Friday, August 17th, 2007

Software Production VS Information Selling

I have been on both sides of these tactics so I know right now, that I favor Information Selling as my primary tactic online. My JV Partner and friend Joseph Tierney is also on both sides of these tactics as well. I can honestly say after seeing all the support he provides for the programs he creates, he has one hell of a heart that he pours into customer support. Do not get me wrong, I am the same way when I sell information online. I prefer to write and distribute my tactics, but my doors are always open to help people succeed with the information I provide, granted I have the time.

I do not really consider Software Production a long term income goal that I would be comfortable with. It is in my experience that providing information requires a heck of a lot more technical skills, and a lot less support. I would prefer to have my businesses run more on autopilot so that I could expand and leverage other niches. Although providing Coaching and Support is a must, it is a lot easier to do when the information has been supplied to the best of your knowledge.

Another thing that I have found that cuts down on the amount of “post” support or help after supplying information is I have made it very clear since I started Marketing Online, that I only report with tactics I have used and succeeded with. Furthermore, in all of my disclaimers, I clearly state that not doing exactly what I say and how I say, can warrant results which I would be unfamiliar with. I find it quite hilarious of all the crap floating about on the Net that has been rehashed. This is just bad information selling at its best. The more you speculate in your findings, the more support you are going to have to provide.

By the way, isn’t reporting speculation in your information considered “fraud” when you have promised riches overnight on your sales-page? It would be wise to note, that people actually get into a lot of trouble or get hardships brought down on them, most notable from the Better Business Bureau.

It seems to me that providing false claims or “intended claims” are a huge bullet point into coaxing people to buy these days. It is in my experience that your only making more work for yourself. Speculating earnings and “what could have been” reporting are a major downfall that leads to tons of questions later down the road.

I have to say that Software Production, while it maybe a long term income goal, is one that yields support which takes time away from building your business. It is only logical in my eyes (my opinion) that you would want to build as many successful businesses as you can and repeat the cycle as many times as you can.



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November 30, 2008

Information selling is over rated. Software production keeps you a productive member of society.

November 30, 2008

I agree with your post