Thursday, March 13th, 2008

CPA Marketing Series – Introduction To Yahoo Search Marketing

Now that we have covered how to get some traffic from the Google Content Network for CPA offers let’s turn our focus on another great way to generate traffic (for the most part) without the headaches of the Quality Score from advertising on Google Search. Your probably wondering why I am shifting gears going from the Google Content Network into Yahoo Search? Let me give you a very informative response:

There is a code I try to live by using Pay Per Click. This code is simple. I try to do the LEAST amount of work possible in my testing. If I was testing an offer directly on Google Search I have a major pain in the ass I have to deal with in their Quality Score. Yes, I can absolutely beat it 95% of the time. However, when I do beat it I usually get slapped later in the months when they come around with one of their “updates”. Unfortunately for me I dont care to run my PPC businesses this way. There’s nothing wrong with that but following the steps in the PPC series is going to ultimately lead you into testing offers FAST and CHEAPER minus MOST of the headaches that Google will throw your way. By the end of the series your going to know EXACTLY why I went thru this in these steps. By the end of it, the quality score is not really going to mean that much to you.


  1. Thou shall call and bitch to Yahoo Support until I am blue in the face  Yahoo Support: 1-866-924-6676
  2. Thou shall concentrate on getting a 5 with my Yahoo Quality Score

Seems pretty damn simple right?

Now I am not hear to train or help you setup a Yahoo Campaign. If you would like help then please feel free to access their Search Help Directory. You should probably read that anyway. Much like the Adwords Learning Center, Yahoo’s Search Help is only going to better prepare you for this venture I am about to throw you in.

Another thing you should specifically note: THIS IS IMPORTANT:

Revealing email and zip submits is almost a no-no on Yahoo. They hate it. Yes there are ways around this and yes Ruckles is going to tell you how he gets around it but you should know right now that anything and everything I show you is still no guarantee that you WONT trigger a retarded editor. Yahoo sends manual editors to your ads and keywords. It can be very frustrating. If this happens refer to Rule #1.

I can tell you right now that I am very strict with rules I set out when writing. I just deleted two threads in my forum yesterday from people asking for help. If this was you and your wondering why, now you know. If at any time you refer to needing help about Yahoo Search and I ask you what their support said and you cant tell me, I wont even waste my time. Furthermore, I wont allow anyone else to waste their time either. If picking up the phone EVERYTIME something happens to a Yahoo Campaign is too much for you, then please quit right now. It’s just that simple people. You want to make money online? Dont be a recluse. Talk to people. I have generally found that Yahoo’s Support is much more inclined to listen than Adwords. As well they damn well should be.

Dont know what to say to support? A little timid about calling them your first time? Use the following little story as an example I did one time when I was extremely frustrated for a mass keyword inactive campaign I woke up to:

I wake one morning to find an extremely large campaign has inactives thru it. At least 75%. I call up Yahoo and finely get a young man. He sounds younger than me. In terms of understanding paid search, he is light years younger than me. I could have ran circles around the kid. I chose to maintain my composure with this guy. After his introduction that he is from Yahoo he gives the very basic “How can I help you”

My response to a “T”

 Uhh yea, can I get a large pepperoni, handtossed, easy on the sauce with a 2 liter of mountain dew.


 I apologize, I think you have the wrong number.

Really? Isn’t this Yahoo Search’s Support Number?

Yes it is. Were you trying to call Yahoo’s Search Support Team?

Trying? I have you guys on speed dial.

Oh really? That’s nice to hear!

Actually, that’s not such a good thing. This translates that I have to call you guys a lot. Do you understand what that means?

Umm, no but do you have a specific question related to Yahoo Search?

Yes, yes I do    silence……….

Ok, how can I help you?

Um yea, can I get a large pepperoni, handtossed, easy on the sauce, with a 2 liter of mountain dew?

Sir, is this a prank call?

No, I’m dead serious dude. How bout that pizza?

(Laughs). (Yes the dude actually laughed). Sir….

