ‘Stomping the Search Engines 2’ and I will make cash on my own. Lots of it. Want to BE person that make money, NOT have money.

But I haven’t possibility to pay for this stuff. I am form Poland and haven’t payment card…

It’s only 20$, not 100$. And you can cancel ‘Net Effect’.

You are my last chance to get this.

I will send you my adress if you agree. (Send me email)

Decision is your hands.

And thanks for doing what you do!

September 6, 2008

Forum name: crazykris

I need the cash because I need to pay for gas for my Ferrari. Also, I need to pay the maintenance for my mansion in Paris. Please give me the cash. The grass on my golf course is growing tall and I can’t afford a gardener. My cat also needs a new manicure. I’m really broke. Please help!

September 6, 2008

Forum Name = da buck

This is kind of a long story. Last night my friends and I were hanging out at the club. About 11:00 these hot chicks came up and started talking to us. After drinking and dancing for a couple hours, they invited us back to their place for a few late night drinks. Of course we accepted.

Once we were back at their place, the girls started asking if any of us had any coke. Now, my friends and I don’t do drugs, but I knew where to find some. So I told them to let me make a couple calls. I got John (not his real name) on the phone and he told me he had some coke, but he was out of town for the weekend. I begged him to hook me up and he told me one of his ho’s had some and all I had to do was meet her downtown and she would hook me up. I said ok and he called Sue (not her real name) and set up a meeting for me.

By this time it was about 3:30 in the morning. I get downtown and meet Sue to pick up the blow. As we are making the exchange the doors on a nearby van fly open and I hear someone yell “FREEZE!” What I didn’t know is that there was a stakeout and they were trying to bust the hookers for solicitation. So now I’m standing here looking like I’m desperate for sex and the cops start searching me. As they pat me down they find the coke I tried to stash in my pants. Now I’m busted for possession. It’s about 1:00 pm Saturday and they gave me the option of posting bail, but I need $10,000. My problem is that I only have $9,900. Please send me the $100 so I can get out of jail.
da buck

September 6, 2008

*crackhead voice* Cash? Somebody say cash? lol. I can already see people are gonna be all over this.

September 6, 2008

Forum Name: PatzZ

Really I need some cash because I’m willing to start a site like yours, like problogger , blogohblog. So I need to buy a web hosting service for that but I haven’t a credit card and get a credit card I need to have a job, because in my country banks issue credit cards only for ppls doing jobs. So If i have some cash definitely I’ll buy a hoisting server. Don’t know may be one day I can archive my gole thank you and happy b’day fnd

September 6, 2008

Forum Name: creatunity

I need the cash because… I could then buy the steaks that we are going to grill :P

I need the cash because… I love taking other people’s money (especially on their birthday)!

I need the cash because… You always need more MONEY!

I need the cash because… Because I’d rather just be blunt and say it than to build a cheesy landing page making you think I can help you make money by taking your money.

I need the cash because… I need a toenail implant for my pinky toe.

I need the cash because… $100 is a perfect amount to go to Newports Seafood for a party of 1.

I need the cash because… Well heck.. if I don’t ask, I don’t get. So Give Me Your Money!

Ok..Ok.. I thought the number 7 was a good number.. however I do like 100 better.

Happy Bday Kris – Enjoy!


September 6, 2008

I have always wanted to get a haircut in one of those expensive stylish looking saloons. Tomorrow is hair cut day and I just want don’t want to go to my garlic-smelling-breathing-down-my-neck barber.

Your $$ will help me have a garlic free haircutting experience. Help.

September 7, 2008

I need the cash because my cow-of-a-wife went nuts last night when she found my stash of lewd magazines and broke my PRICELESS collection of Pre-WW1 era Cookie Jars. I’m furious, but ultimately I think it will only strengthen our relationship.

Happy Birthday!

September 7, 2008

d’oh! Forum name: adbotic

September 7, 2008

Forum Name: amanda – I need the cash because I’m having a competition with my husband as to who can earn the most money in September. And your $100 will put me WAY ahead. I only wish I was joking!

