Saturday, September 1st, 2007

Fall Is Coming – Do You Work Harder Now?

I apologize but this post will probably not help you make money in any way. (LOL) If you do happen to sit down and read the whole thing, then email me and I will send you a shiny new quarter. Well, it may not be new, but if you can sit thru the boring shit I am about to write, then you at least deserve A SHINY QUARTER.

Alright anyway, I am now entering my third fall online. Taking a look back to the first year I came online and started working, I have to say that my life has changed tremendously. I have survived a divorce and a new child birth and I am currently expecting a third child and another shot at marriage with my fiance. Sounds confusing right? It’s actually quite simple. Do not ever work yourself so much that you forget you have a family. I have a stronger desire to work than some probably and it has truly almost cost me my family.

Everything is cool now, but back then with the divorce, then getting back together, then expecting another child, holding down all 3 jobs and trying to make something happen online was just to much. It damn near cost me everything including my health.

Ok enough of the flashback before we all get emotional. Fall is coming and here in Kansas it gets pretty damn cold. I am not much into cold weather. I used to roof houses and pour concrete as a part time job and I can tell you that I can take a 110 degree day a whole lot better than I can take a measly 40 degrees. I am not kidding. I got a left hand and a right elbow that aches every-time it drops below 40 degrees.

With the cooler weather I find that I stay in more and I get a whole lot more done. The days get shorter so the boys tend to go to bed a little earlier and if I can escape the clutches of the MS. I find that I get another 3-4 hours of work every night tacked on. All my success has come from fall-winter. Since the launch of both memberships sites in early spring it really has been a laid back summer. I was able to get back into the Adwords game and I launched a couple of content sites along with 5 new video sites. Nothing big but I was able to tack on some more residual income.

Last year at this time I was attacking MySpace with everything I had. I do not know why I spent so much time over there, I guess I just could not let go of those automated $1,000+ days. Those days are over now and ever sinceĀ I have really been shifting my focus on more long term projects.

I really do not know what made this come about. I always loved the quick buck and it seems so weird that I was actually good at it. It’s going to be scary come tax time when I look back and see how much money came from sites such as Craigslist, Yahoo Answers, Google Groups and tons of others like this. I imagine that most people would give me a big kick in the ballzonies for the way I handled those sites. Ahh well, we live and learn right?

Knowing that those sites are heavily under the gun from other Marketers I have once again turned to mostly my whitehat skills. I find this extremely boring but with the recent turns in Web 2.0 I have found that traffic building is so much easier than it used to be. Hopefully it will stay this way, as I have a lot of plans lined up before the end of the year.

Anyway, the yodeling is over. How about you? Do you seem to work more as the summer ends?

Tell Me,


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September 1, 2007

I read the whole thing, where is my quarter? I take check or paypal!

September 1, 2007
Chris Hunter


What membership sites are you running?

Also, when you say that you made 5 video sites, what is that exactly? Are they sites like YouTube? Could you describe that a bit more?

Thanks, dude!

September 1, 2007

With the cold winters where I live, I’ll definitely be spending more time online. But it also means more money, so it balances out.

September 1, 2007

LOL…I’ll be sure to get that over Ray.


I run 2 Survey membership sites. 1 from Paydotcom and the other from Clickbank.

When I say video sites, I mean like niche video sites. Here’s a new one I did last night.

September 2, 2007
Chris Hunter

Thanks for the info, Ruck!

September 3, 2007

I tend to work more non stop. It is always hot here in Florida. However it is college football season and i am a sucker for FL Gator football, win or loose.

So it just comes down to motivation and laptops.

September 3, 2007


I know what you mean, I always got the tube going on games myself. Nice to see you back man, haven’t talked to ya in awhile :)

September 13, 2007
Gary V

I’ve been pluggin away on here for several years as well, and I’ve noticed that several niches really take off in the 4th quarter/beginning of 1st quarter. It motivates me to work much harder and faster. I feel like I’m in one of those carnival machines where the money is blowing all around you and you have to work fast to grab as much as you can.

November 30, 2008

Some niches work better in the fall, i always like the fall cause it just means me spending more time on the computer.