Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Squidoo Cracking Down

Squidoo is once again cracking down. If you remember a few weeks, some really smart (note sarcasm) Bolivian spammer decided to crank out about 400 lenses a day. Wow, what a genius. Way to go and screw it up for everyone. Anyway, during the uproar this future cocaine dealer (most likely) caused, Squidoo decided to do away with iFrames. This gave me personally a really hard blow to the mid section. It barely missed my no no spot as I had only about 50 lenses with list signups. You might say 50 lenses? Yes, that is correct, 50 lenses with list signups. That is not the total number lenses in my possession. I am one for extreme numbers as you all know, so let us just say that I had QUITE a few lenses total.

They were all pretty damn good looking to. I custom built a lot of them myself before outsourcing the work to some fellow faraway offshore labor:). I had at least 3 modules on them so I was well within the Squidoo guidelines.

Enough of the rant, this is absolutely ridiculous what follows. It is not ridiculous in any means in regards to Squidoo. I completely understand the logic on their part. Here’s what they had to say:

Uh oh.
We’re worried that the lens you just published might be (gasp) spambait!

Due to significant levels of abuse, there are certain topics that Squidoo just doesn’t permit lenses on. This page sure seems to cross into one of those areas. So, you’ve got three choices:

Go Back and Edit (I want to fix it)

Delete the lens! (I’ll make a lens on something else instead)


I’ll stake my Squid-reputation that this lens is not: used to promote or sell prescription or illicit drugs online or by mail; used to promote online gambling or the sale of information about gambling; used to offer debt reduction or bankruptcy counseling online or by phone; used to promote or describe any sexual aids, techniques or content for sale online; and it doesn’t violate Squidoo TOS. Click here for more details on our SquidDon’t policies.

Please hand review this lens*

* CAREFUL! If we have a real live person review your lens, and we decide it doesn’t meet our standards, we’ll lock it and we may very well delete all your other lenses.

Thanks Famook from RJ Forum for this original message. So yet another crackdown on the Squidoo spammers. Look’s like it is getting tough out there. Although, I am going to lose my Gambling lenses, I still have light at the end of the tunnel. Just as MySpace¬†cracked down on spammers, it got a lot easier for people like me. Even with all the restrictions, both are still goldmines. You have to respect the fact that Squidoo gets some good love from Google. If your one of the ding dongs that lost Search Rankings with your lenses, here’s a tip –> Get Inbound links. Pretty tough, I know.

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November 28, 2008

I’m wondering whether we can make money with Squidoo or not. Somebody said yes, others said no

November 30, 2008

I use to make money from Squidoo, not really sure if it still is.

November 30, 2008

Is Squidoo SEO Optimised? I dont know and wanna know!