Monday, August 27th, 2007

Take Your Old Articles Off The Shelf And Make Some Money

AcI was taking a look around this morning on all the blog posts I have floating around the net, not just here but on my niche blogs as well. I suddenly remembered a company called Associated Content who I used to write for when I first started out online. They are a very reputable company, and considering the amount of promotional articles I have had laying around for quite awhile, I decided to start submitting them and get something back. Boy are they in for a treat, as I have about 430 articles currently that I have geared up for submission.

Ghostwriting is where I first started making a consistent income online. Associated Content was by far the easiest company to get along with. Most companies have a flat rate of what they will pay you for articles, but at AC they give you an upfront bid on what they will pay. At least there you get options right?

Anyway, if you got articles just sitting around or some that you have submitted to directories, you can still submit them to AC and make a little back with them. I only decided to do it because lately I have been so caught up on things that I am actually getting bored. The pay is expected around $3-$40 per article. It will really just depend on what is in demand and what you want to write about. One thing is for sure, and that it is a surefire way to making some money if your just starting out or are bored like me.

Ac also allows audio and video submissions as well. I would suggest reading up on that before trying it though. Some of the other things that are covered are:

  • What type of content should you submit? Submit your unique and compelling video, text, audio and images on the topics of your choice.
  • Where is it published? Your content is included in the AC library, displayed on your profile page, and may even be distributed to partner sites.
  • How do you gain exposure? AC attracts millions of information seekers each month, and now they can discover your content, too!
  • And what’s this about earning cash? AC offers upfront payments for some content submissions as well as a monthly Performance Bonus payment for all of your original content.

Signup is really easy. you can join on the submit content tab on the homepage.

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4 Responses

August 28, 2007
Chris Hunter


Are you going to submit them as is or are you going to rewrite them at all?

Just curious.


August 28, 2007

Submit them as is. See that is the cool thing about AC, is that if your already article marketing and promoting your sites, you can submit them to directories but also submit them to AC as well.

When I first started I was writing articles for my sites and making the front end profits. It is not much but an extra $500 is easily achievable especially if your writing anyways.

This is how I was able to fund hosting, domains, and Paid Advertsining without it coming out of my pocket.

August 28, 2007

I really like Associated Content! I made $90 today alone just submitting original content.
I haven’t made much in performance bonuses though. I really need to figure out how to work on that.
I was thinking possibly I could use your niche marketing traffic plan on these.

November 30, 2008

Hmmm, i haven’t had any luck with this, about 30cents a day. Maybe im doing something wrong lol