Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Niche Marketing – Ultimate Traffic Plan – Laugh All The Way To Bank

DominationThis is going to be a really long post, and it is going to contain a lot of information. I am going to give you a surefire way to dominate small niche markets. The niche can really be anything you want, but I am a fan of specific sub niches of much broader ones. I can assure you though, that putting this traffic plan in motion, your almost guaranteed not to fail. I am going to assume that you can do your own keyword research. If your not up on it, please review the profitable keywords post. I am also going to assume that you can research niches on your own. With that said, I am going to hand over a surefire traffic plan that some lame-wad will probably steal and make a best selling ebook out of.

Without further babbling, here’s a traffic plan sure to make you happy in pants.

Step 1. Your site is all setup and your ready to receive traffic. The obvious thing to do is market and push traffic to it by submitting articles. There are many great places to submit to, but you only need to concentrate on a few things. First, your going to have to separate the articles you want to submit to Ezine Articles and then also set aside the articles you want to set aside for mass distribution. For mass distribution, I personally use Article Marketer as they will submit to over 800 sites and places on the net. Article Marketing is pretty basic, so I will assume you will know what to do.

Step 2.  Social Bookmarking is a huge way to get a fast influx of traffic. Personally I use Web2Submitter as it saves loads of time. I could go on and on about where to submit to but I won’t. You need an automated tool for this to save time or you can use the free and popular There is a strategy to this and I may regret giving this away but I am going to anyway.

First all the articles that you submit to Ezine Articles should have a great chance of getting first page results in Google on their own. When in doubt you will need 2 accounts for NetScape and Digg. You will be submitting all the articles that you mass submit as “stories” to these two sites. Do not submit the Ezine Article submissions, as I have other plans for those.

So recap so far:

  • Submit half articles for traffic building to Ezine Articles and other half to Article Marketer
  • Get an automated Social BookMarking tool such as Web2Submitter
  • Setup 2 accounts each at Digg and Netscape
  • All articles submitted to Article Marketer will be submitted as stories to both Netscape and Digg on one of our accounts.

I will not go into a long discussion about high pagerank and authority interlinking and all of that jive. All of you that know me, will understand that I would never waste your time and as said before, this will probably be someone else’s freaking best selling ebook because of the power it harnesses. Your just going to have to trust me :)

Alright now that we have that out of the way, we are going to concentrate on our Ezine Articles. There are automated softwares that can build massive backlinks to your articles, but for the purpose that I want you to do this “legitly” I am not going to give you any of that. I am providing you the most “aggressive” whitehat means of filling your site with traffic during its initial growth period.

With Ezine Articles we are going to setup an interlinking farm of “middle man” sites that link to our article. Yet again, we are going to do this in a manner that we are linking to the article from other high pagerank sites. The first part is to setup a properly optimized ad USFreeAds. I am assuming you know who they are and you know how to post a classified ad there. You will want to link to your article from Usfreeads as well.

Next we head to Squidoo where we will setup a Squidoo lense. Here we will properly optimize a lense for some keywords in our niche and link to our ad on Usfreeads and to our articles on Ezine Articles. I cannot stress enough how important it is when creating a lense to make the text human friendly. Your going to be making a lense in your niche and giving people “anchor text” links to your articles. Using proper anchor text on Squidoo and Usfreeads is a must. All the articles you submitted to Ezine Articles that have the keywords you optimized for must be the keywords you use to link from Usfreeads and Squidoo.

Now we head over to Hubpagesand setup our page. Hubpages is just another medium where you can publish information to the web. We use them though because of the link juice and love Google shows them. Again we are going to link to our Usfreeads, our Squidoo lense and our articles from hubpages. Make your page flow naturally to humans and use anchor text to link out.

Now that all 3 “middle man” sites are setup, it is time to scan them and edit them. We want all of them linking to our articles on Ezine articles but we also want to interlink them as well. So a simple scenario would be our ad on Usfreeads links to our Ezine articles, our lense, and our hubpage. Our Squidoo lense links to our articles, our ad and our hubpage. Then it is the same thing from hubpages.

