Saturday, September 1st, 2007

The Newsroom – News You Can Use – And Freaking Get Paid For It

The NewsRoomHot Damn! I love the Internet! There are so many places that are allowing people to make money from them that I am about to burst a testicle bubble. The NewsRoom is letting people publish their content on your site/blog and you can earn from it. There are endless possibilities going on with this one, but let me point out some things to you.

Here’s the direct quote from NewsRoom:

Here is how you get paid! Each time you mash video or video feeds to your site and it is played by your viewers, you’ll earn a guaranteed CPM (cost per thousand). Additionally, you will get paid each time you mash text or an image and it is rendered or drawn by your viewers. As a registered participant of TheNewsRoom, we track your success. Each time you login, be sure to click on myRevenue to chart your earnings!

See our CPM payout structure below.


CPM On Your Site

CPM On Referred Site

Video Feed



Video Story



Text Story






If you want to be paid when free, licensed news from TheNewsRoom is viewed on your site, simply register with your payment information — and start mashing!

Now here is the cool thing. If you publish content and someone comes by and republishes it on their site, you still get paid for the views. Oh yes people, you get paid. Think of it as viral video marketing with a few twists. With the proper headline and news coming to you, you could have a Digg crashing video on your site. If you have never had a front page story on Digg, I assure you that it causes major happiness in your pants. Well, when your site goes down your not very happy, but other than that, it’s like the coolest and safest high you can get. I only say that because every now and then I get a little excited about traffic numbers.

Ok now one thing I see is that your putting a text player on your site. I do not think that this will count as actual text or updated content. Matter of fact since it plays in a player, I am sure of it. Which is ok, because you want a little dip doodle to go with your shiny new video. The upside is that since it does not serve as fresh content on your blog then you cannot be hit with any retarded duplicate content myths penalties.

Here’s another warm and fuzzy quote:

TheNewsRoom has a huge collection of video, text, and photos from over 175 news sources. Find in-depth news, embed it to your site, and get paid!

Alright you got the link and it’s not some dumbass affiliate link either. That goes straight to the signup page. Also, this can work with pages that already have contextual advertising and all of that nonsense. It is meant to be posted and there with a little writing serve as text. This probably will not change your life overnight, but it does give you another revenue source to use and if you have a high traffic blog or you hit on a good topic, then it will definitely start to add up.

I was going to put some news on the new chimpanzee cloning process on this blog.

Think it will fly?


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6 Responses

September 1, 2007
Nick Flame

Yeah, mate, i knew from some time about this.. now after you have blogged about it publicly i expect the competition to increase, but no problem, competition makes us stronger.
In the beginning you could make a killer with it by using autosurf traffic, i did that and they had no idea, i got paid on time, bu it seems that recently they have started to became smarter.
Anyway nice to read your blog daily.

September 1, 2007

Wow, this is great.
I’ve added it to my blog too (with your credit) of course. :)

September 2, 2007

very nice Ruck. Im putting this on one my new landing pages im making today. i think this will add very nicely to my little dip doodle… lol

good stuff man

October 7, 2007

Nice post friend. I have added this past 3 days and earning over $10 daily :)

Thenewsroom is great website to earn money :)

November 30, 2008

Great if you’ve got a lot of raw traffic interested in vids and news

November 30, 2008

Im going to add this on my landing page as well!

This is why i like the internet always a chance to make cash.