Monday, August 13th, 2007

Tips On How To Sell Information Products

InformationIn today’s post I want to talk about a few things that can better prepare you on how to sell information products. With the ever changing evolution that surrounds Affiliate Marketing, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the best way to go would be to create your own information products. I say “increasingly apparent”, but I do not mean that “it is a requirement”. I was and still am a successful affiliate marketer. When I started creating my own products though, I saw a whole new venue of earning online open up for me.

I believe that one of the key steps of developing your own product is to actually write about it before it even exists. Sound crazy? Well maybe just a little, but hear me out ok? When you start writing your own product, it should be essential to either A. Have a website or B. Have a blog. Social interaction can lead to great things, and in the case of product creation, your going to find out how to identify EXACT problems and what people NEED as far as a solution goes. If you have a topic but do not know the “ins and outs” of the niche and/or problem associating with it, then it only makes sense to get started talking what you DO know and ARE familiar with. As readers start to interact, your going to find out that all the marketing insight your going to need is coming at from all directions. Let the people explain their specific instances and your going to be armed with a very valuable arsenal to attack the problems associated in the niche.

For this next part, I want you to read thru it very closely and dissect it as best as you can. I do this everyday here on my blog and I have done throughout many forums on the Internet. How many times have you see me give out one of my free tactics/techniques? Yes, I have given many out and to date, but the key here is, how many people you would think would buy my techniques if I happen to package them up and sell them? The answers is ALOT!

Even though you might know the general gist of the technique or information, you are still going to have to sort thru a boatload of forum and blog postings. I consider myself VERY good at this craft. I know exactly when I report results with a successful tactic on how I want to approach the public with it. I may either provide some bullets and stimulate some hype or I (most generally) provide the ENTIRE technique for free. I may limit the amount of people getting it, but essentially they get it for nothing.

Point is that a lot of Marketers will disagree with this method. Most “Gurus” (love that word) or big boys make enormous amounts of hype, prelaunches, launches, after launch specials (and the list goes on). So in their (right) minds, that is what works for them and what I have said may not. I personally have found that I really do not like selling to Internet Marketers, but the funny things is, Internet Marketers LIKE to buy off me. Talk about a rock in a hard place huh? Most people would love to have this problem (sly grin spread across face). It is in my experience that providing the techniques/tactics into cut up (sometimes hard to locate) places on the Internet will spring such an impulse into a Marketer that it only makes sense to them to save valuable time and buy from me, rather than spend enormous amounts of time trying to rack my brain and figure out where I put the missing pieces.

Another great way of selling a tactic/technique that you have essentially handed over on a silver platter, is to leave out (Which I never do or Would ever recommend) vital parts of the equation. It still amazes me to this day that someone will create any informational product and sell it only to inform their buyers that they have “new” or “vital” information they either “forgot” or “it has just come to their attention” and offer to “resell” it at a price. Most of the strategies behind this are based on “special discounts” to entice buyers and readers to jump at the chance to get the final missing piece of the puzzle. While I am totally against this, it only seems like a smart move to a Marketer whose sole purpose is to make money. I never claim that I am not in it for the money, I am and I make damn good money, but I am disciplined enough and I respect people enough to never try such an underhanded tactic to squeeze a few dollars from them.

Preselling and enticement are great ways to get potential buyers involved in what your going to come out with. Offering a an excerpt or some free chapters (granted its a book) is a good way to get people intrigued. Again, a lot of Marketers would not agree to this method. Here are a few reasons why:

  • They are not confident in their product. Over hype or blatant lying are the key components responsible here.
  • They think that allowing this little bit of information out will either A. Cause the potential buyer to be somewhat aware of what is going on, which would allow them to research and figure it out on their own, B. Actually not like the information provided and deciding it is not for them, or C. Waking up to the real world, pulling their hand from their rear ends and find out most things can be found online for free.

Now you can imagine why knowing the ins and outs of your niche and the problems that you are going to solve need to be thoroughly researched. Hype is great to an extent, if you know that your going to solve the problem. The problem lies in most marketers simply cannot come up with their own originality and therefore hinders them in between their sales-page copy and the product itself. Sales-copy is very important but you damn sure better back it up after they hit the order button.

