Thursday, March 13th, 2008

CPA Marketing Series – Understanding Yahoo, Development And Tips

At the request of a TON of emails I will extend this series to include the following about Yahoo. It would seem that many are not familiar with their Search Service. Right now you should GET FAMILIAR with it. When you get it working for you, it can be your biggest earner.

With the recent change in Yahoo making their bid prices no longer at a $0.10 minimum the way the Yahoo Search Game is currently changing. You need to pay attention to changes. Changes in the industry can make you or break you overnight. Dabbling in Yahoo Search you would consider their blog to be your bible. On a side note: ( If Yahoo treated their Search blog as well as their Search Services, no doubt in my mind they would be #1). In some cases, they still are for search. Now you should also have taken advantage that Yahoo provides a free workbook for Advertisers. I’ve uploaded this book for you to download right quick. Just Right Click and Save As this link.


A lot of people want to know or dont understand completely how Yahoo charges you.  It is a little different than the standard Adwords payments so you need to get familiar with it. You can read more about how they charge and how you can pay here. You also need to understand the basics of daily spending limits, budgets and billing. Note you can add Paypal as your funding option.

TIP: Generally I only tend to promote CPA Networks that have Paypal as a payment option. This is crucial for me in Yahoo Search. Yahoo has a really skewed system for payment replenishing. Learn and understand it. For this matter (and pretty much this matter alone), I have included a Paypal account exclusively for Yahoo Search. With my CPA Networks being able to have the ability to quickly add funds to my Paypal account I never run into any problems on the financial side of Yahoo Search. If you were to pay with credit card or bank account often times it may take a few days for the funds to clear. Generally I work with large credit cards that have NO preset or ANY limits for that matter. However for Paypal and Yahoo, I like doing it this way. You will NEED to have a general idea of how PayPal works and you better have a business account. I am not kidding when I say Business Account. Should you suffer one of the dumb “Paypal freezes” you can be up shit creek quick. Maintaining good relationships everywhere you go is vital to your PPC success no matter what scale your on. My advice to you is to call Paypal support right now and tell them what you do. Otherwise a freeze will most likely occur after consistent account activity. By taking the innitiative and calling them, the Paypal reps assign notes to your account. It does not matter if I know a bill is coming, or I got money coming in. If it is in large quantity, I call them.

Yahoo Types

Yahoo has a search and content network. Currently I dont and never have advertised on their content network. I cant give you a full explanation to my reasoning in a blog post but I can tell you that the types of sites I’ve seen Yahoo Ads on, I dont want to advertise on really. However, this works in retrospect and here’s why. I’ve always looked at Yahoo as more of a entertainment search engine and here’s my logic behind the thought:

Yahoo Homepage

Compared to Google’s boring homepage, Yahoo has it going on with entertainment, news and easily navigable information. By identifying this and understanding it you get the sense that Yahoo’s users are much different than Google’s and you are right. Typically IMO and experience Google’s users are more web savvy. Good for them but from an advertising standpoint and more specifically for CPA Marketing this is not necessarily a good thing. I’m not saying to go dupe people but a clear understanding in the users preferences and demographics is vital when your paying for traffic. I would most likely advertise towards entertainment type offers with Yahoo’s content network.

With that said and thinking about Yahoo’s content network and the fact that they really are not up-to-par on completely understanding their Search services (Just my opinion again), your ads could literally end up in some very untargeted areas. Most likely when you use Yahoo this is going to happen anyway. No search engine is perfect and I think we pointed that out with the largest one already by manually adding the 50 states to a US campaign to cut down on foreign traffic from Google. The same goes with Yahoo. I’ve taken the initiative to try and help as much as I can to get you the best results from using them. In doing so, I have to ask that you try to get as much education as you can about their engine and services. I dont use Yahoo’s content network currently but you can test it out for yourself.

Going International FTW (for the win)

Ahh yes. Advertising Internationally with Yahoo. Originally, I would never have blogged this nor would you ever see me publicly talk about it. It’s just that damn valuable. However this is the CPA Marketing series and nothing gets held back. Now I have already pissed off some PPC’ers and more specifically some CPA Marketers with tips about the content network. In spirit of that, the mail has died down over the last couple of days. Let me see if I can revive the hate a bit by giving out these gems.

