Sunday, August 12th, 2007

Pligg For Sale Has Been Confirmed

PliggIt has been confirmed that Pligg is up for sale. I am generally kept up to date on this site as I have seen bunches of this open source content management system passed about all over the net. I actually had not even heard about TechCrunch and Mashable reporting the sale until I visited the Digital Point Thread this morning. I was a little shocked actually by the announcement.

Here are a little domain and page statistics I found on This is where all actual bids are supposed to go.

Pligg For Sale At Sedo

Pligg is known to be a popular but very disputed content management system. It can spit out Digg site clones like it was nobodies business. I have seen tons of these myself. In a post at DP a person who seems to be in close contact if not employed by Pligg has reported this from an email.

The Pliggcommunity has grown larger than ever expected, with over 10,000 registered users sharing and trading tips, more than 60,000 Sourceforge downloads and 2 IRC rooms that are active 24/7. It’s become an extremely large project and community to manage. We all have day jobs and struggle to find enough time to keep up the pace. We’ve seen many online businesses develop products to support Pligg recently. Selling everything from custom templates and modules, to support and installation. This is a clear example that with the proper team in place, could easily dominate the other markets in this area. Pligg has even created a shop where users could purchase modules, templates and services, but this feature has yet to be launched.

All serious bids should be made through the listing or by contacting me through the forum.

In the official statement to Mashable admins of the site claimed it was just getting to big. Which is funny to me, I do not think that if I had a site as popular as that, I would have any problems handling it getting larger. Of course, I can only speculate as I have never handled that much traffic on a consistent basis. Nonetheless, they should make a heck of a good chunk of change from the sale. Whoever buys it, better make damn sure they are staffed up to handle the load.

Here’s To The $$$,


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