Friday, August 24th, 2007

Viral Marketing Mistakes That Come Back To Bite You

OopsWhen it comes to making your information viral, you need to absolutely know what is going on. I cannot stress how important it is to monitor your information your going to present. If your passing on information with the monetization purpose of gaining on the back-end (links within your information), then here are a few things, you need to keep in mind.

First off, I am guilty of this myself. It was not until the other day that I was reading the “Social Media Daily” by a WELL-KNOWN Internet Marketer that I realized…or actually remembered, that I had just created one of the greatest mistakes you can do with viral information. Once your information hits the net and you start sharing it, there is no turning back. Once your information takes off, if you have not “perfected” the links inside the book, or anything else you wanted in place, it is just too late.

Here’s the mistake:

While reading the Social Media Daily which is a free report meant to go viral, I saw the two biggest mistakes you could make in a viral report. First off, I saw that that all the software’s recommended in the report were all links from the same domain. I cannot stress the importance of you not doing that. Right off the bat, your readers are going to see when they hover over your link in the PDF report, that all the things you recommend are pointing to folders or sub-domains from the same site. While you might think your in the clear because you have your affiliate link redirecting, I can assure you that your not. If you have all the affiliate links situated on one domain, your screwed, plain and simple. You need a domain for each, or else people get the idea your links are for profit, and that is a money killer for you.

Second mistake

Another mistake that jumped up and slapped me in the face, because I am guilty in the past of this as well, was that the software’s recommended had the specific names of the software in the report. What is to stop the reader from finishing your information when they have an “impulse” that they need that recommendation right now? They have already seen that your recommending it thru the same domain as all the other links in the ebook, and now you have just given them the specific name to the software. This is a huge mistake that you should avoid.

In the word’s of John Reese “You should do a little blind marketing”. Instead of saying check out this “RSS Submitter”, you could say something like “this 200 directory RSS submission tool” and have this as your hyperlink instead. If your using just a domain and redirecting to the affiliate link, you stand a much better chance of surviving without an affiliate link hijacking.

These are just little mistakes, but they carry such heavy consequences, especially when your trying to market to other marketers. I was in shock when reading the report initially and saw this. A little chuckle and then more of an “ahh crap, I did the exact same thing”. Funny how I had to read someone else’s report just to find my own mistakes. Let this be a lesson to you though when writing your next viral report.

Promising to never make this mistake again,


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August 24, 2007

yea man, I was actualy crafty enough to think about that when I released some free reports and guides.

Instead of giving the name away i give a broad explanation of its benifits, and follow up with a “mystery” hyperlink.

Its always a big killer becaus eif the user realizes you gave him/her somthing free, just to make money off them somewhere else. you loose all credability and most chances of any commission as well.

As always nice post,


November 30, 2007

I am at fault with this, I should have read your post before hand. Thanks for this great article, hopefully I can repair the manage…

November 30, 2008

When trying to set something viral its important to make it professional. It will set your image for a long time if all goes well!