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CPA Marketing Series – Determining Your Model

One of the most important things about CPA Marketing is developing your model of how you want to market your offers. There are many avenues of marketing and your only limited in your marketing passion, analytical skill and thinking outside the box. I’ve already stated a couple of ways of how I like to get started with offers including the Google Content Network and Yahoo Search Marketing. With that said you should know that there are a lot of other paid advertising models we can utilize as well. Places such as MSN Adcenter, Adbrite, 7Search and Facebook are just a few that we will discuss in the ongoing series. These are just a few places that tend to have lower traffic volume however, they tend to be generally cheaper in terms of pricing and can produce great ROI’s if used correctly.

The most important thing though, is developing your model of HOW you want to market CPA Offers. Generally CPA Networks allow you to email market, place links or banners on your websites (Called Web Placements) and Search Marketing. All 3 of these do not have to be used by you as a marketer. However, knowing how to PERFORM all 3 are essential to build a long term and reoccurring CPA Marketing business. I’m not talking about half-assing it each month or spamming social networks either. I am talking about making CPA Marketing a business model. It can, has and will be done for a very long time.

So how to determine your model?

I get emails all the time of people saying that they either do not have capital to invest in Pay Per Click or that they do not understand enough about it. These are two small problems in my opinion. Not having the education is simply a matter of reading to acquire it. For that purpose you should really focus on learning the aspects and ways the Big 3 Search Engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) go about their business. There is a mountain of wealth in:

As for not having the capital, I really cannot give tutorials on that but this blog has been dedicated for 8 months on trying to help people make more of it. Just note that PPC to CPA is and can be a business model for many. With that said, PPC does not have to be the “be all, end all” of making money with CPA Offers. Even though we will first cover PPC because that is how I start off to see if offers are worth chasing, that does not mean you have to do it. There are many ways to build websites, blogs even forums focused around the offers in certain Industries and we will get to that soon. There are also many methods of building email lists very quickly and we will cover that as well.

This should answer a lot of questions of people not wanting to do any PPC Marketing. Yes there are a lot of ways to make money with CPA Offers without paying for traffic but I always start out with PPC because it’s the fastest way of determining whether and offer is even worth a serious look.

Originally this series looked to last about a month. I seriously look at it now as lasting a lot longer than that. With the upcoming launch of C2M ( Our own CPA Network) and a baby due in 5 days, I’ve been really hampered on time. Add in the mix that I have been drafting the CashTactics Affiliate Directory and we are talking about serious hours being put into the computer over the last couple of months. Also, if you have any specific questions I would ask that you direct them in the forum or thru the contact page.

So what is your model for CPA Marketing?

Are you primarily an Email Marketer, PPC Marketer or build and optimize pages/sites/blogs?

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March 19, 2008


Great point here. Something I have been working on for quite some time is setting up a complete business model around the tactics you have discussed in this series. I feel a business model would provide structure and formality to a process that can be easily half-assed.

I see two significant advantages to developing business models:
1) Raise capital. I can use business models to write a formal business plan. It is much easier to generate capital from outside investors with a well documented business plan.
2) Outsource Labor. Once a business model is developed, specific processes can be defined. Once done, labor can be outsource via virtual assistants. I feel there is HUGE potential for this in internet marketing and it is one of the cornerstones of my personal business plan.

What is my model?
I intend to build my business in phases:
Phase 1: Acquisitions. Acquire and optimize websites for cashflow.
Phase 2: PPC campaigns. Reinvest capital into PPC.
Phase 3: Email campaigns. Once the PPC process is well defined, begin to integrate Email opportunites.
Phase 4: Long-Term Growth. Focus on long-term growth opportunities. Ideas include building web apps, blogs, and forums.

March 19, 2008

That is an excellent plan! It looks like your on the fast track if your acquiring sites. I have long since developed my own but with the restructure of my own plans, I have been paying attention a lot more to sites for sale that are already established.

I’m not sure I have really defined my own personal model just yet.