Stop…call me Ruck

Ok Rick…


Ruck… R U C K…Ruck

I apologize Ruck, is there something specifically I can help you with in relation to Yahoo Search Services?

How about making all my keywords active again bro?

Ok, let me get your information and see what I can do… Wait a second… You just tried ordering a pizza and now your wanting help with a Yahoo Search Campaign? Sir…


Ok Ruck are you being honest here?

Yes, I either want to get my keywords active again, or I want Yahoo Search to send me a pizza. Yahoo Search is a method of promotion I use to make my living online and I have to call you at least once a week to fix something. You just completely decimated my best campaign and I want it back or I want Yahoo to send me some food so I can live to go look for a job.



Ok Ruck, I apologize. This is one of the weirdest calls I have ever received…

I have kids man…

Ruck I apologize.

Their hungry and would like pizza.


You got kids man?


If you had some and relied on Yahoo Search to help make your living, would you laugh in this situation?

Ruck I apologize, no I would not. This phone call is just really odd.

I know it is bro, I am completely off my top and felt like screwing with someone today.

Ohh? haha…

Now I am being truthful. I usually call up and make someone feel bad about themselves. I tried to put a little spin on it today and see where it took me.

I am still confused Ruck?

Yea man, no worries. You can keep the pizza, but how about those keywords?

I will refer this to one of my partners to review what you have told me.

I dont want you to REFER it. I want you to fix it?

Ruck, I see that you have a lot of keywords for this one landing page.

Yea, thousands bro.

Well it is really not relevant to have that many keywords and expect for all your keywords to pass thru as “relevant” and be displayed on Yahoo.

So, what are you saying? Should I make more landing pages and break these keywords into groups?

Yes, that would be the most efficient way.

Thanks bro, sorry if I startled you. I hope you have a super day.

Ruck, we appreciate your business with Yahoo and feel free to call us again should you need anything else.

Thanks dude, have a good one.

Now you can obviously tell at the time I was using Yahoo Search that I was still relatively new to them. As a matter of fact they had just upgraded their interface back then and honestly, I was completely lost. However, I didnt feel like being an ahole that day. I bet I made that dude’s day. I acted like a clown because I bet they get hundreds of advertisers daily calling them and chewing their ass. Even though I confused the guy, I still got what I wanted.

I gathered that breaking these keywords up into adgroups and designing landing pages to match the themes of the adgroups would help me in getting my keywords more relevancy which then would help get more approved.

Now your probably wondering why the hell I posted this conversation in the introduction. I cannot stress the IMPORTANCE of calling Yahoo and talking with them peeps. This is going to be VITAL to your success on Yahoo. In case your wondering, I have not pulled any shit with Adwords Support yet, but I probably will. If you want another conversation I had with MSN’s Support awhile back then read this.

Otherwise…We are going into the do’s and donts this afternoon. You should know that I will be putting up 3 posts today about Yahoo. I have some offline things to take care of and stitches to get removed tomorrow so I will be cramming Yahoo tips and tricks into one day. We can carry all conversations and questions into the weekend until they are answered.

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March 13, 2008

Interesting tactic. I have yet to play with yahoo’s PPC service, but I will in the coming days and go through their help section. Thanks for the primer, looking forward to the rest of the day.

March 13, 2008

haha, funny shit! I use to screw with telemarketers when ever they called me. I would say “BJ’s Whorehouse, how may I direct your call?”

And I agree, you definitely need to call Yahoo and deal with them directly. Otherwise you can be waiting a week or so to get your frickin ads approved.

March 13, 2008

FFS!! Now i know why i had so many inactive kw’s@#!@#!@#~## god dammit, thanks a bunch for pointing out the obvious :O

Hahahaha. Oh man, You just made my day. That was fantastic.

I really wish Yahoo had an import function though. I have an inhouse tool I use to help split into adgroups for Adwords, and upload them via Adwords editor.

This is a main in the arse with Yahoo.

