Monday, April 7th, 2008

CPA Marketing Series – Getting Started On Google Search

Ahh well we’re here. Google Search. The Pain in the ass Quality Score. How do we beat it?

Let me start off by telling you that there are a multitude of factors that determine quality scores thru Adwords keyword search campaigns. A lot of people (marketers) are only wanting to hear “how do I beat the QS”, or “what’s the quick fix to get my campaign running again”. This is very tiresome to answer and lately, I’ve pretty much ignored the questions. The reason is this:

No matter how many freakin times the people who know say it, some people just cant comprehend it. Now I am not saying that I wont write about a few tricks I use to game Adwords because I am going to get to that soon enough. If you want the shortest, bluntest and most honest answer on how to get good quality scores, then it’s quite simple.


It’s that simple. The days of our shitty affiliate sites are coming to end. However as marketers we adjust and evolve. Personally been doing it for 3 years now with almost a year and a half exclusively online. I’ve literally gone from a page with 5 banners on it (yes I actually made money with this shit back in the day), to building sites made out of WordPress with article directories and forums attached to them. In today’s world with Google: “He who adds the most user value..wins”.

In thinking of terms of beating the quality score you really have to open your mind. This is going to really require some deep thinking. In my experience you are going to need a few things and here are the most important ones:

  • An understanding of onpage SEO (which includes site structure), and an understanding of link building (off page SEO)

  • An understanding of your niche and industry. I personally do not recommend building sites around a special offer you may find. With zip and email submits this can be extremely difficult. The best way to profit from low payout offers such as email/zip submits is to utilize traffic you already have…NOT PAYING for it. If you were to target a Maybelline Eye Liner Zip Submit then I suggest looking around to make sure there are alternative offers related. This ensures that you have multiple sources of monetization you can use while building a site.

  • An understanding that Adwords takes the accounts they let you have VERY SERIOUSLY.

To me those are the 3 most important things you need to learn/know when it comes to getting a good quality score. We will go into more detail on each of these in the next posts.

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April 7, 2008

So building a landing page for a CPA offer is going to be frowned upon by Google?
Building a large site for every offer seems a bit overkill.
Does Google look at the site as a whole and not just the page your sending traffic to?
If that’s the case I imagine we’re going to build a site for a theme and have a whole bunch of related offers with a page dedicated to each one. Is that the way to go – or have I had far too much beer tonight!!?

April 7, 2008

How about buying a unique domain pertaining to the niche, installing a wordpress blog on it, building a landing page that includes the normal links back to the blog & privacy policy, adding a few pages of content and then before launching your campaign for that landing page pinging the blog?

April 7, 2008

It’s a start. However there are tons of other things that can affect quality score. By doing that though big G can see right thru it. It’s more of a short term solution to a longterm problem.

I’m sure this is comming in the next post or two, but the one thing that I have learned from my very limited experience with quality score is that your landing page is a VERY small peice of the pie. I would go as far as to say most of your quality score is determined outside of your landing page.

Its something I don’t think I’ve ever really read about, everyone always things “landing page” automatically when they talk about quality score.

April 8, 2008

Ah, the Big G. Finally we arrive. This ought to be good.

April 8, 2008

Thanks for the great post again, Ruck. I’ve been smacking my head against a wall trying to figure out the infamous Adwords Quality Score. Somehow, your simple post turned on a light for me.

April 8, 2008


Another awesome post!

It sounds like we have been working at this for about the same amount of time. I remember you from the Spacehog days.

Any plans to do a post/series about offline advertising/print ads?

Or any plans to go over selecting private websites to buy ads on?

References to threads or specific people in your forums would be cool too for this.



April 8, 2008

Hey Pete,

Yea I would definitely like to talk about offline classifieds. I have a great resource although it’s tough. You have to get an offer you know that will stick for the duration of the campaing. Media buys, and personal space to advertise offers is also on the agenda bro!

If you like to get started sooner, cuz I think Quality Score is going to take a bit, start a thread and the forum and we can begin collaborating.

April 8, 2008


I will start a thread.

very cool!

thank you,


April 11, 2008

Awesome post Ruck!

@Ruck: So do you suggest having the menu at the top on the wordpress landing page? For something like ringtones where you select the carrier, would you just link to the the wordpress blog at the bottom or actually integrate it somehow into wordpress?