Sunday, September 2nd, 2007

A Little About Google Groups

Google GroupsGoogle Groups is a great way to get some laser targeted traffic to your website. The base over there has exploded tremendously over the last year in regards to the vast amount of people supporting and participating in the groups. I remember very vividly awhile back when I was working over there. While I was making some sweet cash, I knew all the awhile that the amount of work involved was taking away from completion of some long term goals. It is very easy to go over there and type a keyword in and return yourself a list of groups for whatever niche you want.

There are no tricks or gimmicks, as I have seen sites like this or sites with the same idea in mind. The idea is to go into these groups and post well thought out posts. I can assure you now that if you go over there in a marketer’s mindset, your going to have a really rough time. With that said, you should generally pick a niche and have a product for it as well. I personally always had the link in my sig over there. I always had it redirect off a domain as well. You do not want one of those long and hideous affiliate links in there.

I use to go over there with an army of “outsourcers” and post to multiple groups everyday. I was doing great but the fact that my workers knew exactly what I was doing actually cost me in the end. They ended up doing it themselves. To make matters worse, as my income was falling they were reporting that they were still posting. So not only did I lose income from the Groups themselves, I had outsourcers sticking it deep in me as well.

Today I come refreshed and with a new sense of driving traffic from those groups. In case you have never been to one of their entertainment groups, let me say that the numbers you could drive from their are ridiculously HUGE. I recently just got my 5 new video sites up and am testing the groups now. I will report back on the results but for now, my anime site has been up for just 2 days and already over 400 impressions and made $2.71 in Adsense. I also made a couple of leads for an offer I run in the footer. It’s not much I know, but this is just two days after the completion of the site.¬†

In case your wondering why I said Adsense as most of you know I absolutely despise it and just awhile go I¬†completely deleted it from being a source of income. I have integrated Adsense with this site as I expect a lot of visitors to be from Japan and Asia so right now, it seems to be the best alternative contextual ad source until I find something better. Anyway short post today as it’s Sunday and the MS. insists on me spending the afternoon with her, so take care.



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September 3, 2007

Hi Ruck…thanks for this article! I wonder how you do it in Google Groups as I only know how to do it with Yahoo Groups

November 30, 2008

Im going to try doing this, i already have a site that would be perfect for it.