Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Make Money With 43 Things – A Guide For Successful Marketing On 43 Things

43 ThingsIt was not too long ago when I first started noticing certain terms in the Google Search Engine that were highly competitive were all containing front page results from the site Terms such as “make money” and  “start my own business” are just a couple. By surfing to their homepage and analyzing the tags being used by members, you can easily take those keyword phrases and plug them into your keyword research tool to find the amount of searches being made. You can also use them to analyze the amount of competition in Google.

It was not to long after I started noticing this, that I found out I was not the only one seeing it as well. A Warrior forum member posted a WSO (warrior special offer) and it brought a lot of marketers into the power that 43 Things can harness in the Search Engines. When the infiltration of marketers made their way to 43 things, they were quick to find out that it was not at all what they thought it to be. Do you know why? It’s because 43 things does INDEED harness great power in the Google Search Engine and marketers could not be open minded enough to look past the dollar signs and put a little
effort into it. Now, I hate seeing someone struggle, but watching the marketers attempt to “market” ( or as I like to call it…lazy ass spamming) I sat back every day and laughed. Let me enlighten on you on how to market effectively on 43 Things.

First – Your going to have to realize it is almost like a Yahoo Answers type of site. Not all the same, but pretty close. People go and participate on 43 Things because they either have “done” something or they want to. It is as simple as that. Some people could want to learn guitar, learn a new language or just meet new people. All 3 of those niches are highly lucrative and the amount of Search Traffic thrown into the mix, makes catering to this niche with a high search result almost a no brainer. It is not all bread and butter though, so listen up.

43 Things are quick to ban your account if you are seen as a marketer. I do not know if it is the community involvement or mods of some sort, but rest assured if you go throwing out links, you will be making a quick exit. Your going to have to setup profiles and participate. Now this may seem thoughtful and boring but so does concentrating your efforts to get listed in Google for the term “make money”. Why spend years when you can have a link up in just a few minutes? It will require effort, so if your the lazy type, please leave. Having around 10 profiles and making a post or two a week on things you want to do is not all that hard.  At approximately 20-30 posts a week in non marketable tags, you can join in on the community involvement. I hope you take this suggestion highly, actually you will have to, you really do not have a choice.

There are really 4 ways of interaction:

  1. Things– These are the things you want to do or have done. If you have done them, than an insightful post on providing more information will bring you great exposure. You can also tell people that you are linking to the source, but I suggest NEVER using a clickable link (http protocol) on 43 Things. It seems every post with a clickable link gets deleted, if you do not put a ton of effort into responding. If your unsure your post will make an impact, don’t use a clickable link.
  2. Cheers – A little weird if you ask me, but none the less a great way to get exposure to your profile. You can give and receive cheers. I really do not do it, so check it out, it might be something I totally overlooked, but I doubt it.
  3. Photos – The more the better in my opinion. The more photos you have, the more effort it looks that you put into it.
  4. Entries – Just a general way of people seeing what you participated in recently.

There really is no tricks. All you need to do is check out some of the tags and find an affiliate program for. You need to make sure that a 43 Things Seach Result is listed on the front page of Google. Compeition does not matter because 43 things serves as a middle man site for traffic generation and sales.

Things you have done.

This is where your “expertise” posts will come in. These are going to have to be well thought out responses if you wish to not get banned and get your site visited. I personally have only been linking to affiliate products. If your posting a well thought response your going to get visitors to the salespage. Picking a great salespage is going to make or break you here. That part will be up to you. It all comes down to your response though. If you do not put any effort into it, then I would not expect much from it. You need to keep in mind that the things that are being posted are highly targeted to the 43 things community and you will get people to your site or program just from there. Add in that the result will be on the first page of Google and granted, it gets searched, this is a really easy way to promote in a lot of niches.

Things you want to do.

Honestly, I am going to tell you to NOT promote in that section. This section should be your “communication” and “involvement” section to the community. Here you can be a little bit more discreet, and just participate in short responses. You can actually respond shortly with anything, if your not promoting, but I have found that when you have done something and report accordingly, this is where the money is.

So in a nutshell

  • Find tags that have 1st page results in Googles Search Engine
  • Find a product to promote
  • Respond to things you have done with well thought out and informative responses
  • Provide a NON-Clickable link to the source (can’t stress this enough)
  • Participate on all your accounts in the community

Rinse and repeat across multiple niches and you will have 43 Things serving as a middle man traffic site relaying your insightful posts and links to affiliate products. There is probably more, but this is the exact way I use it, so I do not want to speculate and lead someone to do something that does not work.

Give it a go,


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August 24, 2007

Very nice post, and probably applicable to many social sites and even most marketing methods out there. I have nothing aginst spamming the right thing at the right time, but most so-called marketers just want to slam the bejeebers out of everything with no thought behind it all! This sounds like a profitible approach. Thanks!

November 30, 2008

Seems just like Yahoo! Answers to me ha ha!

November 30, 2008

This is definitely something I should check out. Thank you for mentioning this. How long have you known about them?

November 30, 2008

Hey, It’s cool. I have downloaded it. Read later

November 30, 2008

I should check it out. Between nice signature!