I want you to notice that we are not selling here. This is not our purpose. I strongly urge you to setup little sites around your niches. I personally use WordPress for all my sites because Google seems to favor them in the Search Engine and they have hundreds of plugins you can use to make your site go viral, build traffic within itself and on its own, and a lot of SEO plugins if your not familiar with onpage SEO optimization.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is basically just our high pagerank linking strategy. We have great chances of our Usfree ad, our squidoo lense and our hubpage making 1st page of Google for its keywords. On top of that, we have Ezine Articles to count on to pull in another first page listing. To make the pot sweeter, we will have first pages results from Netscape and Digg from our mass submission articles, and then we have all those articles floating the web from 800 places that could be republished and put onto other websites for an awesome backlinking campaign.

You see the smart way to build website traffic is to do it from the start. Most people try to build traffic all thru their days of having the site. With these methods dominating the search results you can build one heck of a subscriber list in a short amount of time.

Oh, but we are not done yet.

Now that we see that we have the search engines dominated let us shift our focus on bringing residual traffic from years to come. Eventually if you do not keep up with everything in the Search Engines you are liable to be overrun with competitors. That is sometimes fine though, as you have already built thru your initial growth period and should have a built a list of subscribers.

Let’s go viral now.

I cannot stress the importance of viral reports. You already have the content probably to write 3-5 reports that you can give away for free. Now in these reports you could include a few affiliate links if you want to. The purpose of the SEO was to build traffic, but the purpose of the viral reports is to build residual traffic and profits at the same time. just take all of the articles you wrote and break them up into mini reports. Always at the end of the book, recommend people to your site to get a complete dose of the niche information given.

You can submit your viral reports anywhere on the net. I personally would submit them to the Warrior Forum, and use filesharing as a ways to get a lot of people visiting. You can use P2P networks such as LimeWire and Kazaa. All you need to do is setup a folder on your desktop with all of your reports in it. I suggest converting them to PDF though, as this seems more professional. Make the title of the folder include keywords from your niche and for what people are searching for. When they run across these, they will download and read them. You can get a ton of word of mouth referrals, and they will also share these with their friends. It is called viral for a reason because, once it stops there is no stopping it. You could even go another step further (and I suggest you do) and upload your reports to torrent sites. You can use sites such as PirateBay and Mininova and literally get hundreds of visitors each day. These are the two largest torrent sites on the net, and really the only two places you need to upload. There are hundreds of other torrents sites that serve as torrent search engines and they all scrape these two sites. So basically just by uploading to the two sites, you could potentially have your reports available for download on hundreds of torrent sites.

We have a new site, lets submit a Press Release

Wow, we already have hordes of traffic coming in from our viral reports and we have automated traffic from the Search Engines coming, so what’s next? Well, I always love to submit a Press Release to PRWeb. As a general rule of thumb, you need to make the release and announcement of your new site “news worthy”. Here are some tips to help you do it:

  1. Optimize your headline for starters. Make it appealing and something you think people will click on to read.

  2. You have to give a basic look into why your site is unique and stands out

  3. Use a picture in your press release as well.

  4. Make sure to include anchor text within the release link to where you want people to go. VERY IMPORTANT.

  5. Include all your contact details and act like a professional

  6. Social Bookmark the Press Release. I cannot stress this enough.

Letting the world know via press release is a great way to gain national exposure. There are free listings and paid listings. I always paid $40 and could not be any happier. You can look up “ways to write a press release” if your unfamiliar with this type of method and website promotion.

Look for niche specific questions and answers

This is truly a goldmine opportunity to get high quality, niche specific visitors. Just go over to Yahoo Answers and type in some keywords for your niche. Answer as many as your allowed (See their guidelines, new accounts is 20 answers daily), and provide a link to your site in the source box. There are literally hundreds of questions being asked everyday over there, and you will be providing information from your site to help them. You can take it even further, and display a link to all your free viral reports as well.

