Saturday, August 18th, 2007

Do Not Be An Unsuccessful Affiliate Marketer

Cry About ItWhen 99% of Online Marketers are selling other people’s products, and 95% of them are only earning peanuts, it is very apparent that Affiliate Marketing is not as easy as it seems.

Affiliate Marketing IS a VERY lucrative business, but if you do not do it right, What can you possibly expect? Now, not doing it right and not knowing HOW to do it are two completely different things. Some affiliates prefer the lazy route, and that most likely will entail a long and stressful, (most likely) unprofitable career.

Allow me (if you will) to share with you a few things that makes affiliates unsuccessful marketing other people’s products. I am not going to go into blackhat techniques here, I am going to speak solely on sound and fundamental things you need to do to avoid an unsuccessful affiliate marketing venue.

 Do Not Recommend Bad Products

The very first thing to do starting out the gates is picking the right product. I know, easier said than done right? It is very easy to find out what is selling. Go into your networks and look at at what has been selling. If your unsure, then get with your affiliate manager. They are there to help you succeed, so you should be taking advantage of that. Picking a quality product is of the most important things you need to do. If you recommend crap, then your buyers are going to remember that for a very long time. Do not get desperate, and tell yourself “I will promote this, just one time”. All it takes to lose your buyers is one bad recommendation.

Knowing the ins and outs of the product your recommending is equally important. Mostly, I will buy the product so that I know 100% and feel comfortable recommending it. This will also help in questions from buyers down the road. These are questions that you need to answer as well. Even though you may feel it is not your job, it is vitally important to keep a close relationship with your buyers.

The Art Of Preselling

Knowing what to promote is your first step towards a potential lucrative affiliate career, but knowing HOW to promote the products is right behind it. The days of slapping your affiliate link all over the place are coming to end. The affiliate marketing arena is undergoing massive changes, whether you accept it or not. Affiliates are using the power of Social Media Presence, Video and Strategy to promote. If your lazy, you fail.

When your preselling a product, your ultimate goal is having the consumer ready to buy as soon as they hit the product page.  When they first hit your presell page, they are looking for further information or review. This is not a selling tactic, that is what the merchant’s page is for. Your promotional technique should transform the consumer from wanting “more information” into “a buying state of mind”.

Most affiliates are trying to sell. Unfortunately that is a huge flaw inside their marketing presence. Successful affiliates presell their consumers to the point of the buyer “needing” or “wanting” the product so bad that they are ready to purchase it when they click the link to the product. Stop trying to sell, that is not an affiliates job, preselling and having the buyer to commit before the product page is your #1 goal.

Who Are You?

This is one of the most dumbest things you could ever do. How many times have you seen a landing page or presell page with the author “being someone else”. I always love those pages where it starts “From the desk of…”. This is so flawed, that is utterly ridiculous. Why on earth would someone buy from another they know nothing about is beyond me. It could be a fundamental flaw in a consumer, but those days are ending as well.

Consumers by the millions are becoming increasingly aware of the danger of sharing banking and credit card information online. You need to be personable and instill trust in your buyers. A guarantee on your presell is a great way to do that, or even a seal of approval.

Here is a really good example. When you go to all those big wig marketers, are they pretending to be someone else? No, they simply are not. They endorse everything they do with their true identity. The first thing I look for on a product recommendation is to see if the person recommending has the courage to bring their true self. If they do not, then I sense urgency, desperation, and definitely a horrible product recommendation. If you cannot be yourself when your selling something, then what sense does it make yourself and alter ego?

Got To Have Protection

I am only putting this in here if your dealing with other marketers or people who are “web savvy”. The amount of commission theft these days is outstanding. You need to take the time to cloak or redirect your links so that you can protect yourself from commission theft. Yes, I know it is a horrible thing, and I actually laugh at this. People who actually take the time to read a personable, down to earth, and right on the money review, then go and buy on their own affiliate ID’s actually make me sick. I try to take note on as many people as I can, that do this. It shows me a sign of desperation in that they want to try and save a few bucks.

It is amazing to think the amount of commission theft that happens these days. This is one of the major reasons I try not to sell to other marketers, or I sell to them with certain tactics that ensures they cannot “steal” from me. Protecting yourself and your hard-work is of the utmost importance, so keep that in mind.



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4 Responses

August 19, 2007

I am a little confused on this one.
Here you are saying to use your real name to do affiliate marketing but when writing articles you use an a pen name.
Is article marketing part of the whole for affiliate marketing?

August 19, 2007

Yea Denise,

For having reviews, websites/blogs and being in the Social Media I suggest being yourself.

As for bulk or mass article writing promoting affiliate programs/products, all it would take is a search to see one being involved in all of their niches.

A pen name does not mean your being someone else. It used to show the submission author named as someone else. That way if someone did a search on your name and found your articles, they would have to know all your pen names to trace all your niches.

This is very important when submitting massive amounts of content on the web. You do not want to appear as if your a know it all. Especially, if you have writers putting out content for you.

November 30, 2008

I think on of the biggest problems is that people spend their earnings in stead of reinvesting it into the business.