Monday, August 20th, 2007

MegaVideo And Adbrite – Video Marketing Potential?

MegaVideoI caught a post over on Maki’s blog DoshDosh the other day about a company called MegaVideo breaking into the online video marketing spotlight. It seems that Megavideo’s business model revolves around the use of Adbrite ads in their videos. It seems that MegaVideo is in direct competition and using a marketing strategy to deploy current Youtube users away from there. It has been speculated that they are also targeting other video sharing site users as well. The major flaw I see so far, is that after discovering the DoshDosh post, I went and spent time on MegaVideo, and sure enough, I saw a ton of Youtube scraped videos. Maki had hinted at this being a potential flaw on MegaVideo, and I assure he is 100% correct. The allure of making a few bucks by scraping videos and re-uploading them is embedded heavily in the minds of video marketers. Even a 14 year old kid can scrape videos and re-upload them as their very own.

MegaVideo has had made it very easy for video marketers to join and actually very hard to turn down. According to their AdbriteRewards’ Program your allowed to display Adbrite Ads within your videos and your entitled to keep 100% of the revenue your videos bring in. Now making money with Adbrite Ads is just one way you can earn money with them. You can also earn certain amounts within the guidelines of whatever they have set forth in their Rewards Program.

One thing that was a little weird was the MegaVideo requires you to pay a fee. There is a Premium Membership plan you must join in order to be eligible for the Rewards Program. Of course, they have to get theirs right? The Membership is around $10 a month. You might have a really close look at that before you decide to jump in. If your the type that can come up with videos really quickly, then I imagine making a profit will come easy for you. Still a paid membership seems a little hazy to me. It looks like one big advertising fest to me. I mean c’mon, you have to pay them to upload your videos and in turn make your money back with a Publisher’s account that is tied in with MegaVideo. I know it looks confusing, but it really comes down to everyone wanting to make money.

I was first turned off by the paid subscription model. It just did not seem right. After taking a closer look at the Rewards Page, I could see that their is actual money to be made in this business model. Now, I say there is money to be made, but it will definitely warrant further exploring in how the ads are displayed, and what types of ads are displayed.

rewards info

There are many factors to consider before I personally jump into this. I can tell you that coming up with a few hundred videos and editing them to make them unique is not a problem for me. I said unique, I did not say they were mine. Of course after exploring the site this afternoon I can tell you that at least 60% of the videos I saw were not the work of the person uploading them. I actually saw the exact things I planned on doing with the site. Downloading current videos, making my own edits for traffic driving purposes and re-uploading.

Whether you like it or not, the idea behind these sites are so simple. I could basically take one video and slice 25 different edits into it and make it unique. Eventually, as more video marketers and people catch on, on how easy it is to exploit this, these types of video sites are not going to be so enjoyable anymore.

Here’s To All The Other Video Editing Guru’s,


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2 Responses

November 30, 2008

Another tactics from MegaVideo to propel their site using unachievable goals for video makers. Most of the videos there are junk anyways

December 26, 2008

The content on megavideo is actually now quite good which cannot be found on other networks. Also, their new player is quite amazing as well. The only flaw is that they restrict how many minutes you can watch a video which just sucks!