Thursday, August 9th, 2007

A New Age Of Internet Marketing Forum Liars

Warning This Post Is Meant To Offend
Forum LiarsWhat in the world is going on lately. This is so ironic that I was browsing about and remember reading some of Alice Seba’s Internet Marketing Sweetie Blog awhile back. Well, I (googled) and save it back into my favorites because I fell immediately upon a post titled “Forum Liars“. I thought to myself “this is going to be great”! Alice has always spoken her mind no matter where she goes. This is the #1 feature I look for in a Marketer and more importantly (a person). I have seen her under fire before in the Warrior Forum in various topics (or say debates). Nonetheless, this chick rocks hardcore and I love reading her blog.

Anyway I linked to the post. The man she writes about, I can pinpoint him in a heartbeat from the Warrior Forum. Absolutely ridiculous with his post. Although she speaks her mind, I can only imagine what she was really saying. He did in fact give out on a ghostwriting project awhile back then comes back with a 3 million dollar claim.  This seems odd to me as well. I will not go into anymore detail, read her post for more clarification.

I am here to give a perspective on recent Forum Liars I have encountered

This is a doozy, I must say. All 3 recent events, postings and arguments have been the result of those 3 people being under the age of 18. Now, I do not mind young people in this business, I actually know a 14 year old man that makes more than 90% Internet Marketers. The thing that separates this guy from the rest of the (what I deemed) worthless herd, is that he is 100% honest to everyone and more importantly…he is loyal. 2 qualities that will take you a long, long way in this business.

Just recently I sold a confidential tactic to 20 close people from the Rich Jerk forum. I actually hang out there the most, as I have a lot of friends there. I sold this to 20 people and 1 one of them decided to sell it on his own. Now, he claims to made “improvements” on the product. Now, that is off topic but what happened was that he lied in another forum and to his mailing list. He claims a “business partner” which is I “the product owner” had just given him a new tactic to sell. There is lie #1. Lie #2 comes in the forum he is selling the tactic in when he claims to be some awesome blackhat marketer for the last 3 years. Lie #3 comes when another RJ member and person I consider friendly flat-out asks him if he is an RJ member. He responds with a “no” you have me confused with someone else.

Long story short, I indeed went public and pointed him out both in the RJ forum and in the forum he was selling the tactic in. I was not really all that upset that he resold the tactic that he agreed to not talk about, I was pretty pissed at him lying. I know damn well, he probably did not even put the methods in use. If he had, he would have seen the value and not gone and sold more.

It is just another sad case of immaturity and it really sucks. Lying at such a young age when you first start out in this business is going to haunt you for the rest of your career. People carry personal grudges for a long time, especially if they know you tried to commit fraudulent claims. Despite loyalty being a key component for building last relationships among people, you definitely destroy your reputation by lying. Keep that in mind next time, your mouth gets bigger than your ass.

 At this time I would like to personally thank Alice Seba for your inspiring post and giving me something to rant about today. I would also like to thank her for the graphic at the start of the post. Thanks Alice!

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