Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Ready to send out prospect letters.

So I’ve taken a bit of time here and compared all of the sites I gathered. Now I am ready for the next step. That is, I can send out my prospect letters. I now have a nice list of 18 sites that I want to advertise on.

Several of the sites had little to no traffic. And a few had boat loads of traffic. Now if I was new to media buying I would want to advertise on those sites that have around 10,000 visitors a month. However, I still want to prospect all of the sites. You never know who might respond. The person getting 100,000 visitors a month might have no clue about the monetization possibilities and you could get a way robbing the bank with them.

In order to contact the people you will need to have a savvy little letter written up for them. This letter shouldn’t sound generic either. And it should be tailored for them. Something along the lines of:

“Dear ________,

My name is _________ and I was visiting your website I really like how your site is laid out and I was wondering if I could purchase an advertising spot on this page ______<link to page>______. I too have a website in the _______ niche and think that your website would be a great advertising opportunity.

If you are interested I would greatly appreciate it.

Here is my contact information:
<email address>
<phone number>

Thank you for your time,

<your name>
<your email> ”

Now thats not the greatest letter, but for most of these people whose sites we want to target this will suffice. Remember, we want to target the non web savvy people.

I’m going to shoot that letter off to all of these prospects. Remember, some of them I know I won’t advertise on. But I would like to see how they respond. And it takes 5 extra seconds to send them an email. Also, its good to see how much they are charging for advertising.

Getting replies to your message can take some time. Not all webmasters check their contact email address on a daily basis. However, you can send out 30 emails and get no replies. Thats just the nature of the beast. And sometimes you can send out 30 emails and get 25 back.

When they write back they will most likely have some questions. And the main thing they will say will be something to the effect of… “What exactly did you have in mind?” You’ll want to reply to them and let them know that you would like to place a banner advertisement in place of their adsense (most will have adsense HAHA). If they don’t already have adsense or a banner, just let them know you would like them to place a banner on their site with a link to your advertising site.

Here’s the best part. Tell them “I would like to place the banner for 5 days as a test. If it is getting a good response I would like to continue it for a whole 30 days. I would be willing to pay you $xx for this opportunity.” From my experience, 50% will do the 5 day test. If they do the 5 day test and it does make money then you’re good to go. If you get a lot of clicks but no conversions then you know that your offer is bad. If this happens and you have the money to spend I say go for it. You can always change your link to a better offer. If however, you don’t get very many clicks and no conversions, scrap it and move on to the next site.

Some webmasters will not allow the 5 day test. That’s okay. Ask them questions about their traffic. The more you know about their site the more you can make an educated move. Things like:
Where does your traffic come from?
How many visitors a day?
How many unique visitors a month?
What is the average time on the site?
How many page views do people normally take before they leave?

Questions like these will help you learn a lot more about the website you are prospecting. You don’t want to send too many emails back and forth though and you don’t want to scare them off with all of your questions. It will take some letter sending to understand what people are comfortable with. You’ll get the hang of it.

Eventually you will have to decide what to pay for the advertisement. On those sites with un-savvy webmasters you can get away for cheap banner placements. As a general rule I pay by how many uniques a month for the previous month. I pay on a CPM basis. So if the site gets 5,000 a month then I’ll pay $40. If the site gets 10,000 a month then I’ll pay $80. That means that I’m paying around $0.01 per impression. Thats pretty dang cheap if you ask me. Now if the person is web savvy then chances are they will know what they can charge. You might spend $60/5000 visitors on some sites. That is $60 for a whole month of advertising and thousands of people seeing your ads. I don’t think you can go that cheap with PPC.

Some webmasters will tell you how much it costs to advertise with them. Some will have no clue. Those that don’t have a clue what to charge can be easily persuaded to a lower amount. Especially if they are used to adsense earnings or no earnings at all. Any sign of money is a good sign to them.

Anyways, it’s getting late and I have a long day tomorrow. If any of this didn’t make sense. Please ask for clarification. I’ll be more than happy to clarify something. I’m going to send off these emails in the morning!

UPDATE: I’m about a day late on this post… Ruck at Convert2Media beat me to a similar post.  Check out Approaching Webmasters About Advertising on the C2M Blog!

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August 7, 2008

I think this is one of the more useful posts I have seen on here as I am having someone do something like this for me now.


August 7, 2008

Great post Kris. I think there is a huge opportunity in targeting those millions of webmasters that simply place an Adsense block on their sites… many of whom are used to those $6 checks from Google. Hit them with $50 or $100 per month and they think they’ve hit the jackpot!!

August 7, 2008

This is perfect timing. Someone just contacted me about advertising on my site. It’s good to have some information to work with.

August 7, 2008

You can actually go way less than 10K uniques per month and still make a killing but it depends on your offer’s payout and overall competition. Zip submits, dating, or whatever probably won’t do well but I can think of many commercial niches where 3k-5k visitors/month can sustain a grand in commissions (profit) for reasonably-placed ads.

B2B is even more robust than this, but the only thing is you have to be willing to pitch companies, which is the reason most aff marketers are reading this blog. Not a knock on the blog at all, because Ruck & Kris are on top of the heap – just saying they’re trying to show people this isn’t some MLM crap – it’s a real business.

August 8, 2008

@b2b guy – Excellent point! You can find some outstanding websites with 5k or less visitors. The great thing is… You can even offer less for these. And make great sales from your banner.

If you read this post and then read Rucks at C2M you can get an idea of who I’ve learned from HAHA.

Make sure you all read that post as well. He goes over somethings that I didn’t.

August 10, 2008

well, i get some contacts to advertise on my blog, but sadly the majority of the request are rejected by me because the advertise crappy or adult sites… this makes me wonder i should create a blog for adult audience lol.

anyway. care to send me a letter? :p

November 16, 2008

@Hugo Santos: could you please tell me where are those advertisers? I’m interested in adult site lol

Just kidding :D

November 30, 2008

Your suggest letter is too formal :)