Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Answering Questions for Moolah

Moolah, Scrill, Dinero, Bling Bling, Cash, Green Backs, Paper, Cabbage Dough, Bread… You get my point. MONEY… The easiest way I have ever made money in my life is by answering people’s questions. I’m not talking answering questions on forums like in the last post… I’m talking answering questions from … question asking websites.

By now, as an Internet Marketer, you should know about Yahoo Answers. If you don’t know about them… It’s a website where people ask you for your affiliate link so that they can make you rich. HAHA Just kidding. But it might as well be. Websites, where people ask a questions on advice or where to find something, are asking to be spammed.

I’m not saying that blatantly spamming is good. But I am saying that you can go into questions and answer type of websites, appear as a guru, and give people your website to visit.

When I first started marketing online I was looking for some quick and easy cash. I stumbled onto Yahoo Answers not really knowing what it was about. I started to browse through questions and I found the section called … “Careers & Employment”. Reading through the questions I got the bright idea to send people through my affiliate link. After trying this all day I quickly realized that I was getting banned after only 3 posts. In the first 2 days I must have created 30+ accounts. All banned within minutes of being on the site.

I couldn’t figure it out… then I realized I needed to send people to a site that didn’t look like spam. So I logged into my Gmail account at the time and created one of their free pages. I added about 10 links to ClickBank products and headed back into Yahoo. This time I was able to go for about 10 posts before I was banned.

While I was still pretty excited about this I wasn’t satisfied. So, I began to become a “real” person. I took on the persona of a girl named Katy. A 27 year old college student that takes surveys from her dorm room for extra spending money. People in Yahoo Answers will literally ask the question “Where can I go for a job to help me work from home?” HAHAHA EASY MONEY BABY!

“Oh Hi, I’m Katy. I had this same problem when I started college. First of all… my boyfriend didn’t like me gone all the time working, and second of all I had to have a flexible schedule for my school work. Anyways… To make a long story short I was searching around online and found this website _____________________. Its basically a list of survey sites that you can use to make a little extra spending money. I’m making about $550 every two weeks. It isn’t the best money. But it works for what I need.

Best of Luck… I hope you find something that works for you. keep us updated!


BWAHAHAHAHA Now you may think that taking on a persona like this is bad… However, this is marketing. The Rich Jerk really isn’t a Rich Jerk… “He” in fact is a group of marketers. They have created a persona that people either love or hate. This is what you essentially have to do. Become someone else to market to another crowd.

My first two weeks of marketing online I made $700. All from answering questions on Yahoo Answers. Ruck has a few post about it in this blog. They can be found by clicking here. He also has a nice little report in the Free Ruck Reports section of the blog. Check it out.

Here is also a list of other websites that can be used for answering people’s questions for… MOOLAH

What other Question and Answer websites do you know of?

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July 3, 2008

That’s just brilliant. I think I’ll be checking this out in the Netherlands! :)

But at what “work at home” affiliates do you redirect your visitors?

July 3, 2008

Last week I got banned by Yahoo in 5 minutes posting to payday loans questions. Same crap from people… No one wants to give me a loan blah blah blah not my fault blah blah blah….

So I posted a reasonable answer about credit worthiness and high risk and sent them to one of my sites, which gives an intro to pay day loans (not spammy with only a hyperlink to an affiliate) and whammo…. BANNED in 5 minutes.

I went into another yahoo account and posted to the same answer “No one wants to give you a loan because you’ll probably won’t pay it and by the way IT IS YOUR FAULT!” NOT BANNED.

Go figure.

July 3, 2008

I’ve been meaning to get round to posting on Yahoo Answers for a while now. Something else to put on my list.

I reckon YA might be pretty good for building lists of prospects. Build an info site with opt-in forms and set yourself up as a guru. Free targeted traffic.

July 3, 2008

I think this is a great idea and have read about Ruck and others doing very well with this. But since we are clearly breaking TOS opening up tons of accounts and using affiliate links. Couldn’t we be sued just like those myspace spammers were? Or should this not be a concern?

Plus most CPA networks probably don’t approve of this promotion method since you are breaking a sites TOS to advertise their offers. I’m assuming you cloak your referrers for this method.

July 3, 2008

I dont even use tons of accounts anymore. I answer any and all questions from 5 authoritative accounts now. Posting links after signup is stupid. Another good idea is to build up your profile and Yahoo 360 as well. That way, if you can get your hands on an automated Yahoo Groups poster you can work the same niches heavily thru groups and Answers at the same time :)

CPA Networks will most likely NOT approve the traffic because of the “free site path” traffic is not usually allowed. Some do, some dont. But yea, “cloaking” your referrer is a good idea if you are going direct to offer but it works SO MUCH better to presell.


July 3, 2008

Aha … that’s how you drove traffic to that google page you posted about in the forum :-). I’ve used YA a few times to create backlinks to my articles or Squidoo lenses & discovered your answers can get some nice search engine rankings.

Excellent advice on creating alternate personas for marketing purposes. Some people may have a problem with it, but to me it’s just smart marketing. After all it would be hard to be taken seriously as an authority on forex, relationships, debt elimination and RC cars as “you”.

Looking forward to your next post, Kris.

@Ruck: Thanks for the Yahoo! profile & 360 tip!

July 5, 2008

This method is great. Used it quite a bit. Keys to success:

1. Proxies
2. Unique accounts with a unique IP tied to it ( if you’re doing it manually don’t forget to purge your cookies )
3. Cloaking, track your refers and IP’s of incoming people for a while. See what the last IP or Refer is before you get banned. Then cloak a nice wiki type page to those people.

What works very well too is scraping another q & a source. Then with one of your accounts post the question. After that post the answer with another account but add your link to the bottom. Then wait a while and vote your answer the best.

So you could easily get a c-block ( 255 ip’s ) of proxies. which would give you 255 accounts. Code up a little scripting for the logic and let it rip all day long. :)

July 12, 2008

This is a great post.

I use yahoo answers a lot with a good success. I always build a website or page on one of my sites with good content about the theme I answer questions. On that sites/pages I put then affiliate offers and a subscriber box to collect emails. You never should forget collecting emails because the money is in the list. I’m sure you heard that already a lot and it’s really true!

With that strategy I never got banned from Yahoo yet!


July 15, 2008

You’ve got to put Wiki Answers on that list. Nice post.

July 24, 2008

That’s an interesting idea.
I bet you could expand that to several forums 2. The key is just looking like your not an affiliate marketer. I bet I could get past the human admin pretty easy.

November 30, 2008

Put that on Wikipedia too! Will get billions of unique visitors a day :P lol
Anyways nice post as well as the idea.