September 7, 2008

Forum name: JV

I need the cash because with $100.00 I can say I spent Ruck’s hard earn money on candy.

I need the cash because with $100.00 I can contribute to Google’s Wealth.

and finally…

I need the cash because with $100.00 I might be able to get ONE whole gallon of gas.

September 7, 2008

Forum name: volknet

I need the cash because my sister got married yesterday and I would like to get them a really nice gift.

September 7, 2008

Forum Name: Skywatcher

I need the cash because I want to pirate some shit from all the MMO scammers and you’d be helping me with some seed capital and save the world!

Happy Birthday!

September 7, 2008

HAHA Thanks guys!
Read the next post for details on claiming your money.
Everyone wins this one. :D

September 10, 2008

Happy late bday Kris. Its nuts how many peoples bdays are in september. My bday was Sep 7th as well as Ian Fernando from Alejandro Reyes from was on the 8th.

I guess september babies are the shit.

September 10, 2008

Oh I need cash because my gerbil just died and I need to pay for the funeral.

September 17, 2008

1.Michely and 2.Jonathan Volk seemed to deserve the $100.
Nice giveaway! Better give some to a children, health or environment related charity…

September 26, 2008
River Man

Im homeless. No one knows my name. No one wants to know my name. I sleep under a bridge near a small river, near San Jose High Academy. The students call me River Man when they see me pass. I walk every day one hand holding my tattered pants the other hand clutching two dollars.Its everything I have in the world and it seems to reflect my own value in this world.
Every day I go into Guru Liqours. The owner gives me a beer. Maybe a bag of chips. One day he gave me two dollars.

September 28, 2008

I found your website though seaching;and came to my site when I badly looking for the institution which may help me to meet the obligations faced me.I am sorry because I missed your offer as the deadline was lapse.BUT I hope your spirit to help the people still alive.
Kindly grant me usd 30000 for the aim of starting my own business.
I feel as this is the only solution to rescue me from poverty.
Your customer

September 30, 2008

cash? if your dum enough to give it im smart enough to take it lmao!!!!!! no realy …. happy birthday ! sounds like a you get a kick
out of people being des. about wanting a $100. lmao yeah me too!
i like to read people’s crazy stuff too! well i guess i am not being creative enough for you but …… I would still take your hundred to
make you have a happy birthday…. lol

September 30, 2008

I need cash because I need to get a place to live. I am divorced yet still in the same place with the ex and our 4 children. I allready have two jobs and am seeking a third but it is hard to fit it in when you are taking care of kids inbetween.

October 3, 2008

LoL, the guys above sure are funny. A pity I weren’t able to join the contest.

October 15, 2008

I need money because both me and my husband got let go from our jobs. I have no education and my Husband is too weak to work at a labor job. I have never had a job too long .I work though Temps. My husband had a low paying job ,But it went out of business.Now we are at risk of getting kicked out of our Trl. We want a job, there is none out there at our age i guess .He is 53 i am 50.We are not old just high risk for some jobs.At least thats what i think the reason is that we can’t find one when we put an applacation in.They never call us.Any way.. Happy Birthday!

October 15, 2008

I need money so i can take my wife Sharon out to watch a movie and shut her up.I will sneak out of the movie and catch a break, I love her deeply but a Man needs a break.Heck i will even top the night off and buy her some hair dye, and maybe some sleeping pills,{for Her} then i can rent a movie and watch it while she is asleep.She will be happy and so will I. A Mans got to do what a Mans got to do. She needs to relax and a BIG CANDY BAR ALWAYS DOES THE TRICK.

October 15, 2008

Was supposed to put my name. Instead of Sharons. One above this.

November 4, 2008

I need money for a plane ticket to finally spend some time with my fiance aftera 6mnth seperation due to work demands, and working in different countries, so yes i would like some financial assistance, and thank you

November 17, 2008