Saturday, August 11th, 2007

Do A Good Deed For Those In Need

While I was making my nightly rounds and reading what my beloved blogroll was writing about, I happened to come across Jason Moffatt’s Blog. When I got there, I was really shocked. For one, it wasn’t the same usual cool, kickass vibe I get when J-Mo writes something new. The man is unique, there is no doubt about it, and that’s what really makes him stand out, and has me reading everytime he writes.

Well, tonight was a bit different. Jason brought a personal and sincere message┬áto his audience. I won’t go into all the details as he blogged and vlogged the whole ordeal and you can read it there. The thing that really hit me like a sledgehammer in the face was I just read an almost spitting image of childhood. My dad was a bit rough at times with my mother as well. Add on the fact that Cy has 4 kids and my mother had 3, it really paints a hurtful reminder and a disgusting taste in my mouth.

Now I will admit. Most of the time I probably come off as a prick. That’s fine, it keeps my wife wanting more (LMAO) and it actually has increased my business 10 fold. Unfortunately, what is true is the exact opposite. My friends, marketers I associate with that know what I am about, know exactly that I am a very down to earth, and I am very aware that everyone faces problems in their life. It seems, Cy has befell a big one.

Jason blogged that Cy had a $250 negative balance. After reading the post and watching J-Mo flaunt that long ass hair around in his sincere video, I took upon myself to send $250 via Paypal to Cy to wipe that problem up. I sincerely hope it helps.


PS…Anything you guys and gals can do is obviously greatly appreciated by Cy, her kids, Jason and myself.

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August 11, 2007

Hey bro,

Good looking out. She’s gonna be pumped in the morning when she logs into her Paypal account.

Thanks for chipping in and helping out.

Groovy blog you got here.



August 11, 2007

I for one can confirm the kind of person Ruck is. I wont spill the beans on what he did for me personally but let me tell you and Ruck that it is something that is branded in my core and my kids and their kids will know about what this guy has done for me. He is truly a stand up guy…

everything comes back to you man, many times over!


August 11, 2007

get over there and do what you can folks. what you do now will always come back to you as a harvest in the future when u need it the most. thanks again Ruck for bringing this up.

November 30, 2008

Oh, That’s good