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Profitable SEO And How To Do It

SEO I will just make this kind of a next part to my Keyword Research Profitability post. I do not claim to be some SEO “Guru” or anything like that. If you want one of those then your best bet is to find anything written by Rae Hoffman or Brad Callen. I do not know if they even consider themselves as SEO Experts, but I have read just about everything I could find that they have written and both people have played a HUGE roles in me building up my SEO Consultation Clientele. Whether they know it or not, both have pretty much signified my SEO Services in leaps and bounds.

With that said, I really may have a different outlook on SEO than most. I never waste time with it. I always have used paid advertising with proper tracking to find out keywords that have brought me sales. In the beginning, I was shooting blanks in the wind. Nothing worse than getting a site up in the SERP’s and having 0 profitable keywords. It’s just wasted time and hard work and I could have made more pitching a lemonade stand in the dead of winter.

I have always had the approach of SEO in mind. Even when Consulting Clients, most of the companies never really cared about high Search Engine Rankings. They wanted sales and their services put out in plain view on the Internet. Try telling a company that spends millions of dollars a year on television advertising and gets instant sales, that rankings take time.

It’s just a big mind screw sometimes,
but the companies have stuck with me
and I have impressed them beyond belief.
Granted SEO EliteSEO Elite
played another huge part in automating
all the tedious work I had to do. Nothing better
than making 3-4K a month from each company and
all you have to do is get link partners for them.
There were various other tasks involved,
but link partners was a major focus in terms of
SEO and bringing other sites’ traffic to my clients.

Seriously though, I really do not do any of my niche content sites with testing for profitable keywords. I do not mind throwing a few phrases and articles optimized for those phrases on my sites, if they get a good amount of search terms and I can comfortably compete. I do however only do this with maybe 1-2 pages per site. That is it, no more and no less. I like my sites turning profits and I like them turning fast. I do not have time to constantly keep my eye on them.

I test and track profitable keywords and I build sites around them. Most people will go for high searches and low competition and they think that is good enough. Well, if those keywords are not turning a profit, you had better have alternative solutions (eg capturing emails) set on your pages, or your really just wasting your time.

Now, this is really just intended for the sole purpose of people not using Adsense. I have finally given up on Contextual Advertising because I know I lost so much money. I would rather capture an email for residual business, or make a $20 sale than give my traffic up for a $0.05 click. Call me crazy, I know :) but for god’s sake as shitty as the Adsense business is getting these days, it is just not worth it (in my opinion).

Testing out keywords before making a site and getting sales from an affiliate program is a super duper way to go. I have been doing it since late of last year when I had the urge to kill an Adsense Manager. I still got the account, but in my eyes, it died on that day. Nothing is for sure in this world, but profitable keywords turned SEO is a great way to “overkill” the niche. Nothing better, than dominating the SE Results and the PPC ads with keywords that constantly bring you sales.

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May 10, 2008

Getting back to the basics of work. Doing what makes money and getting better at it.

Thanks for the post.


November 18, 2008

i deffinatly need to work on my SEO, thanks for the information, maybe you could pm me with some tips sometime.

November 30, 2008

Thanks for the post, it help me a lot

November 30, 2008

Question for ya, if you put keywords in the domain name dose it help rank up faster?

December 18, 2008

Great post! Thanks for sharing! :D Very helpful! :D

March 6, 2010

Most interested in your article many thanks, it must have involved a lot of work writing etc. I think we can all see there is no one silver bullet to sales.

October 25, 2010

Thanks for charing this. Great info :)