Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Inside The Psyche Of A Successful Niche Marketer

Inside The PsycheNiche Marketers all over are always wanting to know what it takes to become the “Big Gun” within their respective niches. What exactly does it take to become a success, repeat it many times over and ultimately become the #1 authoritative figure that people will turn to within the niche?

While I do not claim to be an expert on the characteristics and techniques of specific Niche Marketing, I do however have my foot in the door, without much competition in a variety of niches. Allow me to share some points, tactics and strategy I develop and use when I decide it is time to get “seriously” involved with a niche.

1. Keyword research is going to have go a long way. Analyzing searches to results to optimized competition is an absolute must if you want to compete in the Search Engines. Researching your keywords will also lead you right to your competition in the engines. This will give you a huge advantage. If you already know how much competition your facing, and you also know that with your strategies your going to be able to rank against these sites, then you have just put yourself into a huge “leveraging” situation. Whether these other sites want to link with you or not, really does not matter to you, but you could let them know that it is in their “best interest” to do so. While you may not know their SEO skills, you do know yours. Confidence can turn your competitors into your partners or even friends.

2. Your going to have to come to the realization that you NEED to know your target market inside and out. Your going to have to know their needs and wants faster than your competitors. This also gives you an added advantage, as you will be the first to present a product that could provide solutions to the problems associated in the niche.

3. Your content and questions you answer are going to have to be better than the rest. Recycled crap that has been said elsewhere simply will not do. When you write content that appeals to people, they will naturally link to it. You could consider this as your off page SEO optimization “running on autopilot”. Incoming links from doing nothing except what you are supposed to do (focusing on content)  is going to save you time, money and energy.

4. Yes, you absolutely will have to help the people you are trying to sell to. Do not let the lure of money glaze the fact that you entered this niche, fully knowing that you had the skills to provide the right answers to the problems being presented. If you are leading your customers astray on something that does not “fit the bill” or is being promoted “unjustly” just to earn a little extra cash, then people are going to see right thru you.

While there are many factors in becoming a successful niche marketer, these are some basic ones that will need to be applied to before even thinking of entering a market. If you enter a market with the sole purpose of making money, and do not even care about what you are trying to accomplish for other people, you could be in for a real rough return on investment.



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August 22, 2007

So true, so true…

What I’ve learned about niche marketing is that you must immerse yourself somewhat in that particular niche to be able to truly connect with your audience (potential customers).

The easiest way to do it is through niche specific forums. Learn the acronyms they use, (not just lol) learn about what makes them happy, mad or sad, learn what they like to buy, etc.

Ruck…so glad I found your blog man!! Please do some more vlogging…you have me rollin’ every time!


August 22, 2007

Awesome… That’s what I did this past week. Added more good content on my site, made it high quality, and also added a blog and forum. I agree with the sentiment behind it (helping people, knowing your niche, and providing quality). Hopefully it works!

p.s. You should turn off the “add email” thing on the comments.. annoying :(

August 22, 2007


Sorry about the add email thing but it is pretty much a requirement to help me combat spam:(

August 22, 2007

I totally agree that researching your market is probably the #1 key in becoming successful in any niche.
Research, research, research is one area that many niche marketers drop the ball on. I know I am guilty of slacking off in this area. A hot new product comes out and I am right on it to promote it without researching it. My Bad!
Through your great information here on Cash Tactics, I am totally attacking my marketing with a different perspective.
Cash Tactics has become part of my daily read.

August 23, 2007

Dude, you’re on fire here with this blog. You’re writing some good stuff. It’s kind of interesting to read the “reformed” Ruck. :) 6 months ago I don’t think I would have expected you to give up details of keyword research and niche marketing. More like, how to blaze a hole through MySpace with survey spamming. :)

Seriously. It’s helpful and good writing. The thing about niche marketing for me is being interested in the niche to do any good. Most of my niche marketing efforts have been half-hearted cause I don’t care about what I am trying to pimp. But it’s tough not to sling stuff into the market because you know the potential is there (and you have a stack of PLR that can be used).

For me it comes back to building the elusive “authority site”. I’d like one or two sites that I can really concentrate on, build big and make people want to visit. I think it starts with the niche and just gets bigger. But the catch is that you have to be interested in it. The niche needs to be profitable. etc. So then you’re back to slinging numerous niche sites to see what sticks But you can’t sling too many because, well, how many interests can one really have?

August 23, 2007

Thanks for the kinds word Splork. I truly appreciate them. Yea, I have decided to give something back here by writing.

But of course….

Some of the best blackhats can whitehat thier tails off:)

November 30, 2008

I think its very crucial to know your niche. If you don’t, how can you comment about it or make it profitable for you. It’s important to know what you are going to hit before you try and hit it.