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How To Overcome Writers Block

I was cruising around Ezine Articles today and came across an interesting article. Most of the articles in there have recently just gone to hell. I mean honestly, the fact that everyone knows what a powerhouse Ezine is for article marketing has really just brought on an influx of 250-300 words of pure shit. I had to dig for about 10 minutes just to find this article, so I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. In case your wondering about this article, I will be honest with you right now. I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed with a splitting headache, I lost one of my article writers due to them going back to school, all 3 houses I own needs their lawns mowed, my kids have been fighting all day, and my fiance is pregnant which puts her not in the best of moods lately (first trimester). So, short and sweet, I am facing some writer’s block myself today but no worries. I got some really great stuff to share with you starting tomorrow :)

5 Steps To Overcoming Writers Block
By James R. Roche

There is a cure for writers block…and it’s probably not what you think. In fact, if you follow these five simple steps you can permanently end writers block forever. This five step technique is as old as paper and pen. (You can also use this technique to get un-stuck in any area of your life.)

When I’m working with my clients, there’s no time to get stuck writing and creating their e-books and workbooks. Maybe you can relate – you’re inbox is full, people are waiting for you to produce results and deadlines are looming over you. On top of all this pressure, you want to write that award winning best seller. There’s no time to waste staring at a blank screen WISHING you had ideas. You have to write this now, time is money! The longer you sit and stare at a blank page the farther away you get from your publisher’s deadline (and your paycheck!)

The Myth about Writers Block One of the greatest myths about writers block is that you have to wait for inspiration to hit you. Nonsense! The production of new ideas is as definite a process as getting up in the morning and preparing for work. The key to stopping writers block is to come up with new ideas and translate them onto the keyboard quickly and easily. And new ideas are created following a proven, time-tested formula.

How to Come Up with New Ideas Quickly Italian sociologist Vilfredo Pareto defined an idea as “nothing more or less than a new combination of old elements.” The secret to ending writers block is developing the skill to see relationships between old elements so that you can always have fresh ideas flowing in.

This skill is easy to develop because we do it all the time and may not even recognize it.

When you read a book you mix the words on the page with the thoughts in your head and viola! You’ve just created a new picture in your head. That’s a new idea. You took two unrelated things, words on a page and thoughts in your head, to create something completely new and unique – a picture in your mind’s eye.

All you need to do to end writers block is use these 5 easy steps consistently so they becomes a habit. Once you do these five steps a few times you’ll be amazed at how quickly inspiration will come to you.

1. Gather Raw Materials
Do your homework. Start by actively researching what you’re writing about. If you’re writing a novel, go out and gather materials about your characters. Visit places where they would hang out. If you’re writing a non-fiction book, ask your target market what their greatest challenges are.

You also want to study areas outside of your main topic or industry. Always enrich your general knowledge because as you write, you’ll have a greater pallet of colors to draw from. If you’re writing a book about gardening then visit museums. If you are writing a book about marketing then be sure to read the latest Harry Potter book.

2. Think Hard
After you’ve done your research spend time digesting all you’ve seen and learned. If you’re working on a novel, what are all the possible ways two characters can interact? Make up ridiculous scenarios and think hard about what could happen between them. If you’re writing non-fiction, look at your topic from all angles like you would a jigsaw puzzle.

As you’re thinking hard, little ideas will start to pop up. Write them down!

Keep processing in your head and keep taking notes until you’re exhausted. You’ll reach a hopeless stage where everything is jumbled in your mind. That’s good! You’re ready for the next step.

3. Stop Thinking!
Drop the issue as completely as possible from your mind. Let the problem work itself out in your subconscious. Literally, sleep on it.

4. Let the Idea Pop In
If you did the last three steps correctly, the forth step should happen automatically. A surprising thing will happen. Maybe you’ll be putting away groceries or washing your hair then all of a sudden, “POP!” A brilliant idea and a blaze of clarity will flash in your mind. Go write it down!

5. Put the Idea to Work
The trick to ending writers block is going through steps 1 – 4 on a regular basis. Be consistent in your research, push yourself and then take time off from writing so that your subconscious mind can process the information. Once you get the flash from a new idea write it all out – it’ll be easy because the idea will be crystal clear with all the elements falling into place.

The habit of producing new ideas can end writers block forever because you’re brain gets used to being inspired instead of being stuck. Start to use this 5 step technique today so you can produce more work in less time.

James Roche, “The Info Product Guy”, helps entrepreneurs create a marketing strategy and information products so they get more clients and generate passive revenue. He is the creator of the Info Marketing Action Plan (iMap) Program that shows you how to create a simple marketing plan for your business. To learn more about his simple, step-by-step programs and receive a free Special Report, go to: http://www.infoproductguy.com

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August 28, 2007
Chris Hunter


Talk to me about articles, man. I’m sure that I can help.

Dude, we just had our 3rd baby and I’m so glad the pregnancy is over! I feel for ya , man!

August 29, 2007

I struggle with this every day!
I start writng on a topic and then, Boom!!!,
I hit a brick wall.
I need to start walking around with a tablet I guess.

Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve next!


November 30, 2008

I always just walk away and start something else when i have writers block! Always worked for me!