March 13, 2008

Holy sh!t Ruck. I’m stunned. ROTFF.

@Eric –

Yahoo does have an import function. Here is a paste from an email they sent me the other day. (Further evidence that it pays to call them to get the whole story…)

Hello xxxxx,

Thank you for your inquiry; we would be happy to assist you. The Import feature is available for our Gold Advertisers and above. Gold Advertisers spend $500.00 per month or $6000.00 per year with us. We review your average spending every quarter and will contact you automatically if you qualify for a new service tier.

As a courtesy, we have extended you a one time exception for a bulk upload of up to 1500 keywords. Attached is the formatted template you may use to add new campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads to your account and the instructions on how to complete the spreadsheet. Simply fill it in and e-mail it back to us and we will upload it for you. Please specify in your message if the upload is meant to be added to your existing campaigns or to replace them.

For an example of what the spreadsheet should look like when completed, you also may download your current campaigns from the Campaigns tab in your account. This download will be in the same format your new submission should be in.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.


xxxxx xxxxxxx
Customer Solutions
Yahoo! Search Marketing

March 13, 2008

to get import function in yahoo you have to spend 1500 in one month with them o 500 for 3 months, then you send them an email and in 24 o 48 hours they upgrade your account to gold

March 13, 2008

Lol!!!!!!!! It’s so funny Ruck, this conversation that you had with the Yahoo! dude………I laughed like crazy I almost jumped out of my chair…..

Most people would hang up though if someone pranks them just like that…. =P.

March 13, 2008

You can definitely learn something by calling these places, but depends who you get you may be steered in the wrong direction.
I had a call today from MSN search when I was sleeping, wonder WTF they want.
Glad you’re back to posting Ruck.

March 13, 2008

@ Keith – Agreed 100% man. Usually I try to be as nice as I can in try to get someone else to talk to if this happens. Generally though, I wait a bit and call back to try and get someone else without someone feeling bad. I got a vindictive MSN Support man one day and it was not much fun.

I seriously thought the dude would hang up. I would bet he sat there a bit after the phone call and chuckled a bit. I did.

March 13, 2008

So Ruck, how did you manage to keep your cool??!! If I were to do what you did with the Yahoo! dude, probably I would’ve laughed my a** off and blown my cover…..
It’s difficult to sound serious when we’re crazily teasing people like that ;)

March 13, 2008


Honestly on the phone I was just going to say the pizza thing and then go directly into verbally bashing him. I just didnt want to do that with this guy. It never helps to really do that anyway, but he sounded pretty young.

I was laughing during the conversation. Right after each of his statements picture me with the phone covered laughing before each of my responses.

Cept when he called me Rick. I didnt care too much for that. Thought at the time he might be pulling a 180 on me

March 13, 2008

Dude I’d hate to get ya on the phone if you were in a real bad mood.LoL
I just had to say this to ya Ruck ,Don’t forget to Order a Pizza from the Dentist tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll buy after your done with him LMAO

March 16, 2008

Quick question

The keywords we used for Google content for testing we are going to use these for testing on Yahoo search?

Also… When are you gonna get that pic up?

March 16, 2008

Awesome. I don’t know that much about Yahoo so I’ll be looking forward to this one.

March 19, 2008

We’ve had our share of run-ins with Yahoo too and they have been less than helpful….especially on trademark issues. Great series by the way…keep it up.

April 2, 2008

Eh, I’m a little behind with the series, but this is still shedding a lot of light with each post.

The conversation reminds me of a buddy of mine. He just does stuff like that to make himself laugh later for some reason… people like you are odd, but hilarious. ha ha

April 3, 2008

I have not advertised with Yahoo for years, what is “Revealing email and zip submits is almost a no-no on Yahoo.” What does that mean. I am in Canada so do not use zip codes, but I would like to understand what the no no is. I got the $50.00 coupon and do my first mini campaign so do not want to start off on the wrong foot.

Thanks Ruck