Other than the tips I may give out further in the series, this page that you NEED to bookmark should get the hate mail rolling from people who dont want more competition. I would like to apologize right now if this has a direct impact on your profits for marketers who read the blog but also already know how to exploit Yahoo. Sorry, but on the other hand, I really couldn’t give two shits. The CPA Marketing Series is designed to help others GET into this business FIRST before helping out others who have already established profit…. MORE. Damn, that should be the motto I think.

Ok just to back up a bit so I can tie some loose ends.

At times on this blog you may feel that I am leaving something out, may not understand something completely or just think I am some loose cannon blabbing about non-chalant shit. I assure you that I am indeed, a loose cannon, however what I am about to say just may turn on the light bulb in your head.

Do you remember me giving a shout-out to CPA Empire? Now to the nay-sayers who are not familiar with me or this blog I would imagine they thought I did it for the referrals. Of course I did. However in doing so, did I refer you and NOT try to help you get accepted? No, I gave personal recommendations, and currently only know of one of my referrals that has not been accepted. (still working on that bro). Before you even went to signup I stressed something very important at the time you had no idea would be so important. It certainly is now. Here’s an unaltered piece of text I wrote in that post. At the time it may have meant NOTHING or very little to you. Now in this paragraph I bet it punches you in the gut and says DUH! Here’s what I said that meant nothing at the time to most readers but played an increasingly SMART role leading up to now:

 Currently their are over 540 offers and campaigns you can work with. One notable thing about them is the sheer size of their email and zip submit offers. Another cool thing is that their International campaigns are no slouch either. This is good for Ruckles because he does not really care to promote in the US in respect to email/zip campaigns. As a matter of fact his International volume VS. US volume for these types of offers sits at around 80% to 20%. While you cant really get a zip code Internationally, those Brits, Canadians and Australians tend to dish out their email like they could care less.

Yes I know. Sometimes I can be a really methodical and twisted Ahole. For the most part, it’s good though. As you can obviously tell in this crucial part of Yahoo Search Marketing.

 Now that your signed up, I am revealing to you a VERY GOOD opportunity to make use of their vast assortment of CPA Offers. You dont even have to use them actually, you can use any network you like. Just know that there is MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR opportunities for you as a CPA Marketer utilizing Yahoo’s International Services. I really hope this paragraph sinks into your brain. Maybe I could incentivize you to think outside the box a little bit ehh?

Buzzworthy, Trends And Markets

For the most part when you work outside of the US markets you will at some point and time feel that you have left a comfort zone. Do not fret, it happens to me a lot… even now. In case you missed this or not a deep reader I have discussed this briefly. Now, I am going to do another 180 on you yet again where we flash back and you realize that everything I talk about does tie into your success online. Quite simply, I gave you some tips to use to try and stay calm when launching a new offer. Now in regards to launching International Campaigns you need to know sources to get information on your markets, demand and analysis right? Remember in that post I mention a little thing called Yahoo Buzz? This is a great research tool to be applied to Yahoo Search Marketing. Furthermore, from what Ruckles has heard from the grapevine Yahoo should be updating their UK and Ireland buzz soon. When this happens your going to be the first to know about it. for right now, it’s a bit outdated but can be used to further research more links. For right now, Ruckles generally pays REALLY close attention to the UK and Ireland Yahoo Services.

The world is vast, the internet never ends people and neither should your marketing efforts. There will NEVER be TOO MUCH room for marketers like you and I. All it takes is some creative thinking. Ok so, that’s my second intro to Yahoo Search Marketing. Hopefully since I led you to the payments resources and understanding Yahoo a little bit we can commence on what types of offers, how to run these offers and more specifically -> complying AND gaming Yahoo Search later on this evening.

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March 13, 2008

Guess I’ll need to bite the bullet and go international. I’ve been avoiding it for exactly the reason you said … comfort-zone. I have had moderate success with my affiliate sites on Yahoo as opposed to Google. Much less hassle than Google regarding approvals with display URLs, but a clunkier interface (and they tend to blow past my daily budget quite frequently)

March 13, 2008

Make that two declinees, Ruck – I got declined from CPAE a couple of days ago (after waiting two weeks for a response). I fired off an email straight back asking why and if I can do anything; no response yet. I’d have phoned if it wasn’t an international call, but I’m tight.

Can’t wait for the next post about getting email/zips approved so I can start something up!