Their are advantages to preselling as well. If you have done everything right up to this point then there should be no issues with getting the buzz going. Your being original, you have researched your niches, problems, and solutions to their entirety and are now ready to let people now that your getting ready to release. By now, you have probably built up a loyal following. Look at what you accomplished though:

  1. You located a niche, threw out what you new, gathered valuable feedback to complete the areas that you did not know and are armed with a mountain of information and solutions.
  2. You have shown your loyalty to your readers by interacting with them and letting them sample your information and giving your more feedback allowing you to better the product. They have helped you make the product better suited for their needs, which was the goal in the first place.
  3. You have all the benefits and bullet points, and should have gathered testimonials based on the feedback from the people you originally released the excerpts and free information to.
  4. You have built trust among a loyal readership allowing you to leverage them into further projects.
  5. You have increased your income flow just from A. Interaction B. Being a people person and C. Allowing people to be contributors for the problems your about to solve.

In closing, this may not be the best approach for everyone. Most marketers may even go against everything I am saying. I just believe and based upon my own personal experiences that being a people person and actually WANTING to interact with your market gives you an added advantage when it comes time for you to market a solution to their problems.

To Your Success,


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August 13, 2007

its me again…

damn Ruck, your freakin killing me. i have to stop reading your blog because its freakin driving me nuts! I luv it though. you got me workin on a bunch of stuff now just tryin to implement your stuff you keep posting up. man, everytime i read a new post here i got other things i gotta set up. hehe, this is a blessing in disguise for me. now if i can justtie it ALL together and make them chips overflow in my account.

thanks for yet another great post.

August 13, 2007

Try taking a step back and looking at one method. Take a look and see what you would enjoy doing the best. I hate doing things I dont’ like, sometimes it is necessary.

After finding it, use all the steps you know to get going with it. Make it a repetive process, so that your able to increase the speed with it, until your onto something else.

That is exactly what I did, before I began to employ more people to carry out some of the load.

August 14, 2007

this is exactly what im doing now. the problem is this… everything youve brought up i dont have a problem doing. i can see myself doing all of them and i can see the potential in all of them. that swhy i catch myself trying to freakin do everything. BUT, with your advice, this is what im going to be doing (just in case there is someone else like me who is running around with their head cut off)…

1. Ive got a new yellow notepad and im goingto list all the various techniques you are bringing out and ones i want to do.

2. then im going to take them and perfect the “ONE” that i am the most familiar and confortable with. (like you said, i will get it to where its a routine then i can do it quickly and to the point where i too can outsource it to someone else )

3. at that time i will move on to the next technique and do the same thing. but my head is always thinking, “damn, i better hurry up because i know that time is of the essence in most these cases”, i dont want to miss out on any timeframe for making the highest potential of money…

how do i deal with that?

well, as usual, i take your advice straight up and how you give it to me. I will let you know how this re-organization will affect the bottom line.

thanks again man. you always got good stuff for me.

August 14, 2007


I think that if your thinking about how you will earn the highest potential amount of money, then that hurts you. I only bring what I have done successfully. In all actuality, I have missed out on many great things myself man.

Thats just something you got to live with though. But it does not make sense, to get halfway setup with a technique then move on to something else. You could have been an inch away of “cashing in” so to speak.

In other news, I am going to get a plugin on the blog here. It’s going to be a print plugin that will allow you to print off my posts without all the other mumbo jumbo on the page.

It’s been a pain in the rear, as I have tried twice, but I’ll get it:)

August 14, 2007

thanks man. i hear you on that one. and i think this is also true. from me always trying not to miss out on the “next big thing”, I truly believe in what you said and I may have just missed my big break.

thanks for pointing this out to me AGAIN. lol, i just thought of what a old teacher of mine once told me, “it is better to be the ‘best’ at one thing rather than be ‘mediocre’ in many things”

i look forward to the plugin, then i can just print and file them in my projects folder. have a great Ruck. thanks again man.

August 14, 2007

I hear Mo loud and clear.
Ruck, you are banging out so much info so fast that I am overwhelmed.
Need to focus on one thing. Need to focus on one thing. Need to focus on one thing.

November 30, 2008

I read some post in the Internet. but It’s not clear like this. Thanks alot for your post

January 13, 2009

Hey Ruck,

You are so right. Give, Give and Give again.

This is how people will buy from you. But most people just don’t get it.


December 13, 2009

Hi Ruck

Great post here… My philosophy is give and you shall receive.

Affiliate marketing is a great place to start just to know the market well, and make some easy commissions then most experienced affiliates start to create their own products and use the information they have learned along the way…

Great read