Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Repeating Business Via Autoresponder

Money Yea!At least it means it is residual as long as it keeps repeating. One of the key things that I had going for me during my Craigslist SEO Ad Posting days was that I was able to retain EVERY single client that I had provided a Consultation for. The Consultation was my “presell” method way of getting the Clients squeezed into to my optimization, link building, and overall ranking services.

The only reason I ever once lost a client was because I had to let a few of the larger companies go. The amount of information they were publishing was just too overwhelming. I initially intended to use my SEO Service as a way for supplemental income. Marketing was what I wanted to do, and SEO Consulting was basically a way for me to fund it, without enduring out of pocket expenses.

 The reason for my success in retaining repeat clients was really based around one thing –> An Autoresponder! I kid you not, my autoresponse service saved me so much time and was able to pull (and keep) so much business. It eventually got to the point where I had to stop, because I could not handle the amount of consultations and referrals I was getting from word of mouth. I know some people would love to have that problem, but I actually hated it.

I was able to consult many clients at once. All I would really do was provide support and training thru the use of broadcasts. The Autoresponder saved me a lot of time and it actually “bought” me a lot of time. Whenever I got behind, I could put together a broadcast enabling me to have a little more time to get caught up. In the end though, I turned my focus on doing my own SEO for my Marketing purposes.

I only like to relect back on how much Aweber really saved my tail. Not only did it put clients in my pocket, work on my desktop, and money in the bank, but it was actually building a business I did not want. The autoresponder was keeping clients up to date (as you should), which is really crucial in business. No way would they pay me $250-$300 for a 1 hour Consultation fee and then turn around and give me another $1000 a month (depending on how many pages) without me keeping them in the loop as often as possible. I do not blame them either, as I have seen a lot of scammy SEO services out there.

That is really my take on one crucial way I was able to retain customers and have my autoresponder build my business. I always had a contact name, number and email address at the bottom of my emails and I also had it worked out to where I would slash % costs on what I charged in return for referrals. There was a lot going on back then, and in the end, I got overwhelmed at the point where I had to stop and terminate custom services.

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August 16, 2007

Good Gosh Man!! I wish I had your problems! To many customers!
Ran across your blog via blackhatworld. Seems pretty bullshit free. Keep up the good work.

August 17, 2007


I know of basic SEO strategies, but do you think you could outline how to start a SEO consultant biz for us?


November 30, 2008

That auto responder is exactly what i need! ill save so much time and will be able to focus on other things! thanks!