Thanks again Ruck. This is incredible stuff.

March 13, 2008

Heh I looked at CPA Empire’s LONG list of UK offers and thought…”huh, what can I do with this?!”

Pretty good planning there, Mr. Ruck.

March 14, 2008

Also, thank you for all of the work that went into this post…the links, the pdf upload etc. I really enjoyed going back and forth to read older posts and linked pages. Definitely helped provide context.

March 14, 2008

Good tips on PayPal payments from the aff. network and paying Yahoo with PayPal. It’s such a pain to keep a working campaign funded when paying with a CC and having to wait for the check to pay off the CC. I had a sweet campaign going on FaceBook and maxed out the CC. I had to take my ad down for a minute to get more funds and someone jumped in and duplicated it!
I actually managed to get the PayPal debit card (MasterCard) awhile back even though I’m in Canada. (I think they stopped giving to Canadians now)…so, I actually use my PayPal account as a MasterCard even if the company accepts PayPal cause when using it as a CC you get a small cash back.
I just need to join some more networks that pay by PayPal. I haven’t heard back from CPA Empire yet. I followed your link to sign up.
Also, good tips on the type of traffic you get from Yahoo.
Great series so far.

March 14, 2008

486 readers eh I just noticed??? Good job!

March 14, 2008

Does Yahoo have different rules for advertisers internationally? They allow email and zips abroad?

I ask this because you mentioned email and zips are a no-no on Yahoo…

March 14, 2008

@ Andrew – Not really changed rules but they are very against email and zip submits. You can try framing an offer but a manual review will likely get it taken it down. Best bet is landing pages which I will be going into next.

March 14, 2008

Another awesome post, Ruck! Good news for us…I got my APPROVAL for CPA Empire! For others waiting on their application, you should know I got a rejection email from CPA Empire (I think it may have been auto generated after 1 week, not sure – we’ve heard the network is swamped). I followed up with them per Ruck’s advice and I’m in baby! SWEET!

I’m feeling adventurous…Yahoo International is calling my name.

March 14, 2008

Yep CPA Empires rocks, been doing business with them since I started this PPC stuff back in January. My affiliate manager Lyric passes on some really good info on which offers converts well and which doesn’t. Been making money with them since I started.

March 15, 2008

I was denied from cpae about a week ago. I called and left a message. Still no answer.

March 16, 2008

Wow, I’m actually really surprised. I tried a few e-mail submits on AdWords over in the UK using Zeitgeist to stay up on trends. It generated NADA…zero, zilch, zippo, NO leads.

Maybe the offers I used just sucked donkey balls.

I’m going to have try again using Yahoo and see how it goes.

Nice tips.

March 16, 2008

Hey Ruck,

Just curious if you meant there will never be TOO LITTLE ROOM for all of us (not too much)? You said this:

“There will NEVER be TOO MUCH room for marketers like you and I.”

March 17, 2008


It’s been a really long and stressful week. I basicly meant that no matter how many people are marketing online, there’s always room for more. There is no saturation in online marketing when the Internet has no limits.

March 17, 2008

Ok yeah that’s what I thought you meant haha. At least that’s what I was hoping you meant!

March 18, 2008


What match types do you use in Yahoo – do you even tangle with the advanced matching or do you go straight exact match.

I’d go w/ advanced & use negative keywords but those limits on them are not cool at all. Any advice here?

March 18, 2008

I like straight exact match. I’ve never been a fan of coming up with negative keyword lists.

March 19, 2008


I guess I haven’t tried International because of the differen’t languages. Are you creating landing pages and writting ads? for each country? Also, when you are linking to an international offer does it translate to their language?

Was never really sure how this worked exactly?

Or are you just creating everything in English?



March 19, 2008

Yea chilly,

If I do an international offer I just simply building a landing on a dot com. As for translating though, I try to stay in english speaking countries (majority) for cpa. If I get to where I am translating ads and even site text it’s on the retail marketing side of things.

March 20, 2008

Going international is kind of scary, but once you get the hang of it you will wonder why it took you so long.

November 30, 2008
SkyWatcher is what you understand. You’ve got to concentrate on it!

November 3, 2009

I have been a new starter in Affiliate Program, hope I can take this as a good starter tips.

Blogging is very new to my senses when it comes to marketing my site, these tips could really help me. Keep on blogging!