Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Is Marketing To Marketers Your Style?

 Some of my viral reports floating around such as the Yahoo Answers Report I have written are always ending up in people’s hands and then somehow they contact me and ask why I did not sell it. First, I happened to write up this report on a whim. I knew what a goldmine Yahoo Answers was and I knew that most people using it were either spamming it, or not getting results from doing it correctly. I put the report together in about an hour and shelled it out here, The Warrior Forum and the TechCrunch forum. Yea, I did give it out to the TechCrunch forum. Why you ask? Well, if you do a search for the reports title in Google you will see why I used the Techcrunch forum. Just a tip for ya :)

Seriously though I have no clue why I spend so much time in Internet Marketing Forums. Maybe it’s because I have a nice passive income that allows me a lot more free time than most. Maybe it’s because I am actually a rarity and really enjoy the company of other marketers. It could be because I like to go there knowing that there is mountains of knowledge there for the taking to help further my online business.

In all actuality all 3 of those are true. I go to these forums to learn, interact and because I have a lot of free time on my hands. I know that time can be applied elsewhere but if you remember (RJ members) back to April, I had a huge mental breakdown and it made me sick.

So here’s my little piece of the pie on marketing to marketers. Do not do it. I know it sounds weird, just hear me out. I really am not into the IM’ing fad. I vomit in my mouth regularly when I see those hyped up, shitty ebooks launching on Clickbank. I actually have a whitewall with a big red target on it, that includes some really well known Internet Marketers. Sometimes I would really like to put the skills to the test on some of them. All I ever see is the rehashed income shots from there last launch. The question that stirs the fire in my loins is “How good are these people at online marketing”?

Ahh well, everyone has there specialty. I really do not think I would be good at something like that. Don’t get me wrong though, I have JV’ed with many and hyped products but that’s only because I know they work. Let’s see how excited I got about the products that have worked.

Spacepromoter – Joe Tierney – Hardcore myspace tool that appealed to black-hats. I did like 3K in 10 minutes for a small list of people I consider my friends. Joe had sales of like 50K+ in less than a few days.

TrackbackGenerator – Joe Tierney – Hardcore trackbacking tool for blackhats. I did another $2500 with about 5 minutes with a small list of my friends. The program sold out in 2 hours 31 minutes and Joe did like 28K in that time-frame.

 My Secret Tactic – Ruck – A tactic I employed over the last year and put together a small Yahoo IM coaching session. The result was 10K in about 1 hour of coaching and 1 hour of putting together a PDF

I only go for things and recommend things that I have used personally. How people buy from others that have not even used it is beyond me. Is it because of the bonuses? Well shit, I can go to a torrent site or Rapid share and get the same shit for free.

The point I am trying to make is that I personally only JV with 1 guy. The guy is one of the best programmers in the world but also, he uses all these programs and knows they work. Furthermore, I would go so far to say that I would put him up against the best marketers online and see what I happens. Joe is one of the best in the business and his support is nonstop. This is because he is a people person.

I consider myself a people person as well. Those 3 times are the only times I have ever hyped anything up. The rest of the time I made money from other marketers is when I recommended something thru my writing. While I do not know how much I have made from all this, I assure you its more than most. Trying to appease the Internet Marketing crowd is something I never saw that looked like fun. It is so much easier to do when your showing them what your doing for free and giving them the option of purchasing a recommendation.

Anyway this day is screwed. Another day where I have not felt good. I forgot to take the meds when I woke up this morning and it all just went downhill from there. If this post does not make any sense, feel free to email me, and let the proverbial bashing begin.



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August 30, 2007

Just read your free Affiliate Marketing Domination 101. Very, very good! Head and shoulders above most paid stuff. Thanks for putting it out.

BTW, I notice you like reading Lost Ball in High Weeds. I do too. Honest guy and nice personality. But I was kind of amazed he only averages $30 per day. In your opinion, given the current rapidly changing state of things and the tremendous competition, can someone really make a full-time living (say, 5K per month) with a part-time effort. If so, on what would you focus?

August 31, 2007
Chris Hunter

“and let the proverbial bashing begin.”

Proverbial? Here comes the real deal, bro!

Smackdown time!

Nah, just get to feeling better, man. I hate feeling sick myself.

August 31, 2007
Nick Flame

Almost all the ebooks, reports and scripts widely sold on webmaster forums are just crappy information and won’t bring in any good $$$, but the key is to read all reports so that you find out what others know; after this you have to come up with something new.
Another thing that i like at this reports, is that you can take the promotion (bringing traffic) techniques from a report, and the monetizing techniques from another report and combine this into a new, innovative method that can bring you some good cash.

But for this, the gem with a programmer is extraordinary. I can not stress enough the importance to jv with a good programmer (jv is way better than hiring). I also work with a programmer, which fortunately is one of my best friends, and he created for me some black hat scripts unreleased on the market, and as far as they are working good for me (and at the moment they do) i am not planning to release them.
The issue with nowadays marketing forums is that there is a growing number of people there who do not know how to make money, but they give plenty of advice to all the others. This ain’t gonna help you, i agree that everyone needs to learn, but you should also have to know from whom to learn.
It is like trying to lose weight: many people who want to lose wight go and discuss with other persons which are in the same situation as them (fat, obese) instead of going to discuss with people who have already lost weight .
a.k.a many people try to find techniques about making money from people who really do not make money. This is why so many fail, in my opinion.