Friday, August 17th, 2007

Profitable Social Media Tactic – Be Personal

Social MediaIt is becoming increasingly apparent not only to me, but around the web as well, that increasing your Social Media Appearance can do wonders for your business. Whether your a Marketer, Blogger, Business, or just a webmaster, the more Social Media Appearance you portray, the more likely you are going to receive more visitors.

I for one have turned directly towards the Social Media. I have provided 2 venues of Social Intervention on my blog. You can view both my MySpace and my Youtube pages. I have been getting a lot of emails lately that a lot of people thought I was an old man. Is this true? I have been accused of being in my 40’s just this morning. That was kind of funny I thought. The best one so far was a woman from the TechCrunch Forums this morning that downloaded my Yahoo Answers Report and said that I was actually a normal looking guy. I sent her to some of my videos to check out, and for some reason she really could not believe that was me. She said, “Oh my, you have a lot of tattoos”.  This was a good laugh. People are people, and the more you come out and show them who you are, the more they will respect you for being yourself.

You cannot just portray a Social Media image though. It takes much more work than that. You have to be an active participant as well. Lately, I have found myself hanging out more in blogging communities getting to know some of the people that hang around there. Although, this is a different side of Marketing and Online Business that I am used to, so far it has been an enjoyable time. I had a reader from MyBlogLog that I spoke with for over two hours last night. He was from China, and I will tell you, that was one of the most interesting conversations I have ever had online. Just for speaking to him though, I have been offered a JV with him to offer 10 members of his list a 1 hour Coaching Session. If it works out and those ten members enjoy it, he will be sending the rest of his 600+ members my way as well. Now, I do not know if you realize what this means, but lets say that I could make more money in just 1 month than I most people with a job could in a here, just by providing my Coaching Sessions. I have been trying to move away from that lately, as I have been developing my own products, but the money is alluring, and the material is so easy too teach. Just another great example of what could happen if you stopped for a minute to talk to someone.

I encourage you to go out this week and try joining a community where you can just socialize. There are a lot of forums and communities around the net that offer things differently than an Internet Marketing Forum. I think you will find some much added peace to this chaotic life.

Going To Shoot The Breeze,


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