Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Stop Looking For Handouts And Start Busting Tail

I just wanted to pop in and get this off my chest right quick. Over the last year and more importantly, (over the last couple of month’s), I am getting the ever frightful and extremely irritating question “How Can I Make Money Fast”? Well, first things first. Yes, you can make fast, but I am always under the presumption that when someone asks me this, I feel they are not going to totally commit to what it takes to make money.

Let’s just aside put that dumbass question and ask a real one shall we. “How are you going to make money”? That is the question you should QUIETLY (notice I said quietly) ask yourself. If your completely retarded in regards to the Internet, then I just cannot take the time to answer the question. Matter of fact, I cannot even answer the question at all, for anyone. The answers lie in your desires, motives, persistance and work ethics. There are many more factors involved, but if you got answers to those 4 then your off to a damn good start.

There is one thing that rings true in this chaotic Online Marketing World. Work Ethic is going to get you further and faster than the next guy (or girl). Instead of asking how your going to do it, your time is better spent on attempting what you have already read.

Let me flash back a little over 2 years ago. My wife had to set me up with a Yahoo Email Address. I was working as a Distribution Recieving Associate, and holding part time gigs as a Construction worker and Chemical Truck Driver. Believe me, I was 1000% X 10 PURELY retarded in regards to the Internet. I had one goal in mind and that was to make enough money to drop a job or two. I really liked my fulltime job, so replacing that really was not one of my original goals. As time passed on, I found that I had something called “photographic memeroy”. Basically, I was able to learn HTML, CSS and PHP in a matter of just a couple of weeks. Whatever I read, I only had to read once. This still to this day, rings true for me. I see something new, and its only a matter of testing to find my groove (granted their is one).

You have to become something different. You have to see things faster and be more intuitive than in normal life. Gut instinct and testing will guide you down the path. If it doesn’t work out, hopefully you were smart and it only cost you time. Time is a lot cheaper than dollars going into shit your never going to use to return a profit.

Which leads me to this final closing thought. I find it really sad and dare I say (quite pathetic) that people actually go broke buying things they feel will help whatever they are doing online. If you honestly are so close minded and do not take a step back to evaluate whether your next purchase is going to further your business, or cause you to stray from your path and chase the next big thing, then I seriously am not sorry and I feel a big dent in your wallet is a nice wakeup call.

Damn near everything online can be found for free. Whether or not you know that, is beside the point. Get out of the mindset that those sleek, long, convincing salesletters are going to change your life overnight or even this year. My guess is that by the time you purchase it, read it and give it a go for a couple of days, there will be a next great thing staring you in the face. Well, since you did not make money over the last couple of days with that awesome previous information, you had better dip into your savings fund and go by this new one. Please, cut the crap and wake the hell up.

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August 24, 2007

I have to admit when I first started in this whole online venture, I did exactly what a lot of new people do, and that is buy every new ebook out there expecting to change my life over night.

After a few discussions with you, and the right mindset, I am almost to the point that I can quit my job.

“I can only open doors for you, I can’t drag you through them” -Mystery

Anyways.. MUCH of my success has come from you, and I sincerely appreciate your dedication to your friends.

All the best,

November 30, 2008

Hey, I dont know why my comment is gone :|