When I was first introduced to Internet marketing back in Octoberish, the first thing I came accross was strict PPC ( actually). Ever since that day, I have made a personal vendetta against PPC to master it to the best of my abilities.

while that hasn’t quite worked out yet, I have confidence that I’ll get it eventually.

I have actually had more success with building BANS stores than I have with PPC, but for some reason I still focus about 95% of my attention to PPC. Its like a big game in my head that I’m determined to win.

March 19, 2008

I’ve been dabbling in everything under the sun and have done ok with 50% and very well with 10%….mostly site building with relevant offers. I’ve been trimming the fat and becoming more focused. More PPC is in my future.

March 20, 2008

Another nice one. I’m still trying to figure out what my ‘business model’ is going to be. I seem to be falling into that trap of hopping back and forth from one thing to the other again.

I’ll get there.

March 20, 2008

Yeah, I think that the hardest thing for a person trying to break into affiliate marketing is finding the routine that works for them. You can definitely spend countless hours testing and trying new things with minimal results. I think the key is no matter what model you decide to use, just stick with it. Keep trying. Keep tweaking. Keep testing away and eventually something will stick. It’s just a matter of finding your “comfort zone” in affiliate marketing. I do agree that testing with PPC is a great way to find out if something converts before you decide to put more time and effort into it.

Looking forward to many more great posts.

March 21, 2008

My business model is ….w ell I’m not quite sure exactly what mine is.

What I do know is that Failure is not an option.

If I don’t succeed or fail at something is to just pick up the pieces and start over again and eventually thing will happen as you want them to.

March 21, 2008

So the idea is to test a CPA offer to see if it JUST converts, correct?

You aren’t necessarily looking to see if you earn a profit from a PPC test campaign; which means you need to approach this testing period with a mindset that says you are going to be losing money, although it is still a kind of investment.

So that begs the question — what kind of a conversion rate is good enough to call the CPA offer a winner? If you spend $500 and get 1 conversion for $1.50… well, it converted, but the profit margin sucked.

Obviously, nobody can quantify this with an absolute number, but how do you think you judge the potential success or failure of an offer in terms of conversions?

March 21, 2008

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March 21, 2008

You sound a little mis-guided in your approach. I believe the point Ruck was making, (and Ruck, please correct me if I am wrong here) is test CPA offers first for profit potential, BEFORE dumping a large amount of time and money into them. You are not only testing to see if a offer converts, but also if the conversion rate is high enough to recoup advertising costs.

Now I would not consider myself an expert on PPC, that’s why I follow Rucks blog, but a decent conversion would be in the range of 2-3%. Knowing that, you can take the cost of the traffic (the PPC rate) per 100 clicks and if two conversions is higher than that cost, then you’ve got a winner. Then you test it to see if you can get actual conversion. It if all works out, you scale up your campaign.

March 22, 2008

at the moment i do not have enough capital to invest in PPC; So at the moment my business model (future business model rather) inludes yahoo answers and other classified sites. It that a Good idea?

March 23, 2008

Well said. One thing people need to remember though, is when they have a few projects that are successful using a particular model, they need to expand into other models, or else they are leaving money on the table.

For example, you setup a big content site with CPA ads, then you go with PPC to bring traffic. Once it goes well, then you look at it:

You already made the time/money/effort investment into putting the site live. You now have a platform to start exploring other monetization strategies for minimum cost/effort:

– Harvest email addresses for newsletters
– Sell private ads on the website.
– Do some SEO, which will bring in free converting traffic.

In other words, milk it for all it’s worth, but without compromising the trust of your users (ie: spyware is bad, m’kay?)

You need to explorer if you want to achieve a good ROI.

March 23, 2008

Did I tell you today that you rule? If not, you rule.

March 24, 2008


Yes, rehabbing sites can be quite lucrative when you know what to look for. This method saves a lot of time, but at the expense of your working capital. Nevertheless, real good strategy for someone with extra cash.

November 30, 2008

Matt you’re right! Ruck and Kris Rules! The tutorials are from their own domains. And that makes them more profitable.

May 26, 2009

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