Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Seasonal Theme Marketing – The Time Is Now

Halloween is coming up within a couple of month’s now and it is prime-time to start gearing for the Halloween season. Now personally, I don’t tend to build websites or blogs gearing towards the Halloween market, but I do build a lot of landing pages geared towards it.

For me the success was last Halloween went I had simple landing pages setup on Adwords that were pretty much just polls to gifts from networks such as Azoogle and Maxbounty. A simple survey, zip submit/email submit offer can really pull in a lot of cash rather quickly. If you set up your landing page correctly and have an offer say giftcard/iphone/electronic accessories then you can drive some really nice leads over the course of the next 6-8 weeks. Now lately since all the "Big Google" seems to do is shit on the little guy I have shifted focus to other smaller engines, but it still works on Google, it just costs you more so having a damn good conversion rate on a $1.15-$2.00 lead is vital. Here’s some keywords I came up with today with my little tool :)

halloween 150110
halloween costume 41715
sexy halloween 15488
halloween party 14865
halloween hot 5892
halloween mask 5471
halloween movie 5213
sexy halloween costume 5181
halloween drag 5134
halloween 9 4760
halloween 2006 4386
hooters halloween 4306
halloween baby 4305
halloween slut 4088
halloween nurse 3896
halloween girl 3763
halloween crafts 3575
adult halloween costume 3424
halloween decoration 3353
halloween vampire 3262
kid halloween costume 2981
rob zombie halloween 2878
halloween leg 2819
halloween naughty 2605
halloween game 2526
halloween store 2338
halloween bunny 2321
cowgirl halloween 2321
halloween tights 2309
halloween booty 2052
halloween prop 1934
halloween as a girl 1927
halloween make up 1919
halloween boob 1912
halloween michael myers 1903
this is halloween 1891
halloween horror night 1879
cat halloween 1814
dorothy halloween 1670
halloween cheerleader 1668
halloween butt 1580
baby halloween costume 1566
halloween night 1556
child halloween costume 1544
halloween town 1541
halloween 06 1459
dog halloween costume 1446
halloween whore 1441
halloween ballerina 1428
maid halloween 1422

That’s just fifty keywords with a considerable amount of searches, but how can we make landing pages from this and better yet, how can we market something from all this mumbo jumbo?

Let’s look at this one:  Sexy Halloween Costume 5181

Right now it’s showing 5,181 searches a month but we can almost bet it is much more than that in Google. Over the next few weeks it will most likely increase considerably. That’s pretty much the biggest point to make in Seasonal Theme Marketing. You have to plan ahead and always be ready to strike quickly.

So basically coming up with an offer is where you would be at right now. Your job is to get with your Affiliate Manager and see what types of offers they have coming out for the Halloween season. Tying a landing page that is optimized with teh keywords "Sexy Halloween Costume" would be the easy part, but finding a theme related offer might be a little tougher.

It does not have to be this way though. Using smaller Search Engines you could take almost any offer that seems appealing to the masses and include it into your optimize landing page.


It is very possible right now to get a blog setup with the sexy halloween costume theme. While I really would not care about SEO because let’s face it, if you can get some cute chick in a sexy halloween costume and get some photos, then your going to  be able to drive a lot of traffic just from news sites and Web 2.0 Social Media. Just go over to Digg and see what happens. They are a bunch of bitches over there anyway, and I think it would do a lot of them good if you could liven up their nerdy ass lives with a little spice. Get creative because Halloween is a very good time to market, especially to freaks :)

There’s all kinds of things you can do here with regards to lead generation and affiliate programs. Now, I know I only gave you a little taste, but hopefully you can put the missing pieces together and get some stuff going for yourself.



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September 5, 2007
Chris Hunter


What keyword tool do you use? I’m curious. Is it KeyWordElite?

Also, since you’re shifting away from Google, will you be focusing on Yahoo and MSN instead?

Again, thanks for the great advice, Ruck!

September 5, 2007

I use a keyword tool called PPC Accelerator, it’s also a tool that automates most of PPC Campaigns as well. It auto wraps in quotes for phrase match and wraps in brackets for exact as well.

Yea I use Yahoo and MSN cuz I can get keywords for as little as $0.05 in MSN and a lot of them for $0.10 in Yahoo. I have found that site targetting as well works ok in google and getting CPM campaigns that average around $0.02-$0.05 a click after matching costs with impressions.

September 5, 2007

Hey Ruck, nice post!

Do you ever use 7search in your PPC marketing? I know when I was dabbling in Adsense arbitrage it was the engine to use for really cheap bids.

September 5, 2007

holly batballs batman! its our anniversary and we havent ordered our new ball huggers for this year yet. call joker to get that shit here asap!

in other news… thanks for the tips as usual my friend!

September 5, 2007

nice post buddy..

im glad that you open “the doors” for many guys that read your blog.. its because this little things that we success in the market.

September 5, 2007

Hi Ruck, been reading your site for a while now and thanks for making this post gave me lots of ideas.

October 10, 2007

yay! Another great post by ruck! lol, I should have read this sooner. I also want to point out, that when it comes to holidays, people are looking for ways to save money. Throwing up words like “Cheap”, “Sale”, “Special offer”, in your PPC Adds are a great way to get niche traffic, ones where you KNOW they are wanting to buy, (Why would they look for the word CHEAP, if they had no intention of buying anything?) and it will also keep your clicks down, and your sells up.