Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Another style of Landing Pages

Hey everyone.  This weekend I have been thinking a lot on the simple little concept of landing pages.  I am a HUGE believer in giving people choices over different “brands” of product.  We have all seen the websites that review different items.  Many of these review style landing pages offer a point system for product or service ratings.  These landing pages can command armies of people to buy a specific product!

Why are review style landing pages so powerful?  Because people surfing for things online like two things…

  1. They like to be guided to a products to buy AND they like to be told which of those products is best and which is worst.
  2. They like to make the choice for themselves which of the products to purchase/choose.

Those two little points are POWERFUL.  1 give them choices.  2 let them make the decision what to do. I always find it funny that when I create a review style landing page, people don’t always choose the offer that I have selected to be the top choice.  Even if that offer is the cheaper choice.

When I am making a review style landing page I like to compare 3-5 different offers.  I rate these offers on a scale of 1-5.  It’s important to not give all of the offers the same score.  And if you have 5 offers, make sure you rate one of them a 1. It’s all a psychological thing.

These pages are more of a guide on of the different items.  Whether they be different Dating CPA offers, Debt CPA offers, or Bingo CPA offers. List the strong points, and weak points of the items up for “review”.  Just an FYI.  I never put the item I want them to go after as #1.  I always make it #2 and the second item I would like them to choose as #1.  For some reason I always find people will go after #2 rather than #1.  Probably because they don’t want to be told what to do… so as a natural human reaction… they rebel. Just a little insiders tip.  Remember… do what works for you.

I’ll post up here in a day or so an actual review page that I would use so keep an eye out for that!

Also, as an update to the Media Buy.  I have heard back from 2 people so far.  I’m hoping I’ll hear back from more on Monday as people return back to their non weekend lives.

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August 11, 2008

Thanks for these tips Kris, looking forward to seeing how you construct your review landing page. I’ve been looking for some review style templates but can’t seem to find them. I’ve seen the review crusher product but at $900 i’d rather have a go at doing some myself.

August 11, 2008

Nice to hear you got two replies on your media buy. I have been gatherin intel in that area as well, and often it is not as easy as it sounds because it seems that some of the other webmasters don’t leave their contact info, or have outdated contact info. Whois privacy seems to be really commonplace as well.

August 12, 2008

Although, I like your whole post, but the two points that you’ve shared worth reading the whole article.

Thanks for the informative post.

August 12, 2008

I agree with your idea of giving them some options. It makes you seem more credible, than if you are pushing just one product. What I frequently do is I say: this is the product for professionals and that’s the one for newbies. But I wouldn’t go over 5 products because I don’t think people handle too many options well.

August 19, 2008

Strategically it makes sense to offer more and redirect them to the product of choice by comparing other inferior products. Unfortunately people are all different and make rash decisions that don’t always make sense. Thanks for the post and the thought process.

November 30, 2008

Guess what I’ve been trying to do a media buy – but with a major difference – via AdSense content network and things don’t look so good as far…maybe I’ll post some results in the forum.

November 30, 2008

Can’t wait to see your review landing page!