Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Short Lived Success At The Cost Of Your Reputation

SuccessWARNING: This Post WILL Offend The People I Am Directing This Towards

Begin Rant: I was really trying to hold this off as long as I could. Unfortunately, at the expense of yet another forum blowup and yet another reputation shot to hell, I feel I must stick a really sharp needle in this balloon, and burst this bubble that has been nagging me for ages.

There is a new age of Internet Marketers among us. Whether we accept or not is irrelevant, they are here and they are penetrating more and more forums everyday. It seems that this generation of Internet Marketer likes to take on the persona that they are someone else. Whether it be a person who is successful, a copy of a persona already portrayed online, or just a blatant liar who thinks that what they are doing is “cool”. I have personally known, and still know people that portray this image. Do I agree with it? No. Do I hound them like it was my business? No. I probably should, yet I wait and let them destruct themselves.

Most of the people who I approached in the past that portrayed a “false” persona, usually turned into an argument. Sometimes it spilled right out into the public view. I have since held my tongue since the last person I went after, as it almost cost me a forum membership. I knew for a fact he was a fraud, I didn’t want to prove it. What I really wanted to do is push him over the edge, until he admitted it himself. In most cases, I must have a gift or something, because I can usually push people to the edge, and when they actually realize how deep the whole is going to be, they give up, admit they were wrong and usually disappear.

What I am seeing lately is a “new breed” of Internet Marketers. Most of them are 21 years old or less, and a majority of them are still in high school. I have met some really successful high school marketers, but for the majority, I really think they need a trip to the principal’s office for some corporal punishment. It is absolutely ridiculous. The lure of a few bucks or a large sum seems like it is enough, to become someone else, and in most cases “someone successful”.

I am here to tell you right now that even though you might get away with it, that does not make you successful. Success takes hard work, determination and in this business–patience. Being able to have the fortitude to capitalize on great things and repeat them is a major focus of longevity. Lying, or taking on a persona that your successful, while it may work for awhile, someone will always catch on. I have tracked down some of the greatest “spammers” and “identity proof” people in the world. I highly doubt that a young person portraying themselves as successful, can hide for very long. Your bound to be found out sooner or later.

Let it be a lesson to you. Everything you do or say comes back to you 10 FOLD. I should know, at times I have often experienced this myself:). It does not matter if your the nicest person in the world and your trying to help people. If your portraying yourself as a big shot or something else, your still (dare I say) frauding people. While it might look alright to you, eventually your going to come down a path that leads down two roads. A. You will have an epiphany and hate what you have become or B. People are going to realize what you really are.

If short lived success at the expense of fraudulently claiming to be something your not is your thing, by all means do whatever you wish. In the end, your still going to have to travel those two roads at one point or another.

End Rant,

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August 14, 2007


This is all too true, we see it happen every couple weeks it seems. (you are more involved in more forums, so You probbibly see it more often than myself or others).

As you said though, they eventually show there colors and are found out.

Cream of the crop rise to the top…it proves true with any profession.

Fake the Funk…and someone will smell the Funk eventually.


August 14, 2007


Dude…you should sent an email to your myspace (spacehogs) list telling us about your new blog!!!

I thought you vanished!!!


(found your blog in your WF sig)

August 15, 2007

Tis true ;) It’s not just this field you see it in though , its in ALL of them . The key point is age , LOL its apparent all of us old enough to know better , know better for a reason =) Good Call mate … and for those frontin’ …. Shape Up

November 30, 2008

It’s help me alot, THanks for your post