You can also join forums in your niche as well. Just go to Google and type in–> niche keyword “forums”. This will return you a nice list of forums you can join. Hopefully your up to date on forum marketing. I would read their guidelines and join every forum that allows you to have a Signature link. In your signature have a link to your website, and if your crafty, you could have your free reports for download link as well. Participate and help, and it will come back to you 10 fold.

This is just an overview of how to completely obliterate your new website’s initial traffic growth period. There are tons of other things you can do as well, but I have just given you my personal surefire way of getting a lot of traffic right out of the gate.

Dominating Google with the methods outlined is a great way for automated search traffic but, you must follow what I said to a “T”. Anything else and I do not know what your results would be like. I can tell you from past experience, that using the method as suggested has dominated the first page results before. It is not uncommon for me to take one article and have first page listing with an article on Ezine Articles, a Squidoo Lense, a UsFreeAd, a Netscape submitted story and a story on Digg. Getting half of the search results on the first page of Google for your chosen keywords by funneling searchers thru “middle man” sites is the fastest way to get a lot of traffic fast from the search engines. You could spend literally weeks on a keyword from your site to get ranked, and still have to worry about the Google Sandbox, and it would never happen. With the suggested SEO methods, its not a question of “will it happen”, because I assure you it is going to, provided that you do not target keywords with heavy competition.

Hope you enjoyed this,


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August 26, 2007

Holy Cow!
This is exactly what I needed!
I have never linked to my articles like this.
I have always bookmarked them but I never new about linking to them.
This is huge information!
No wonder I could not make any money in niche marketing. :-(
I was doing it all wrong!

August 27, 2007

This may be a dumb question, but where do I find the urls for the articles on Article Marketers?
I have tried to find them and can’t find where the Urls are displayed.

August 27, 2007

I don’t know what you mean by “urls”? Do you mean how to find your submissions? If so its in your author interface. Just click on exposure and reports for each engine.

August 30, 2007

Let me see if I can clarify this better.
All the Article Marketer articles are to be submitted to Netscape and digg. Correct?
Well in order to submit this articles you need to have a article url to sumit.
I use BMD also and it requires an article url for submission.
Do I just find my article on any website and use that url for submission?

Also the filesharing is probably way over my head. Have no clue what that is and torrents still confuse me so I think I should leave that alone for now. Don’t you?
Or is it something easy to learn to do?

August 30, 2007

Oh yeah! I have completed the steps for ezine articles.
Anxious to see what happens with that!

August 30, 2007

Hey Denise,

For submissions to Digg and Netscape on using article marketer I would pick high ranking sites out of your article marketer submissions.

Sites like GoArticles and Search Warp. I am working frantically on my new forum, but I am going to layout a serious of videos that does what I am saying step by step.

August 30, 2007

That would be GREAT!
I really like this plan you have mapped out here.
My Ezine Article page views and url clicks are climbing rapidly.

August 30, 2007
Chris Hunter


You use GoArticles and SearchWarp? What about EA?

What article sites do you recommend?


August 30, 2007

Yea, I use them all. Article Marketer is a submission service that submits automatically to GoArticles and Searchwarp.

Whenever I submit an article to Ezine, I never submit it anywhere else. There is enough juice there that I don’t want that article all over the place right off the bat.

When I massively submit, that’s a different story. Each has a strategy that I am outlining in my upcoming report.

August 30, 2007
Chris Hunter

“When I massively submit, that’s a different story. Each has a strategy that I am outlining in my upcoming report.”

Awesome!! Can’t wait for it!

Thanks, man!

October 26, 2007

What products/affilate products would you recommend to a person who is just starting out, and why?

Many thanks.

February 2, 2008


Even though i am reading this article 8 months down the line – its worth its wt. in gold!

Thanks !!!

May 10, 2008

This seems to be a lot like what Peter Drew is doing. Have you looked at his stuff Ruck?

I’m glad I stumbled upon your archives, this post will help me a lot.